Sunday, October 28, 2012

What the heck happened!

I was away from home for exactly 6 months and my very first reaction after reaching home was "What the heck happened to this house!!". Gosh.. the amount of junks that my parents are collecting simply blow me away. My dad bought a new plasma TV which is meant for internet and cable use only. I have no idea why he still keeps the old dying TV -_- Yes so now I have 2 TVs in the living room: 1 which is non-functional for normal TV and the dying one which cannot display clear images. My mum's dressing table is literally covered with papers etc and around the cloth hanging pole, my father is collecting more and more plastic bags. I wonder what they contain. My sisters are also guilty of turning the sofa on level 2 into their wardrobes.

The last thing I wanted was my own room to be messed up too. I was particularly upset that my elder sister now slept in my room every weekend.. After screening my room, there was hardly anything which did not belong to me. However, I discovered food waste and that really made me very angry. Firstly, you have no manner to use other's properties without telling and secondly, you use it the way you deem fit. I am angry not only to her but also to my parents. They did not even tell me anything about it.

You know, every family has its own problems and every person has their own problems. I have no idea what is happening to my father. He was not like this when he was younger. Nowadays, he would give thoughtless comments in public which was not very nice. In addition, he hardly bought or collect anything so I was pretty surprised that his area of storage was getting bigger and bigger. Lastly, I don't understand why he likes to keep money in the bank. He always nags nags nags that inflation eats the money stored in the bank but despite that, he does not want to invest the money. And this brings me to my mum.

A few years back, my mum asked my dad to use her retirement money to get a house for investment. My father did not want as he did not want to spend time to "take care" another house. Sigh.. It sounds a fine argument unless you know that he can afford the time to "take care" 4 cars -_-" I mean it is fine if the cars are your collections of Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, BMW, or what.. 2 off them are office cars and 1 is my younger sister's Honda Jazz.

My elder sister is another huge mess. Not sure whether I wrote previously that she actually lied that she would "graduate" to practise few months back. Her lie was damn good, she even bought the clothes and my parents even took leave from work etc. Then a few days before the fictional "ceremony" she said that "ceremony" was cancelled because the presiding official was sick. I suspected something amiss but I did not say anything. It seemed that my parents still believed to that.. not until when a letter from a university came to inform my parents that the university wanted to expel her because she had not turn up for the past 3 semesters.

It was an embarassment, a shock, a scandal! We could not believe what on earth she had been doing for the past 1.5 years. We could not imagine what she used all the time for.. Of course it was a question with what happened to the course fees but that was of less priority because I think it would be easy to spend money. But free time? I did not know whether my parents exploded upon knowing this. Upon hearing this story, I burned with anger. Add in the story that she had been using my room without my permission and I can shamefully testify that at that moment in time I HATE her!

She is an anomaly. I thought girls can't keep their mouth shut and would always like to share their problems with others. From many many years we have been asking her what problems and difficulties she is facing so that perhaps we can help. Each time we asked, the reply was always rude and was not an answer. I am irritated even more with the way she responded to my mum. I think she is "scared" of my dad so she still shows respect.. but the way she behaves to my mum, sometimes I feel like slapping her. She is almost bloody freaking 30 years old and still acts immaturely. I am amazed that at such an age she has not started thinking about her own future and how she has to take care of parents etc. It seems irony that the one who is closest (in living proximity) to my parents in the university days turns out to be the biggest problem.

Immaturity is also a problem with my younger sister, to a smaller extent. Thank goodness that she is already working. But it seems that she has yet to think about saving for the future and splurge all the money for gadgets and travelling. Well, you can buy gadgets and travel but not spend all your money for these. I, myself, had the thrill of splurging on Final Fantasy VIII toys for the past few months. However, I always made sure that I had saving at the end of the month.

When my younger sister and dad talked about condo in Singapore, I just snapped. They want it as a "home" in Singapore so when they come here, they can stay there and save of accomodation. They do not sound happy that I would rent it away even if my dad decides to buy one. Bloody shit, how many times do you all want to travel here? Have you all imagined staying away without a place called home for the past 10 years alone? Do you think it is an easy decision for me to say that I would rent it away? I also would like to stay inside so that I can buy more figurines and display them all over the house. But hell no! Renting it away can give me at least $200 more per month as compared to if I were to stay in. To me that is a large amount. For the sake of "brighter" future, I don't mind sacrificing my present by living nomadically (is there a word?).

