Thursday, November 22, 2012


666 is associated with bad omen and it seems appropriate that I post something negative for my 666th blog post. I had an awful today. Firstly, I almost came late for work today. It was not a big deal if not that I was supposed to open the shop. Usually it takes about 10-15 minutes to prepare the shop for opening so coming 3 minutes before opening time today was considered late.

It all began with my damaged Squall & Bahamut statue which arrived yesterday. The gunblade broke into 4 pieces :( I got agitated as I had to take photos and claim for insurance again. Considering the disastrous insurance claiming process previously, just the thought of having to make claim again made me shudder. To avoid customs, I did not declare the value properly so even if I get a full refund, I would still lose money. And I don't know whether I can get a refund for the shipping. To waste USD 55 for shipping a broken item seems too much :( Of course my biggest irritation was the fact that the item was damaged. After all it was a limited edition and an out-of-production item.. Bleah..

Anyway, I was not late because of that. I did not wake up late and I left at the same time as usual. It was just a bad luck that I missed the bus right in front of my eyes!! Zz.. Usually I still can make it on time even when I take train and then bus. But guess what happened today.. 238 was delayed at the interchange. Damn! After that, I realised that I forgot to attend a talk, which I signed up for, yesterday. Oh well, I was prepared to pay the penalty liao.. The series of unfortunate events affected my mood. I checked CPRS wrongly.. Sigh.. I mistook a prescription from 2011 as this year's prescription.. Bleah..

Thank God for being merciful to me as my luck seems to improve after that. This time I am able to make insurance claim simply by sending the pictures. Yup.. no need to go to post office or arrange for inspector to come to my place. Fiuh.. lucky I still keep the email address of the customer service person who managed to solve my previous insurance claim problems. I simply lose faith with the stupid people behind the email and the customer service hotline.

I would also need not to pay the penalty for the missed talk yesterday. The organiser would not be billing for participants who did not attend. Thank God for the $10 savings which I then used to watch movie: Rise of the Guardians. Since it is past midnite now, I will write more about the movie tomorrow. I should sleep early and not to come late again tomorrow sia..

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