Monday, January 21, 2013


It's emo time. I never like my job right from the start and I am simply working because, well, everybody needs to work. I tried to learn to love my job but it seems that everything at work is making me more disillusioned day by day.

Today I feel very pissed. I just realise that I will be having a meeting in 1 month time. Okay, to be fair, the date has been decided since November last year. But at that time, I had no 2013 calendar yet so I did not mark that down in the calendar and I completely forgot about it. I only realised about it today when my outlook calendar sent me a notification.. yup.. 1 month before the actual date. And I realised that last week I already said okay to my colleagues to take leave on that day. As much as possible, we can't have 2 people on leave at the same day. But that day happens to be one of their birthday! Come on! Who will be so heartless to make someone work on their birthday right?

So yeah, I informed the meeting leader that I won't be attending. Of course things turned ugly lah. I tried to reason with her and tried to blackmail her (lol!). The reason is really because another person is having her birthday ma.. There is no conclusion in the end. I did not ask for a permission but I was informing. She did not gave a permission either. What I can't understand is why make other people's life so difficult? I am like the lousiest shit among all so would it make a difference whether I attend or do not attend? There is NO difference. But there is a huge difference for someone who is having a birthday. Birthday is a once in a year thing.. Okay, your xxth birthday is a once in a lifetime thing!

Sigh, I am still hoping for a miracle that God will change her mind to let me off.. Otherwise, it really speaks volume about what kind of a person you are.. My colleague is fine about sacrificing her birthday but I am NOT fine with that!! Personally, I would not like if similar thing happens on my birthday so I do not wish the same thing happens to someone else..

Bleah.. working sucks sucks sucks..

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