Tuesday, September 18, 2012


What? What the heck is Zumba? Zumba is a Columbian dance fitness programme which, as the name suggests, combines aerobic and dance movements. The dance element incorporates a variety of styles: from hip-hop, salsa, samba, merengue, etc. The HQ is arranging this as their workplace health programme. As my branch is so near to the HQ, my branch is also invited to join. Initially, I had no idea what Zumba was. But I thought "Why not? Since I hardly exercise and I am getting fatter day by day anyways". After saying yes, I googled and youtubed about Zumba and I felt a bit reluctant. Firstly, it seems to be a female thingy. Secondly, I was the only guy who joined (thank goodness the instructor was a guy!). And thirdly, I have poor limbs coordination and I am very paiseh to do the movements I see online.

Anyway, it turned out not as scary as I thought. I was glad that it was more of aerobic rather than dancing. And it really made me realise a few things. First, God is fair and just. It seems that my "theory" that every human is created with equal talent points but with different talent distributions is true. Pardon me for the RPG element here. Haha.. To compensate my babyface, my bones and joints are like those of elderly. Within the first few minutes, my knees felt like giving away.. Was it lack of exercise? Was it lack of warming up? Or was it simply age? Sigh.. Second, I respect those celebrities (especially singers) with their dance movements. It is really not easy to coordinate various parts of body and I wonder how much time and energy spent to learn, memorise, and make everything perfect. Especially so for the groups. Woah.. to make sure that everyone is moving in sync will be another challenge. So yup, it is easy to say how slutty female celebrities can be but actually it takes talents to gyrate your hips or shake your boobs and booties like they do. And naturally, because I am a guy, I applaud those male celebrities more. I still think it is more difficult for males, than for females, to be able to dance well.

Lets see how painful my body is tomorrow morning haha.. Anyway, exercise does make me feel good thanks to the endorphins.. I am quite emo since Friday. Sigh.. I failed to win the bid for Rinoa-Siren statue. This was the third miss in the past 2 months sigh.. And it is such a rare occurrence for such rare statue to go on sale :(

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