Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rainy days

Rainy season is here and the weather becomes unpredictable. Last Sunday was an example. The sun was up high in the sky in the morning and it was stormy in the late afternoon. I had to u-turn and skip lunch because I was already drenched halfway through my journey to the hawker centre which is only about 200m away. My self-consciousness made me feel uncomfortable if people were to see my wet beige-colour bermuda. That made me decide to stock up some instant noodles in case the weather does not allow me to go out to get my meals in the coming weeks. Today was another example. It was raining pretty heavily at lunch time and 2 hours later, the sun was already scorching hot.

The unpredictable weather ruins my exercise plan as I do not like to jog when the environment is wet. I am thinking of gym of something but I feel paiseh if there is someone who can see me exercising. Oh well =x I actually prefer sport games like badminton as a form of exercise. Too bad that I don't even have a friend whom I can ask to spar with. It is difficult to do any kind of exercise alone. A friend will be a great encouragement but again, I have no friend.

Anyway, I have given up the idea of friendship since many years ago. And welcome to working world in which friendship is even faker than friendship among school/classmates. Perhaps it is just my personality.. I am very objective and I think something personal like close friendship with my colleagues will compromise  working relationship and workplace dynamics. 
I am a bit pissed with my project.. What's the point of having someone in the group when I am almost doing everything on my own! Jeez.. it is not a matter of "your name is there so why don't you contribute too" or something.. If I can do everything alone, I will gladly do everything myself. But I have weaknesses in terms of visual as I am more of a "wordy" person. I really need help in this department. Oh well.. what to do.. the moment I heard "I also have my own things to do", that shattered everything about teamwork etc. I also have my own things to do. Everyone also have his/her own things to do. Do you think I will even bother to ask for your help if your name is not in the team in the first place?

I am also a bit of perfectionist when it comes to data collection and I am very irritated when people cannot even contribute to 100% accuracy in data collection. Sigh.. I know that sometimes I don't need to be 100% perfect as nobody would be checking the data anyways.. But still, it is just the part of me which sometimes feel like screaming "Just a simple thing like this also so difficult to do meh!!".

Aiya, just the thoughts of these made me agitated until I don't know what else to write sia.. Anyway, even though I mentioned that I am more of a "wordy" person, my command of English language is pretty atrocious actually. I went to read my old posts and I could not get past the first page of my blog. My writing was.. atrocious. I was trying to edit some yesterday, at least to make them grammatically correct, but it was challenging. The writing was so atrocious that I could not even recall or guess what I was writing about at that time. This was my second attempt to try "fixing" my old posts. Seems like the outcome will be the same as my first attempt: just let them be. Lol.. I don't know about now but I think my writing is not much better as compared to many years ago HAHAHA..

Oh ya, USA presidential election is over and congratulations to Barack Obama! It always amazes me how people around the world are so excited with USA presidential election even though the outcome may matter little to them. China will be having its once-in-a-decade leadership transition tomorrow but I don't think the world even cares about that. No wonder that USA is considered a superpower..

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