Thursday, December 20, 2012


Today is a special day. Perhaps there will be no more dates with recurrent patterns until the next century. Oh wait, that is IF there will be next century. Today is also a special day because it may be the last day of this earth. Not sure whether those Mayan "prophecies" will come true and tomorrow will be the end of the earth. I hope if the world really comes to an end then I will have a ticket for heaven.

My eyes nearly popped out in delight when I saw the December pay being credited to my bank. Hehe.. I wonder when I will have such amount as my normal monthly pay sia. Haha.. Anyway, I have never own such a large amount of money up to know so I am feeling 'rich' right now. But no worries, no mood to spend on anything as I realised that I spent close to $10000 for my toys throughout 2012. That is a crazy amount, ridiculous in fact.. But oh well.. I think it is just the initial rush of having money and splurging. Now that I almost have everything I want and have no more space to keep things, the spending should stop. I think I should start thinking of investment. And for the coming new year resolution, I better set a limit on "monthly allowance" for my toys.

I mostly finished the foodstuff I brought back for holiday. Baumkuchen was a waste of money. Despite the cool name, sponge cake is sponge cake, even if it comes from Germany, even if it is a complicated one to make. So to be honest, there is nothing special about Baumkuchen. I also brought Royce Potato Chips which were covered by cheese. I did not store it in fridge (anyway the recommended storage is 25 deg C or less) so it was kind of yucky to hold somewhat-melted cheese. Taste-wise, it is not cheesy enough.. and there is not much potato chips taste too.

I will end with AKB48's latest single "Eien Pressure". Yay for another 1 million sale single!! Not as catchy as "Gingham Check" but at least better than "Uza".

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