Monday, December 10, 2012

Life is like the Amazing Race

The Amazing Race Season 21 is perhaps the most unexciting season of the few seasons that I watched. Firstly it is because there is a lack of people with interesting personalities and secondly it is because my favourite team was eliminated early. But perhaps the finale could be the best among all season.

The underdog team actually won!! Josh and Brent ended close to the last position in many legs of the race and not only once or twice were in the brink of elimination. And perhaps it really sums up my saying that "Life is like the Amazing Race", you simply do not know what will happen. You never know that your low-profile will help you just like how other teams will always target to eliminate the stronger teams. And who expect that the underdog will eventually emerge champion? I think that is one reason why nobody ever considered U-turning them. Of course I don't deny that luck is always at their side: like still remain on the race despite missing their flight, Josh is able to speak French and France was the penultimate leg of the race, and how the final leg took place in New York where they come from, and many more. In addition, despite being "bullied" by the other top 4 teams, I think winning the race is like "kicking the rest in their butts".

Of course this is not a philosophical "lessons of life" from Amazing Race as I am sure some teams lost because of unfortunate circumstances too. I really think they should get rid the part which force teams to take public transport. It sucks to see teams lose because getting dumb taxi drivers or taxi drivers who are out to cheat "tourists" for their money. That is the reason for Amy & Daniel being eliminated. I think it is a loss that they are eliminated prematurely. Amy is actually my favourite. Yup, the fact that she survived meningitis and able to race with both prosthetic legs is something. But what makes me like her most is how in the first episode, she showed the way to the other team and that cost her the number 1 spot. I always believe in karma so I am happy that Abbie & Ryan was eliminated (in a rather evil way too). I mean come on: Amy & Daniel already informed you where to go next and here you are 2 able-bodied people backstabbed the "disabled" one who helped you previously. That was really low

It was also a matter of time before the Sri Lankan sisters Natalie & Nadiya to go home. Although they are loud and irritating, I think they are the most interesting team for this season. I don't mind them winning until the point they stole James & Abba's money. Jeez.. Karma wield its judgement and they were eliminated. Anyway, I don't know what the hate to Natalie & Nadiya. Yeah they are loud, they are evil, they are bitchy, they are irritating, but I think they are honest in their opinion. And most importantly, they have big hearts. When they lost, they never blamed others or thought that other teams being lucky. They admitted their faults and kept joking that they sucked.

Anyway congrats to the winning team. I am sure their victory will inspire many people who feel that their life sucks and is full of failure.

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