Thursday, January 10, 2013

It has been a week and surprisingly the adjustment back to working life mode was less painful than expected. So far I had no issue with waking up early or reaching office on time. Thank God for that. However, I face temptations every morning with the thoughts "Should I go to work or should I fake MC today?". Since it is a new year, my stock of sick leave is back to full supply :p so the temptation to start utilising it is there (and is big!). It is not much of a problem to fake MC. However, my concern is if that soon becomes a habit T_T

Now, habit is really a scary thing. Before my holiday, I was sort of addicted to whatever potato chips available in the market. The craving stopped at home because I think Indonesian potato chips are not worth me getting fat. Now that I am back here, I am completely weaned of the potato chips! Isn't it amazing? There are occasions when I am tempting myself to go to the chips section in supermarket but I keep telling myself "Once you start, you will never stop. Just like last year!". Not sure how long I can tahan but I must persevere. My tummy starts to bulge and it is getting difficult to fit into my jeans. I think my clothes shrink when I was away for 3 weeks. Lol.

I am not sure whether I had shared this previously but as I was packing my stuff before my holiday, I found my rosary ring from Lourdes. In the middle of last year, I could not find it and I thought it went missing although I was sure that it should be with me. As a friend was going to Lourdes, I asked her to get me a replacement rosary ring. Interestingly, the one that my friend bought had 11 instead of 10 protrusions so I actually never used that. Anyway, back to the missing rosary, I actually found it together with my other religion-related materials. I found it as I took out my rosary prayer book to bring it to home and interestingly the whole stack of materials just "crumbled" revealing this rosary ring. I really think it was a sign of God. It was just unbelievable. I rummaged through the same stack of materials countless times when I was looking for it a few months ago and I could not find it. As I resigned to fate that it was lost, it came back miraculously.

The missing-but-now-found rosary ring (left) and the mysterious rosary ring with 11 protrusions (right)
I always carry the rosary ring with me to work everyday. It helps me to count Hail Mary's when I am on the go. Of course ideally I want to be able to set aside time to quietly pray the full rosary at one go. But I always fail and end up falling asleep. I guess doing a decade by decade when I am on the go is still better than doing it half asleep.. And it is still better than keep losing track of the Hail Mary's when I used mental calculation. There is saying that each time someone prays a full rosary, it will be like presenting a 'rosary' of rose to Mother Mary in Heaven. I think I sent her a lot of "screwed up" rosaries with wrong numbers of roses leh!! Haha..

I wonder when I will start my night jogging again. And I hope once I start, it will become a habit too, just like the rosary and the no potato chips thingy..

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