And of course, the 4 of them have the problem of having big mouth (but not doing anything). I wanted to try my credit card overseas so I suggested for a meal in a hotel. What the fuck was so difficult about calling the hotel on your own? If you had so many things you wanted to ask, why didn't you make your own call? Sigh.. Similarly, what was so difficult with calling the internet provider to complain that the internet was problematic? Haiz..

Anyway, I give up. I am not gonna bothered about asking them for food anymore. My dad said my recommendations were not nice. I don't know. I only googled and I only recommended those commonly appeared in google, which implies that a lot of people like. Well, what my dad said nice turned out to be garbage to me.. I know my mum that she would choose whatever cheaper. If you already chose the place right from the start, just say so and do not waste my time for recommendations! My sisters were equally bad. What's the point of agreeing with me at the hotel already that the buffet was shitty. They ate there twice previously so they could have refused to go there right from the start. Damn la!!

Oh well, no matter what, they are still my family. I, too, have my own problems and idiosyncracies for sure. I still can't help to imagine what my life would be if I never left 10 years ago.. Sigh.. Would everything be better? Would I be in a better state? Would I be happier? Haiz.. One thing that remains.. I cried like a baby when I had to leave home for the first time on 28 October 2002. It is 28 October 2012 now and I still can't help but cry that I have to leave home again.. I am working tomorrow!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

No more plastic

There is science behind toys. After reading the various materials used for action figures and toys that I usually buy, I decided that I should not buy those made of plastic anymore. Other than space and monetary contrainsts, I am concerned about life span of plastic figures.

PVC is the most commonly used materials for action figures nowadays (and it also includes Storm Kotobukiya and Yu Yu Hakusho ArtFX J from Kotobukiya which I am interested in buying previously). The advantage of PVC is that figures won't break when they fall and the paint does not rub off/flake off easily. However, there are plenty of issues with PVC figures as they age, namely the stickiness, the oiliness, and the discolouration. Since I am away from home for most of the time, the temperature of my room can be quite high :( I think heat will cause the plastic to "melt" and become sticky. Oil and discolouration are likely to be due to chemical stability or separation of the plasticizier and other chemicals from the rest of the materials. Another issue is the leaning of figures. This is happening more to female figures thanks to their skinny legs but heavy boobs and hair. Thank goodness that I am more into guys (figures) :p Haha..

Among my collection so far, the ones which are nearest to all these problems are the Gundam Seed Destiny action figures. The clear plastic thingy which holds the feet are already sticky :( Lunamaria cannot even straight :( I think it starts to lean and the holderis unable to hold her in place (she will slide down). Emos :(

Photo taken in Singapore. Laguna is in Indonesia :(
Next is Vinyl, which is less commonly used. The only Vinyl figures I own are the Final Fantasy VIII Scale 1/6 by Kotobukiya (which I have yet to share on the blog). Vinyl figurines are somewhat similar to PVC (which stands to poly vinyl chloride) that they do not break easily if they fall. However, they are like "hollow" tubes and tend to be lighter. Although they do not break easily, breaking is still possible. Yes, they are more brittle than PVC. I had Selphie and Quistis who have a tip of their hair broken (presumably the previous owner dropped them) as well as Seifer's wrist gave away when I tried to force his Hyperion into his grip. Painting-wise, they are also less superior to PVC figures as the paint is more easily rubbed off.

ABS is a more solid plastic material. The most common example of something made of ABS is Lego blocks. Gundams are made of ABS too although I am sure Lego blocks are much stronger than the Gundams. Gundams will break if I accidentally stepped onto them but my toes will shout in pain if I accidentaly stepped onto Lego blocks :p ABS do not break when it falls. Its main advantage is its impossibility to be painted. Even the decals do not stick onto ABS properly. I only own Gundam Wing figures which dated about 10 (if not more) years ago and I can testify that they are in still very awesome condition. The imperfection came from the PVC-like materials for the joints. After so many years, the joints just give away to the weight of the rifles, swords, gattling guns etc. My Wing Gundam Zero Custom is never able to hold the Twin Buster Rifle, Epyon cannot even stand straight now and it has always difficulty holding its beam saber and heat rods, Heavyarms and Serpent are unable to support their gattling guns anymore. I want to cry :( Ok no picture for the Gundams.

