Friday, November 2, 2012

Post-holiday blues

I felt so exhausted throughout the whole week. I don't know whether it was because my delayed flight on Sunday which screwed up my sleeping plan on that day. I worked opening shift this week in which I always have less sleep. After work, my body could not adjust to 2 hours nap. I always overslept up to past 12am and by then it was too late to take a shower or brush teeth. Eeek.. ya non-hygienic I know!! -_- By the time I slept again, it was always close to 2am and waking up at 6am was rather hellish.

I started to feel overwhelmed by work too. My manager is on leave since last week. Since I hate patient contact, I self-sabotaged myself to attend monthly meeting to represent my manager. As a result, I needed to type notes for her and type roll call notes to brief the rest of the staff. On top of that, I had outstanding minutes from my workgroup meeting from the previous week too. I hate minutes-taking lah!! Grr.. In addition, I still had my sub-workgroup work, had to follow up on my project, and had to discuss for the new paperless nursing voucher workflow. Bleah.. tiring but I actually don't hate them so much so that kinda helped. I like medication safety and I like to colaborate with other departments. Yup.. better than customer service -__-.. Oh ya.. I almost forget something important: my slides for presentation next Saturday are still not done yet!! Oh God!!

Before I went home, I was tidying up my wallet and threw away some receipts. I usually kept the receipts for card payments and threw them once I got the statements and verified the information. I also threw my dental receipt. Sigh.. I forgot that I could claim $130 yearly for dental purposes from the company. Now what I have is only the copy of the receipt (I requested from the dental clinic) and I don't know whether that would be accepted. Haiz.. I would just lie and say that the original voucher was drenched in the rain or something :( Sad.. $130 means at least 1 toy leh :(

I went to Orchard Road yesterday to collect the copy of the dental receipt. The Christmas decoration is up! I initially mistook the red heart-shaped ornaments Valentine's day or Chinese New Year ornaments.. Haha.. The theme for this year is red and white/silver. I have not seen them after the sunset so I can't comment. One thing for sure, as the Heeren is being renovated, there is nothing on the Heeren - Somerset junction this year. My Christmas mood was only invoked by Takashimaya Christmas tree!! Woo.. I am sure it is the same tree from previous years but this time the colour of the lights is white, unlike yellow from previous years. I~~~m dreaming of a whi~~~~te Christmas~~...

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