Wednesday, September 12, 2012

ShitPost.. not SingPost

Haiz I am very emo. The insurance claim for my damage limited edition statue is a big question mark. It seems that paying extra for insurance is just a scam from post office as they make it so troublesome that people would just give up rather than pursuing the claim. Although the seller has been very helpful, I start to get frustrated too. Aftr all, he paid the insurance to USPS so why the heck all the trouble and the responsibility for claiming seems to be mine? Even USPS is damn bloody irresponsible. They received the insurance fee and now when the seller is making claim, their reply is only "We will need to contact the Singapore side".

Anyway, I heard nothing from ShitPost after the seller made the claim from USPS side. I ended up making noise about the insurance from my side. And this is where shitty SingPost is getting shittier and shittier. I made the enquiry via SpeedPost website who is the one responsible for the EMS shipping. From the email reply, I was told to send in pictures which would be forwarded to "relevant departments". After 2 days, I received a phone call saying that pictures are not acceptable. I had to choose between on site investigation or bringing the item to post office for inspection. You're kidding to expect me to bring a 3kg statue and a giant box to a post office rite? So I was offered a timeslot for the inspector to come: yesterday 3-5pm. After I said yes, the dumb bitch told me that she would need to confirm with the "relevant departments" again for the time slot. Then how the fuck she suggested the time slot in the first place if she could not confirm? Anyway, the promised confirmation never came. After another 2 days, I made another enquiry via website and via call centre.

Then on the phone it was confirmed that my time slot for yesterday was confirmed and on email I was told that my time slot was today. I then checked again with the call centre to verify and another idiot confidently replied that based on their record, it was confirmed that my time slot was yesterday. So I took leave. I waited. And nobody came. I called at 5pm to ask what was going on, the person could give no answer and promised to call me back in 30-45 mins time. Another lie. I called again at 6pm and another idiot still could not help me. I sent a complaint last night.

This morning, I was informed that their vehicle broke down yesterday and that was why nobody turned up. Fuck you! Tried to lie better. It sounded more like a lame excuse than an honest reason. I am sure I would hear nothing if not for the complaint I lodged. After another round of argument and shouting, I was given another time slot: this coming Saturday 1-2pm.

Guess what: 1 hour later, I received an email saying that my time slot was today 3-5pm. I replied the email to verify because just an hour ago I was told Saturday 1-2pm via phone. The person dared to insist on today 3-5pm. I called the hotline again and scolded the dumb ass like crazy. I demanded to speak to the manager who turned up to be as useless as the CSOs. I asked her sarcastically how many insurance claim department ShitPost had and how the heck I received 3 different information from the call centre, via email, and from SpeedPost person who called me while all claimed to get the information from the same bloody department. She then admitted there was nothing she could do as nothing was reflected on her computer screen yet for my case at that time. She promised to check and get back to me by 5pm. Again another lie.

I called at 7+ and demanded to speak to that bitch again. Was told that she was on a "long phone call". I scolded the person "The call was so long since 5pm meh?". In the end I managed to get her spit out someone above that stupid manager: the operation manager. I would look for him/her tomorrow. Anyway the stupid staff promised me to inform the dumb manager and assured me that I would be contacted before 8pm.

Grrah, I hope all these people would just eat shit and die. Full of lies. I don't know what I should do next. Should I write into media? Write to MP? Or what? That thing worth more than $1000 and that's why I am very anal about this.

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