Thursday, September 20, 2012

Nervous anticipation

It has been close to 9 years before I finally get to remove my braces tomorrow. The most natural feeling should be exciting, shouldn't it? But I feel very nervous.. and I feel very anxious. Firstly, I am worried about imperfection. It has been ages that I have given up to be able to have a perfectly aligned teeth. Cosmetic-wise, they are still not perfect. But noone will realise it except me.. or except if I grin wide and long enough and someone to scrutinise my teeth long enough. My top and bottom central incisors are not in a perfect line =x Since my bite feels good and balanced enough, I do not want to take risk of losing it (and even prolonging the braces duration) simply for the sake of aligning them.

As much as I am vain to be concerned about how I will look, I am also extremely worried about how it feels with the braces gone. To be honest, never in my life I have ever had perfect teeth. So it is like embarking on a new life with normal teeth now. Everytime I go for dental check-up, when the dentist removes the wire to change, there is always this sensation as if the teeth are moving on their own. And that is my bigger worry. I am worried that they will move on their own. I am worried without the cage (aka braces) to support, they will move or break when I eat :( Sigh.. And what would happen in another week when I get my retainer? Can't imagine how painful that would be assuming the teeth have moved significantly.

There is still X-ray to be worried about. What if there is some unprecedented complications? T_T Hur hur.. I can only pray today that everything will turn out well.. It has been years of sufferings and sacrifice to reach this so I hope all end well..

Haiz.. at least it is something to temporary distract me from my emoness of still missing Squall-Bahamut and Rinoa-Siren statues to complete my collection.

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