After buying Final Fantasy VIII Transcendent Artist's Collection statues, I am falling in love with resin/polyresin/polystone statues. After 13 years, they are still in solid condition. That alone is a testimony of the durability. On the flip side, they are (freaking!) heavy, (freaking!) expensive, and extremely brittle. A drop and everything will break into pieces. The material is something akin to stone so it is very difficult to shape and paint them. That's why many of the resin figures are "limited edition" and each numbered edition may not 100% look alike. Basically, each figure is unique. 

I think now I will only buy resin figures. The price is one thing but at least they will last forever provided that I don't drop them. For now, I guess I will just wait for my PVC figures to slowly die one by one.. Emos.. I know it will feel that I have wasted TOO much money but if I don't buy these things,  I don't know if I have anything to make me happier in my stressful times.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Little things in life

I am a bit bogged down with work lately. It seems that my luck is terrible that everytime I do closing shift, it will always end pretty late. Last Monday was my worst record with knock off time at 1815 :( But one small thing brightened me up as I was leaving my workplace. It was the black cat near the main gate. I randomly made meowing sound because I knew the cat would ignore anyway. It didn't!! It meowed at me back :) Hehe.. Then it looked at me when I looked at it. It meowed again and followed me to the bus stop.. Haha.. I normally don't really like cat. But it seems that I am too lonely and even a small caring gesture from the cat made me happy. The cat has a necklace with a pendant so I think it belonged to someone.. Did it get dumped? Or did it lose its way home? Sigh..

Anyway, I was a bit sad when I could not find it on Tuesday morning before work.. But today I am glad to see it again!! Hehe.. Although I am happy to see it, I really hope that it is not being dumped or anything. I don't want to see it run over by bus or something leh :( Sigh.. It is so cute that I feel like keeping it.. But I know I will be a sucky pet keeper :( People may think black cat is a bad luck or something but I really think that this black cat is cute. Haha.. I am pathetic to get a respite from an animal.

My friend posted something interesting (and very funny) on facebook. He likened healthcare workers to prostitutes. We are fully aware of the risk but we still jump to the profession to get verbal or even physical abuse daily for the sake of better pay. Another friend replied that even prostitutes have better pay and have better control over working hours. Haha.. I think they just had a bad day at work. But it is not only funny but also true :)

Tomorrow I am going home for a short break. Yup it is against my principle to go home for 3 days (I usually even consider 1 week as too short). But oh well, I have too many toys to bring home.. And I had been eyeing this period since 2 months ago when I knew I would be off this Saturday. Despite making decision rather late (only about 3 weeks ago), I still managed to find reasonable airfare so I guess that was a sign that I should just take a break!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Too early for Christmas...

Sexy Zone released their 3rd single "Sexy Summer ni Yuki ga Furu" on the 3rd October. As peculiar as the snow in summer (as the title), it is peculiar to release a summer song in late autumn. It becomes even weirder after listening to the song: it is a Christmas song!! Yup.. A few months too early. The song itself is not very catchy or memorable. I don't think I will like it if it is not without the Christmassy feeling. Looks like it is a trend for their song to always have people speaking in the song, which I find irritating. Thank goodness they keep on the trend to let people have their solo lines instead of singing together throughout the song. The video clip itself is quite nice but it adds on another dimension of peculiarity of the song as it features all the 4 seasons. I am very confused haha..

Live version! The solo parts need more pitch control but the parts sung together sounds good for a live performance.

The other songs in the single are much better than the previous 2 singles. In fact, "Kimi no tame boku ga iru" was introduced a few months earlier and I think is even better than the Sexy Summer. The other song is also pretty nice but I will not talk about it because the Youtube video had been made private so I can't share it here.

"Gingham Check" is AKB48's first single after departure of Atsuko Maeda. Hmm.. on the first glimpse, my eyes opened big big.. I was like how come AKB48 is also singing Gangnam Check?? Haha.. Too much Gangnam Style.. Anyway, I like this song better than their previous single Manatsu no Sounds Good. And as usual, the PV is not uploaded by the official AKB48 channel yet so I will just share the live performance. Kinda sad to see Acchan watching her friends performance. She looked sad :( Haiz.. She should not have left!! And nothing beats girls in dresses :)

Anyway, the video clip is still something like Manatsu no Sounds Good which I don't like. There are a few plots: the police vs robbers, the street gang fights, the ghost story, and the Godzilla, which I don't think quite make sense. Bleah.. they should stick to the straight forward cutesy type of PVs bah..

