Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Another Zumba post..

Zumba class today made me realise that aging is indeed an evil process. I can't imagine myself living until 40.. 50.. 60.. 70.. 80.. what would be left with my body by then? I am not a dancer.. and I am not an exercise freak. But hearing and "feeling" the crackling sound for vigorous movements which involved my knees were pretty scary. I had no such problem 5 years ago.. Similarly with all the stretchings.. I had no problem doing that in my primary and secondary school times. In fact, last time it felt rather "shiok" to force myself to do the stretching.. but now, the moment I felt the pull, I would immediately bend my knees a bit to prevent the stretching. Still, I don't know whether it is due to aging.. or simply because I do not use these muscles that much anymore.

It was the 6th session today and I found that some of the routines are getting more complicated and difficult to follow. My eye-hand-foot coordination could not make it =x I think it will be cool to watch someone doing all these things but doing these is another thing. Haha.. While doing one of the shaking movements, I felt an akward sensation: I felt that my whole body was hollow and my spine and pelvic bones shook inside.. Am I being to skinny that I have nothing to insulate my bones from such shaking? Or was I wrong and it was actually the sensation of my blubber of fats shaking?? Lol.. So am I too skinny or too fat?? Come to think of it now, it was quite freaky.

If after the first Zumba class I was impressed with those male celebrities who could dance well, today's experience made me feel that those celebs above 20 years old are really something. Dancing is one thing but it is nothing compared to overcoming the aging bones and joints which are no longer that flexible.

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