Friday, November 9, 2012

Black cat meow meow

The black cat is back! Nope, I am not talking about Train Heartnet but about the black cat outside my workplace. I saw it for the first time two weeks ago and I found it cute. Today it followed me from the gate to the bus stop :) with its bells ding dong-ing as it walked. Hehe.. As I was waiting for the bus, it rubbed its fur against my pants (you know.. it's a cat thing). It circled around me and when I spaced my legs apart, it even moved in between my legs. It also kept meowing at me :)

I don't think someone dumps the cat as I only see it after working hours. My feeling is that the owner does not want the rest of his/her household know about the cat so the owner dumps it there in the late afternoon and picks it up again in the morning.. The reason for me to feel this way is that I noticed that the cat was wearing pink necklace today. I am very sure it was not pink 2 weeks ago.

To be honest, I don't normally like cats. I hate it when they rub against me as I hate to have some of their hair stuck onto my pants. But for this cat, I make an exception. In fact, people normally associate black cats to bad omen. But I don't care.. This black cat is cute and it's very friendly. I am very touched with the fact that it was not scared of me and rubbed itself against my legs. It did not do so to the other people who passed by or stood around the bus stop. Usually cats would just meow to strangers but they won't straight away dare to approach and rub its fur against strangers.

I felt sad to say bye bye and boarded the bus. Will I ever see it again? Haha.. This sounds retarded but I felt like crying when I said bye bye. Yeah.. I am lonely.. and I find it ironic that I have more care and concern to a cat than to fellow human beings whom I see day in day out. If I have my own house here, perhaps I would pick the cat. If my parents are here, I am sure they will be glad to keep it.

I wanted to take a good photo of it but looks like it was too shy on camera. Haha.. I was also to embarassed to squat down and take a good photo of it. I also felt like squatting down to pat its head but I am a bit of cleanliness-freak so I was a bit reluctant to "dirty" my hand..

The next time I see it, I will try to squat down and take a better picture of it. I will try to see whether it is willing to let me pat its head. Hehe.. I just hope it does not get scared and scratch me instead :( Anyway, the cat is a male so perhaps I should say "he" rather than "it".

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