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Should I change?

Sigh.. I am tired to be a guy.. Should I undergo sex operation to be a girl instead? Lol.. joking.. Actually the root cause of my emo-ness lately is my job. Sigh.. I dislike my job. To be honest, it is not that bad, there are other places which are worse. However, this is not something that I like and is not what I aspire to be. I hate seeing endless unreasonable idiots daily.. I hate to provide good customer service when they don't even deserve one. I hate it when other departments can sabo mine with all the wrong information and then we get lambasted with no chance to correct the misunderstanding due to "ethical reason". Dumb dumb dumb!! The bigger problem is: where should I go if I decide to leave? Haiz.. Reality check: it is impossible to find a perfect job. I wonder where I can go in which the benefits will still outweigh the disadvantages.. Having said that, I am NOT happy now and I think it is not unhealthy to stay on something which does not even make me happy!

I just had an interesting course 2 days back. The trainers are experienced in facing nasty people in nasty circumstances so their sharing is somewhat more meaningful than the "bosses' talk cock". When putting myself at the other side of the counter, I can understand why sometimes these idiots are frustrated and for that I can emphatise.. It is also true that I can consider myself lucky when I get blasted because, as pointed by the trainer, when people want to make complain etc, they will "survey" and will choose the one who looks able to help them. It means when I look things positively, it means that I am reliable -__-"

However, theory is easy and practice is crazy. I just cannot emphatise with unreasonable people with no manners. My brain simply cannot rationalise what they do. If I need someone for help, I will not be nasty and bang table. If I make a mistake, I will not be nasty and bang table. But these are what these people do. Is it my fault that you overslept and you missed your appointment date? If you know the other department gave you the wrong information, is there any use of getting angry at me who knows no head no tail about the issue? Jeez.. I remembered 2 occasions when I made a big fuss to M1 and to SingPost but I thought these were reasonable. M1 staff did not renew my students' plan even after I explicitly told her so. Isn't that reasonable? SingPost call centre was the "middleman" between me and the insurance department. I was not angry at them because of the insurance department cock up but I was angry because the useless person refused to handover the phone to a manager after I said it nicely for 3 times. Reasonable right?? Haha..

Another thing which made me enjoy the course was the participants. I actually like to interact people from other department to know what one another do. Just like other people share, it is actually good to know that almost all are facing more or less the same problem with the FON. That forms a common sense of purpose haha.. Ironically, it is human nature to be selfish.. and although realising this, instead of working as a team, usually the different departments end up saboing one another because each one just want to pass over the problem as soon as possible to the rest. I also learn to pay more attention to people whom I met. There was one girl whom I found very familiar.. When I asked her, she pointed out that we just went another course together 2 weeks ago. No wonder she seemed to be very familiar!! Aiyo paiseh leh :( For the other course on Friday, I decided to be better :) I remain friendly to the new financial counsellor (first time I knew her when she bought medicines from me but I forgot her name.. so bad of me -_-) and to another guy who also went for the course on the day before. At the end of the course, as I exited the building, I bumped into another course participant from the day before and at least we greeted each other.

So if previously I always wished for a 9 to 5 job, now my wish is to have a 9 to 5 OFFICE job. Of course grass on the other side always looks greener. As of now, I think it will be good to stay in office and avoid the contact with stupid people.. I am sure there would be another breed of stupid people in office.. But at least no customer service leh!!

And thank God for the blood donation site at Dhoby Ghaut now!! That is really convenient for me :) Hehe.. However, it may be my last time donating.. My blood pressure was so low :( One-Zero-Sumthing/54 I was told that I could not donate if the diastolic is less than 60.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

What the heck is a wallflower? That was my very first thought when I read that Emma Watson is going to act in this movie. And that was many months ago. With such a peculiar title, it was difficult to even guess what the story would be like and it just simply goes out of radar. 

Fast forward a few months, I was bored, and I happened to read a brief synopsis of the movie which was released 2 days ago. Only then I knew that it was based on a book. I googled "wallflower" and it turns out to be a proper english word which means "a type of loner. seemingly shy folks who no one really knows. often some of the most interesting people if one actually talks to them. cute.". With that, I set my mind to watch it.

The movie may seem uninteresting at first. However, it is much deeper than the surface of "typical high school stories". Underneath, there are themes like sexual abuse and psychological problems which are dealty quite subtlely.

