Sunday, January 6, 2013

Repeat dreams??

I need a dream intepreter. This morning I had a deja vu in my dream. After some time, I realised that it was not a deja vu. I remembered that I had similar dream previously although I cannot remember how many times it happened.

I cannot recognise the place of the dream but what happened in the dream is always the same. Basically I am going to buy food. I don't know where I come from but the dream usually begins with me crossing a road to get to the food places. None of the buildings is remarkable. They are just ordinary shophouses. Anyway, the place from which I would like to buy food from is not open. Soon, dark clouds are coming and it is starting to drizzle. Then come an "Oh shit!" moment as I carry no umbrella. Okay, I better quickly run a few blocks away to a shopping centre to quickly get some food and then cross the road again from the overhead bridge near the shopping centre to return to where I come from. 

Here comes the freaky part: I have to run or else I will be drenched in the rain. But everytime I start running, I am unable to control my body. I cannot run in a direction which my mind wants and end up either running on the spot or run off-track and hit something. I never attempt to walk as I will already be awakened at this freaky part.

Anyway, I cannot register any object in the dream like what buildings there are or whether there are other people or whether there are even cars as I am crossing the road. I think the dream is also monochromatic! Bleah, I wonder whether there is a meaning behind this sia.. Why good dreams never repeat or continue but bad dreams are happening again and again.

Such a pointless post but I can't help it. This is bugging myself for the whole day!

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