Friday, September 7, 2012

I am still not in the mood to write about toys although I still have quite a few to show off. Haiz.. a bit emo because my insurance claiming process is in a limbo..

Not sure whether I need a break from work or I am just sick of working. I realise that I just do not have the passion and the drive to keep me going. I hate these people. I hate these racist people. I hate these stupid people. I hate these unreasonable people. I find my job not challenging and monotonous. I feel that I am useless and I can't do more due to the language barrier. I feel unappreciated because all the knowledge is just "wasted" on these people. And I am wasting my time and energy to feel angry at the management. I don't share the same focus of the good customer service when the customers are not worth serving in the first place.

After last week's Mass, I tried to control myself this week. Everytime I feel the urge of cursing at a basket, I always remind myself not too. Looks like I fail :S

My dream to own and stay in a condo is also shattered. I went to have a discussion with a property agent. Sigh.. The prices are crazy.. And "worse", I discover that it would be more viable to buy a condo and rent it out than for me to stay in and rent out a room. Based on rough calculation, the former can help me to fund my room rental and monthly bank loan for the house itself while the latter still needs me to fork out money to pay back the bank loan. The choice is obvious but the dillema is also there. What's the point of "owning" something when you can't even enjoy it? Haiz.. But that's investment.. that's life of a poor man.. gotta suffer to hope for a better future T_T

Time to leave reality and to have wishful thinking for a while. I don't know whether I should be happy or sad with the fact that I do not have anything to play BluRay movies. I love Avengers movie and I would like to buy the DVD. Based on Amazon, the DVD alone costs USD 19.96 while the 4 Disc Combo (Blu-Ray 3D, Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital Copy, and Digital Music Download) costs USD 29.96 only! I don't care about the original price or the sales etc but the final price only differs by a freaking 10 bucks only! Droolz droolz..

And as a Harry Potter avid fan, I simply cannot ignore Harry Potter Wizard's Collection which was released yesterday. According to Amazon, the original retail price is USD 499.99 though after the discount, the final price is USD 344.99. To justify the price, this collection contains 31 discs comprising the 8 movies in various versions (DVD, 3D, Blu-ray, Ultraviolet, whatever you have) and various bonuses such as concept arts prints and sketches, Horcrux locket replica, full colour fabric map of Hogwarts, and 48-page rigid book. Anyway, words can't describe the thing so I will post a picture showing the whole massive collection. For more pictures of this unbelievable thing, please click here.

Sigh.. the packaging itself already makes me.. AAARGH!!!!
Don't know whether I should get the DVD set of all the 8 movies for slightly less than USD 70 or this beautiful (but useless) set. T_T Plus the fact that this Harry Potter Wizard's Collection is limited to 63000 sets only. Looks like I eventually will eventually succumb to temptations but where can I keep this :( No space already haiz..

Okay back to reality. I hope I can wake up for work tomorrow. And next post will be about mooncakes hehe..

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