Not exactly a favourite but I think I had a good time watching it nonetheless. I think I sort of a wallflower too. Even up to now, I often eat meals alone, go out alone, and watch movies alone. Haha.. Perhaps my JC (i.e high school) was sort of the worst as I disliked almost all of my classmates and ended up sitting alone in lecture and at meal times. So it is rather personal as I can relate to it. I left feeling rather emo as unlike Charlie, I am not blessed with good friends eventually.

Acting-wise, I think Logan Lerman is superb. I sort of like him from Percy Jackson as he seems to be a decent, cute, innocent guy, still not corrupted by Hollywood yet. Of course the acting in Percy Jackson was rather dull. However, he is awesome here. His natural facial expression suits the description of a wallflower. Other than that, he can act as being "high" on drugs, being shy on the love-related matters, being angry when his dear ones got hurt, and near the end.. being depressed and all that. Simply wow!

It is difficult to see Emma Watson not as Hermione, especially when her character shares some of Hermione's traits such as bossiness and being more mature than the boys around her. However, she still convincingly acts as a crazy party girl here.

Unexpectedly, the star of the show is Ezra Miller. I never see or read or know him previously. His acting is also terrific. He can act flamboyantly as a gay and in his tranny theater show, as a good "big brother", as well as the Mr. Funny throughout the show. I thought it was hilarious when he told his lecturer "If you fail me, you get me again next semester".

Near the end, something kinda struck me when I see another similarity with my personal life. I am not so into having a relationship even though there is someone I like. I always think that I suck and she deserves someone better. Perhaps what Sam said to Charlie near the end is true: there is no point thinking/behaving that way as the person you like will not even know/feel anything if you are not doing/saying anything. Aargh.. should I just wait for a girl to make her first move?? I know but I am a lousy guy..

So where are my perks of being a wallflower? I also wish that I can also find my Emma Watson someday..

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Too hard on myself..

God works in wondrous ways. My JC roommate who left to Australia after JC is currently back here for a 6 week elective. It is still a peculiarity to me that he would choose to be back to this sucky place. Anyhow, by hook or by crook, he happened to be attached to the same hospital and the same ward as another friend (who was his roommate in secondary school). No plan for them to meet or to contact each other but if God destines them to meet, it happens. So ya, with that, a reunion was arranged yesterday with the last remaining few of my fellow secondary school scholars who still remain here. It was a bit early but it became like our reunion to celebrate 10 years of our friendship, laughter, and sorrow in this foreign land.

After a bit of catching up, we realise that we hardly change since 10 years ago. One remains as sarcastic and as nasty as ever (that's me!). One remains as idealistic as ever. One remains as weird as ever.. and so on. I realise that I am too hard and too critical on myself. I was told that my face is so smooth now. When I see myself in front of the mirror, I think I still have a lot of pimples. Yeah, to me smooth means something like a photoshopped picture. I was told that my youthful look still remains but everytime I see myself in the mirror, I think I have wrinkles here and there. Oh well =x

I should be grateful with what I have instead of focusing on things which I am lacking when I compare myself with others. Now I am contemplating whether I should start a relationship or I should still wait. Sigh.. Again, I am too critical and too hard on myself. I always think that there are 1001 guys out there who would make a better boyfriend or husband for that girl and yada yada.. I keep telling myself that if that person is indeed my soulmate, then she will also not be taken. If she is taken, then perhaps that would be better for her. Haiz.. I am really confused.

Today, I felt so sad at church. I saw a girl with a crooked leg that she could not walk normally. Initially, I felt pity.. I asked why God would allow such a young person to be created that way. I wonder if someone would marry her someday, after all she was quite pretty. However, what amazed me was her expression. She looked happy.. I think she may be a happier person than I am. I was also touched with the love shown by her brother (or father? I can't tell) who supported her by her shoulder from behind as she was walking towards the Holy Communion.

