Saturday, October 20, 2012

Should I change?

Sigh.. I am tired to be a guy.. Should I undergo sex operation to be a girl instead? Lol.. joking.. Actually the root cause of my emo-ness lately is my job. Sigh.. I dislike my job. To be honest, it is not that bad, there are other places which are worse. However, this is not something that I like and is not what I aspire to be. I hate seeing endless unreasonable idiots daily.. I hate to provide good customer service when they don't even deserve one. I hate it when other departments can sabo mine with all the wrong information and then we get lambasted with no chance to correct the misunderstanding due to "ethical reason". Dumb dumb dumb!! The bigger problem is: where should I go if I decide to leave? Haiz.. Reality check: it is impossible to find a perfect job. I wonder where I can go in which the benefits will still outweigh the disadvantages.. Having said that, I am NOT happy now and I think it is not unhealthy to stay on something which does not even make me happy!

I just had an interesting course 2 days back. The trainers are experienced in facing nasty people in nasty circumstances so their sharing is somewhat more meaningful than the "bosses' talk cock". When putting myself at the other side of the counter, I can understand why sometimes these idiots are frustrated and for that I can emphatise.. It is also true that I can consider myself lucky when I get blasted because, as pointed by the trainer, when people want to make complain etc, they will "survey" and will choose the one who looks able to help them. It means when I look things positively, it means that I am reliable -__-"

However, theory is easy and practice is crazy. I just cannot emphatise with unreasonable people with no manners. My brain simply cannot rationalise what they do. If I need someone for help, I will not be nasty and bang table. If I make a mistake, I will not be nasty and bang table. But these are what these people do. Is it my fault that you overslept and you missed your appointment date? If you know the other department gave you the wrong information, is there any use of getting angry at me who knows no head no tail about the issue? Jeez.. I remembered 2 occasions when I made a big fuss to M1 and to SingPost but I thought these were reasonable. M1 staff did not renew my students' plan even after I explicitly told her so. Isn't that reasonable? SingPost call centre was the "middleman" between me and the insurance department. I was not angry at them because of the insurance department cock up but I was angry because the useless person refused to handover the phone to a manager after I said it nicely for 3 times. Reasonable right?? Haha..

Another thing which made me enjoy the course was the participants. I actually like to interact people from other department to know what one another do. Just like other people share, it is actually good to know that almost all are facing more or less the same problem with the FON. That forms a common sense of purpose haha.. Ironically, it is human nature to be selfish.. and although realising this, instead of working as a team, usually the different departments end up saboing one another because each one just want to pass over the problem as soon as possible to the rest. I also learn to pay more attention to people whom I met. There was one girl whom I found very familiar.. When I asked her, she pointed out that we just went another course together 2 weeks ago. No wonder she seemed to be very familiar!! Aiyo paiseh leh :( For the other course on Friday, I decided to be better :) I remain friendly to the new financial counsellor (first time I knew her when she bought medicines from me but I forgot her name.. so bad of me -_-) and to another guy who also went for the course on the day before. At the end of the course, as I exited the building, I bumped into another course participant from the day before and at least we greeted each other.

So if previously I always wished for a 9 to 5 job, now my wish is to have a 9 to 5 OFFICE job. Of course grass on the other side always looks greener. As of now, I think it will be good to stay in office and avoid the contact with stupid people.. I am sure there would be another breed of stupid people in office.. But at least no customer service leh!!

And thank God for the blood donation site at Dhoby Ghaut now!! That is really convenient for me :) Hehe.. However, it may be my last time donating.. My blood pressure was so low :( One-Zero-Sumthing/54 I was told that I could not donate if the diastolic is less than 60.

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