Sunday, December 30, 2012

End of the year... End of holidays..

Sigh.. holidays are always bittersweet.. or perhaps sweetbitter if there is such word. After more than 10 years living away from home, it is always hard to leave home. My family and my treasures are all home and it is very difficult to leave these behind.. Haiz.. I find it a chore to clean my figurines and my manga cupboards but alas, I have to take care of my treasures right? Life is always ironic. If I don't buy these things, I would not need to clean and tidy up the cupboards.. But then if I don't buy these things, I wonder what I will do to make myself happy. Bleah.. I am more or less done with the packing, something which I hate to do! I actually love packing when I am going home. So perhaps it is not the "packing" but it is the leaving home part which makes it hate-able.

Christmas is over and this year I did not actively search for a Christmas present from myself by myself and for myself. Haha.. Had been shopping too much for this year.. But looks like God still gave me a Christmas present. I did not know how but I somehow bumped into Gundam Wing Resin by B-club listed in I actually knew about the existence of this item a few years back when I saw its advertisement in one of the Gundam Wing Japanese books. But at that time, it was not listed in that website yet so I had no idea the name of the item. I found one in Yahoo! Japan. Yay!! Kinda pricey for 3675 Yen (the selller claimed the retail price is 7350 Yen) but it was my childhood (or perhaps teenhood) dream so I am glad to get it.
Since Gundam Wing was out more than a decade ago, I did not expect that the website will have any more updates. So it was a good surprise to see updates on the merchandise section. Bleah, I want the Gundam Wing Clothes Change Cell and the Phase DX cells leh :( Dunno how where to find liao.. I knew I had a few of the Gundam SeeD Phase DX cells. I got it from Takashimaya B2 sale many years back. I did not know there were a few more series of these Phase DX cells. Anyway, at that time I had not come across online shopping so I doubt that I would be able to get the rest also.

Still on the topic of Christmas present, my mum wanted to give me a Christmas present. I told her I had nothing on my mind so there was no need to give one. Again, I did not know what prompted us to enter a Catholic shop at Mall Kelapa Gading. To be honest, the shop has been there for years but this was our first time entering. I saw a beautiful rosary made of aquamarine T_T There is an aquamarine bracelet rosary too!! The full rosary costs Rp. 1.275.000,- while the bracelet costs Rp. 275.000,-. The beads for the full rosary is bigger (10 or 12mm) so I was tempted to buy that for the aquamarine beads! However, in terms of usability, the bracelet would be better as it will help me to pray rosary when I am on the move. Furthermore I have no bracelet rosary yet, 

On the rainy Thursday, I set my mind to buy both!! Haha.. But by the time I reached the shop, I changed my mind and in the end I bought none. I have so many rosaries which I don't use (I am still using my very first rosary from a friend in primary school) so I think this aquamarine will also be collecting dust. I did not buy the bracelet because it had 11 beads and a cross. This is the same as rosary ring from my friend which has 11 protrusions. So I don't know whether these are normal rosaries or they are for other prayers. I thought rosaries should have 10 beads and a cross for 10 Hail Marys and Our Father/Glory Be respectively. I gave myself a few days to see whether I could sit down and pray a full rosary at one sit. If I could, I will start that habit again and there is a reason to get the full aquamarine rosary. Anyway, I succeeded for a day. Haha.. Okay that's a sign for me not to buy.

Anyway, I am still happy with the Gundam Wing Resin. I hope it would arrive safely and is still in top condition :D

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