Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas shopping

For the past 10 years, I always went back for Christmas except for 2 occasions: YEP to Cambodia and FYP. It is not a new thing to buy things for my relatives. However, I never consider any of these as pre-Christmas shopping. This year is the first time that I think I am having a shopping for Christmas. My mum informed me that my uncle who is residing in New Zealand will be coming over this Christmas, thus it is a time for Christmas reunion with my mum's side of relatives. Again this is not the first reunion. However, it will the first reunion after I started working. I have to give face and buy something right?? Lol.. I know that nobody asks me to buy anything but I think I should give something. My aunts always bring something for everyone when they come from holidays overseas so I think I should reciprocate this gesture.

Anyway, I do not want to pretend to be a holier-than-thou. Ironically, this giving is not with Christmas spirit. It is really for a mere giving face (or in other words: showing off) since I already earn my own money. I can say honestly that I only have the true spirit of giving when I donate or contribute for charity. The reason is simple: because I do not expect anything in return and I am giving for a cause which I support.

It is not easy to find something expensive looking but not too expensive and presentable but not too big. Actually size is always my main concern because my luggage is a bit small. This time I have no toys to bring home but still I am running out of space. So yeah, small things most of the time look kinda cheap. That's why I always wanna find something small which does not look cheap. Lastly, no point buying expensive small things because the first impression that people have towards small things is always "they are not expensive". That's the reason for me to always find something small, presentable (does not look cheapo) but actually is not every expensive in price. Haha..

The challenge does not end there. It is quite easy to buy chocolate or something but I am paranoid about the chocolate melting by the time of the reunion. That is why there is no way I can get the atas chocolate from Royce, Godiva, etc even though they suit my criteria: small, presentable, and affordable. Thank goodness my mum's relatives are usually not fussy about food and gifts so anything with Christmas theme should be find.

The bigger headache is for my dad's relatives. My dad will be visiting my grandma this Christmas. My grandma is a Catholic but I have an aunt and few cousins who are not. Christmas-themed gifts are out as I think it may seem offensive. On top of that, they are still relatively very cheena and do not really like western goodies. Faints.. At Takashimaya, I see more Japanese confectionaries. I don't think they will be pleased with these "exotic holiday delicacies". Sigh.. 

Anyway, tomorrow is the last shopping session and this time is for my own family: dad, mum, sisters, and I. I will buy something which I like. If they don't like, then I finish myself lor. Haha..

My heart should be quite painful to see that this holiday affair will cost me about $300. But guess what, I do not feel so! Haha.. For the past 24 years, I have been leeching money and gifts from people. Now that I start working, it is time to show them the same love that they showed me in the past. So I feel quite happy to be able to give them something from my hardwork. Hehe.. Giving is truly better than receiving (although my cynic self thinks that both are equally bad: giving means showing off and receiving makes me feel paiseh).

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