I think that despite the many things I hate with myself and my life, there are tonnes other things which could have been worse. For that, I know I should be more grateful, kinder, and more Godly etc. Easier said than done :( Especially with the types of people I see everyday at work.. Sigh.. Emo...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary

I am slow to realise that this year is a special year for Final Fantasy fans as the series is celebrating its 25th anniversary. I came to first now about this when my friend posted about Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Ultimate Box on my facebook last month. The collection consists of all Final Fantasy games from I to XIII (excluding the prequels and sequels), a special video to commemorate the 25th anniversary, artbook, soundtrack disks, and the best part in my opinion: a visual and stand by Yoshitaka Amano. The rumoured retail price is 35000 yen and it will be released on 18th December as the first Final Fantasy game was released on 18th December 1987.
The stand with original artwork for the 25th anniversary
As good as it sound, it is likely that I would give this a miss. The reason is that the main "bulk" of the set i.e the games would be unplayable. FF I-IX are released for PS1 and by now my PS1 is dead. FF III is an exception because it is rumoured to be released as an UMD for PSP (although I think it would be PS Vita, rather than PSP). FF X-XII and FF XIII are for PS2 and PS3 respectively, which I do not own.

Anyway, below is the promo video.. Yum yum..

To celebrate the special occasion, there are still other things such as mugs, tumblers, mini towel, chocobo plushie, postcard set, and playing card set. Many were released early this year and were already sold out by the time I knew about them 2 weeks ago.

The only thing I managed to buy is the playing cards set. To be frank, nothing sensational about it. Well, how "great" a playing card set can be? I bought it more for "sentimental" values. Haha.. I bought 2 sets for 1080 yen each. The hearts and spades are good as they form a complete Dissidia and FF logo sets. The clubs and diamonds, however, are disappointing. It seems that they just find any pictures to make up the respective cards without any "theme".

The packaging box
Club.. I thought all would be guardian forces -_-
Diamond.. The worst set for me. Why is the special treatment for certain FFs only?
Heart.. a.k.a Dissidia set
Spade.. Final Fantasy logos

Jokers.. and the back of every card
Since the topic is about Final Fantasy, let me also comment on Theathrythm Final Fantasy game. Very very sad that it is a Nintendon 3DS game :( Sigh.. I can never imagine playing a rhythm/music game related to Final Fantasy.. Perhaps this would be the one and only of such genre ever created and I will not be able to enjoy it.. Sad.. Despite the skepticism, I am quite curious about this game. After all, Dissidia is a huge HIT for me, although initially people doubt that Square Enix would be able to make something good in the non-RPG world. Thus, I am expecting that this would excite me as much as Dissidia.

Monday, October 1, 2012

You are so ridiculous!

You are "I". I am so upset with myself and I wish that I can shake my shoulders and slap my face to bring myself into reality. I am delusional.. I am hallucinating.. My priorities are upside down. It was so hard for me to come into a decision to fly back home for a 2-day holiday because of cost issues. $200 seems so much for that and yet I can spend thousands of dollars for toys and action figures. Seriously.. what's fucking wrong with me!!

Sigh.. A bit emo again as another Rinoa-Siren statue was sold for 500 over dollars :( I decided to forgo the damaged Squall-Bahamut statue as it was somewhere near 200. Grrrah.. Anyway, I have found new targets: Lunar Silver Star Story Complete and Lunar Eternal Blue Complete collectors' edition. These 2 are my favourite RPGs after Final Fantasy VIII. I still remembered when I was a kid, my mum had a business trip to Singapore and I asked her to help me buy one of them in Singapore (at that time, all games were pirated ones in Indonesia). Obviously my mum did not buy for me because the price was sooo ridiculous as compared to the pirated games. Oh well =x and now I am supposed to pay even more!! Haha..

I have won the Lunar Silver Star Story Complete from eBay and purchased the game guide (by Working Designs!) from Amazon. Still waiting for the same things on the Eternal Blue. Will take photos and show off when the time comes.

As promised, I would share about what happened with my Zell, Irvine & Diablos statue. It actually arrived damaged :( Lucky it was insured although the claiming process was rather hellish thanks to the inefficient postal services. However, I am glad that the seller is being very helpful and accomodating. I am glad that in the end the insurance will refund in full. So basically I get that statue for free. I don't know whether I should be happy to get it for free or I should be sad because a limited and out-of-production rare item is damaged =x Oh wells..

The damage may seem "small" or even invisible unless someone scrutinise the statue with a microscope. But still, for collectors, it is a heartache to see a masterpiece goes wasted!

Broken horn
Irvine's broken rifle
Irvine's broken rifle

Difficult to see in photos but the tip is actually an exposed metal wire skeleton. I know about the metal wire skeleton because I have damaged Seifer with exposed metal wire skeleton.