Sunday, December 23, 2012

I survived the End

So the world did not come to an end YET! This means that I have survived two "end of the world" scenarios: the millenium bug in 1999 (was it by Nostradamus) and the Mayan prophecy in 2012. People just like to concoct their own stories to create a big hoo-hah. It seems that when it comes to the end of time, believe in what Jesus said: Not even He knows the time, only the Father knows about it and that Jesus will return in the same way that He left the Earth 2000 years ago. Anyway, since the world did not come to an end, it just means that my sucky life continues as usual.

I completely forgot about Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary whose official date was 18 December. In the end I gave up on getting The Sky: The Art of the Final Fantasy by Yoshitaka Amano. I just hope that Dark Horse will really produce the slip case at reasonable price. In place of that, I ordered the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Ultimania back in November. I am crossing my fingers that they are really artbooks and not full  of Japanese text which I can't freaking read. I only remembered about it when informed me to top up the shipping fee 2 days ago. Sigh.. To keep the suspense (and to keep the news new), I will only talk more about it when I have the items on hand.

Christmas is just around the corner and I flipped open and re-read the Christmas cards since more than a decade ago. I don't really have a lot but it was a journey down to memory lanes since the time in primary school. It is quite funny to see what and how kids wrote back then. And it is interesting to note how I was like back then. Not boasting but I am not surprised to see that my friends noted me as a smart kid since back then. What surprised me is that I actually was quite naughty and mischiveous since my primary school times. Lol.. I thought I had been a good boy all these while.

Technology has its boon and bane. I thought it kinda sucks that technology actually kills the culture of sending of Christmas cards and whatever cards for special occasions. It takes skills and a lot of thoughts to choose the pictures, choose the words, or even pen down our own words. And the ultimate beauty is that if we keep these cards and re-read them again a few years down the road, it is like a magic which allows to you relive your past. With all instant messaging, sending whatever wishes for special occasions becomes quite meaningless. Oh well.. However, one wonder of technology is that it keeps people connected. I actually miss my primary school friends. Ironically, I cannot remember maybe 90% of them both in names and in faces. Sigh.. Yup.. when I graduated from primary school, it was not an era when internet existed. My primary school did not even have a year book!! Bleah.. It will be wonderful if someone will organise a reunion. Haiz..

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