Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fly me to the moon~~cakes

As promised, I will be posting about the mooncakes which I bought on Friday. I was never a fan of mooncakes but it all changed last year after I knew about snowskin mooncake. Last year I purchased a box of 8 from Raffles Hotel for $54.40 and I had to swap with my friends to try a few flavours. They were quite pricey but were quite good. 

This year I purchased from Goodwood Park Hotel, which is famous for its durian food stuff. The highlight for this year is Mao Shan Wang mooncakes!! Unfortunately, they were sold out on Friday thanks to the 25% off promotion using UOB cards. Anyways, not a big deal, I will come on another day as die die must try. Haha.. Goodwood Park Hotel mooncakes promotion is awesome. Firstly, it is selling as a box of 2 or a box of 4. If my memory does not fail me, it is quite rare to find a box of 2 mooncakes being sold. Secondly, it has the option of "assorted combo" be it for the traditional baked ones or for the snowskin ones. This is fantastic as people can easily buy one box of the assorted combo to get a taste of few flavours and that was exactly what I did. Thirdly, the size (~7cm diameter each) of each mooncake is pretty big and it justifies the price, at least for me.

Unfortunately, the Mao Shan Wang is not available for assorted combo so I will buy a box of 2 for that one separately. There are 4 snowskin flavours so the assorted combo is just nice for me try all 4: Red Orange with Banana, Mango with Pomelo, D24 Durian, and Cempedak. And lucky me, I am picky when it comes to fruits. And the 4 fruits featured here (Banana, Mango, Durian, Cempedak) are few fruits that I really like. The mooncakes are awesome because they contain the real fruits! Not essence!!  Haha.. Taste-wise, I will rank it: D24 Durian, Banana, and Mango and Cempedak tied as the bottom 2. Although I like Cempedak, the smell and taste are a bit yucky as a mooncake. The mango flavour is not that "strong" to immediately recognise it as mango. The durian is awesome because the soft texture really makes me feel as if I am eating the real fruit. I can't wait to taste the Mao Shan Wang.

I spent $43.35 for 1 box. That is approximately $11 each. I feel a bit cheated because displayed price is exclusive of GST. That means I only got 18% rather than a 25% discount. However, for the size and the great taste, I think it is a better buy than last year's hoho!! I only have 1 gripe about these mooncakes: the snowskin is somewhat "detached" from the filling. It reminds me of traditional wet market cakes eww.. I will like it better if the packaging is a metal box rather than a cardboard box. Other than these, I see no reason why I should not buy this again next year. Hahaha...

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