Thursday, September 27, 2012

No wonder I'm so fat!

Idle minds are the devil's playground. That was what happened to me on Sunday. I suddenly had the urge to go to China Square Central. I wanted to check out the price of cool Square Enix statues which Toys N Toys (the name of the shop) display. Thus far, this is the only shop which I can see such huge, expensive, and cool statues on display. I think the display is not for sale. Even after leaving them an email to ask whether they are for sale (and for how much), I heard no reply. Oh wells..

And the devil is smart.. My trip there caused me to fall into another temptation. I saw a shop selling limited edition Storm Kotobukiya from SDCC (San Diego Comic-Con) for $90. Even before this limited edition, I was tempted to get the normal edition since Storm is my favourite X-men. The statue itself is very cool as Storm is placed on a whirlwind and the extra pair of hands depict her summoning lightnings. Throw in the pose which perfectly depicts her mutant powers. I was a bit skeptical with the East-meets-West style of Marvel Bishoujo Kotobukiya line and that was the main reason for me not buying. Another reason is the normal edition Storm's black outfit which is a poor contrast with her dark skin. The limited edition Storm wears white. I never thought of buying it since I never expect that a few sets would ever land in this island. Haha.. So after knowing this, I quickly went to google to see reviews and after seeing the details that's it: I would buy both haha... I can't make up my mind to choose which is better. Although I love the white outfit, I hate the clear reddish tornado base :( Real tornado does not look like that :(

 Normal edition (black costume) and SDCC limited edition (white costume)

So after my course today, I went to check out other toyshops for prices. First stop: Absolute Comics at Bugis. No Storm.. But generally the figure from this line is selling for $90 each. However, my heart skipped a few beats because of something else. PlayArts Selphie is $10 only now T_T Darn!! I was so excited and bought it at $25 last time. Sad sad.. PlayArts Rinoa is $35.. Now I am tempted to buy them both haiz.. Perhaps I can sell them :( FYI, I bought Rinoa in Indonesia.. If I convert the price, she cost me about $60-70. She is half price now.. I am a bad investor but I think Rinoa's stuff usually can sell for higher prices (provided I am patient enough to wait.. and provided I am lucky enough to have buyer).

I then went to the various toy shops at Plaza Singapura. $90 is rather a standard price. Anyway, it would be cheaper to buy normal edition Storm off Amazon even after the shipping so it would make more sense for me to buy it online. For the limited edition, $90 here will definitely a better choice. I don't know whether I should buy now or I should wait for the coming AFA in November. Bleah..

Anyway, I feel so tired now. I realise that it has been forever since the last time I had the chance to go for toys hunting after the end of the work. Perhaps the last time was during my pre-reg days? Haha.. No wonder that I am so fat now! Looks like retail therapy is the secret to my slimming. It is a great form of physical exercise with all the walking (long distance :p) and the carrying of the shopping bags. Plus I will spend money until I have to save for my food. Not to mention that my pay was pathetic too previously. That means I should shop more often now.. But where to store the stuff :(

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