Monday, November 26, 2012

Update about my problem with Shopping Mall Japan

Wew.. Now I can very confidently advise people NEVER EVER use the service of this Shopping Mall Japan/SMJ. It seems that our discussion reached a stalemate and SMJ finally resorted to name calling. They called me "borderline fraud" for opening up a PayPal dispute as it "froze" that particular transaction. I actually do not intend on doing so as I am not aware that opening a PayPal dispute means freezing the funds on the disputed transaction. On top of that, now SMJ accused me of buying a damaged item and making claims for it. Utter rubbish. The item description only states "loss of colours in several places". I am not making claims for this. I am making claim for "broken base" and "broken gunblade" which is nowhere in item description.

I paid the problematic item with the non problematic ones so the "frozen" transaction is actually more than what I disputed. I just find it ironic how the guy is so angry to have his funds "frozen" and not to think about me at all: I am also at risk of wasting that amount of money because of the damage. Selfish greedy human being.

Original seller -> SMJ -> Postal Service -> Me

Obviously, the three points where damage may occur is original seller, SMJ, and postal service. I doubt that seller was trying to lie. As promised here are the pictures. If seller obviously pointed out Rinoa & Siren crack which is very difficult to spot, how can he possibly lie about Squall's Gunblade and Bahamut base which I posted yesterday??
I still give the benefit of doubt and ask SMJ to contact the seller about Squall being damaged. SMJ is too lazy to contact the original seller and there is nothing I can do about it. So yeah, original seller has been decided as a non guilty party.

Moving on the next party, the Postal Service. I made report on my side. I don't know whether SMJ made report on their side because right from the start their tone has always been negative. Initially they said "must be shipping damage" but after I sent them the pictures, their stand changed too "looks like they will refuse the claim as the box did not seem to be damage.. but still, the damage is done by postal service". Contradictory? Hell yes!

So now who is the weakest link? Am I being fraudulent for having SMJ being irresponsible for the damage? They had no proof that they did not mishandle it, they did not attempt to contact the seller about the damage, they did not attempt to fight for the claim from postal service if they think postal service is at fault. Who is being fraudulent here? Anyway, the only proof that I have for SMJ being the culprit is that they send the item with the box "lying down" instead of "standing up". As such, Bahamut is actually resting on top of Squall's gunblade. Considering Bahamut is about 2kg heavy, it is likely that this stupid packaging caused the damage.

And here are the 2 options they gave me:
1) Take the waiver of US$20+ service fee for the incurred damage to me of close US$800
2) Waste my US$200-300 for shipping and they will refund me the item cost only i.e I simply wasted US$200-300 for nothing.

Why should I be paying for the damage done by someone else?

Grrh I shall wait for the confirmation from Singapore Post and after that I will just escalate the dispute and let PayPal decide. So be it if in the end I did not get anything back. Perhaps that is a wake up call for me to stop all this online shopping.


A said...

Next time buy anthrax and let them repack it. HAHAHA
... Better not.
Limited edition statues broken because of the shipping; what a waste.
At least you could try to sell the damaged Rinoa on Ebay to make some profit.

darkrose said...

Yup.. a waste of money.. and it's wasting my time and breath to argue with irresponsible and rude party XD Time to stop shopping and start saving I guess

FF said...

Hi, I have some FF items for sale which you might be interested in, do you have an email address I could contact you on? thanks!

FF said...

you can email me at , thanks!

darkrose said...

Hi FF. I have sent you an email.