Thursday, December 6, 2012

Self-destroying habits

November was quite a bad month for my health. Both FairPrice and ShengShiong had Kettles potato chips on promotion. I almost bought and finished 2 packs each week. I wonder how much salt, empty calories, saturated fats, and other unhealthy stuff which I introduced to my body and my blood stream throughout the month. During in-between cravings, I would also buy et cetera brands of snacks with the excuse "to try" them out. Here comes December, the promotion ended, but when I went to Cold Storage, I still had the urge to try the various brands which are not sold in FairPrice and ShengShiong and those I had not tried before.. Bleah.. Who say potato chips cannot be addictive :( Rainy season is here and that completely puts a stop to my physical activities. I cannot even walk from my workplace to TPY central because it is always raining at the time I knock off from work. It will be scary to see the results of my recent blood test :( Of course a convenient excuse is: this is the end of the year so it is time to let my hair down and to enjoy myself. Yeah I can always make a new year resolution for next year to reverse all the bad habits I have been doing this month.

Since Christmas is coming, many shops are offering Christmas special menu. I don't usually drink coffee and I don't consider myself a coffee lover. However, when Coffee Bean or Starbucks are having new time-limited menu, usually I will be tempted to try. Lol..

Starbucks is having 3 Christmas-themed drinks. I tried Cranberry White Chocolate Mocca which was rather awful in my opinion. Today, I tried the Toffee Nut Latte which was even worse. Lol.. Anyway it was for free because it was Starbucks Christmas Open House today!! Hehe.. I did not go last year.. the last time I went was in year 4 of university when I had to stay back for FYP during the holidays. I remembered coming before 5pm and the queue at West Mall Plaza was already about 30-40 people long. To have only less than 10 people on the queue today was great haha.. 1 more left for me to try: Peppermint Mocca. I will buy it next week during the buy-1-get-1-free. And for this time, I am sharing it with a friend!! Yay..

Coffee Bean is rather disappointing. Their Red Velvet Cocoa Drink seems to be available in hot only and I don't usually buy hot drinks. Their Double Chocolate Peppermint is just their usual Double Chocolate with additional peppermint. How creative -_- No doubt I still prefer Coffee Bean to Starbucks because Coffee Bean has more (and nicer) chocolate-based drinks. But I expect something special for a special season mah.. Oh well.. another minus point for Coffee Bean on top of their lousier perks for the membership card too.

Something totally unrelated, I had a wedding invitation last Saturday and there is another one coming this Saturday. Haiz.. Jealous :( Finding a wife is one thing but inviting people is another thing. I remembered when I was younger I told my parents "When I am getting married, I want to invite as many friends as possible. Please minimise on relatives especially those I don't know and I have never seen before. It is my wedding, not your social event to show off that your son is getting married.". Okay, bad karma liao.. I realise now that I don't have any friend :( Let my parents invite whoever they want la.. I don't even know whether I can find someone to be the groom's bestman.. Sad.. I was blessed with such a good social circle back at home. Now I have none and I lost those I had back then. Is this even a life worth living sia?? I don't know when I start to be so skeptical about friendship to the point that I cannot really consider anyone as a friend.. Perhaps my standard is too high that I think everyone fails my friendship test and I end up with none..

Haiz.. The year is almost over.. Perhaps it will be good if the world is really over on 21 Dec 2012.. It will coincide with my wish to die young anyway..

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