Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fellow toy hunters

Due to space constraint, I have decided to sell some of my old stuff which I no longer display and which I do not really like. These include McDonalds' free glasses (back since Beijing Olympics) and Gundam SeeD Destiny action figures which I used to display a few years back. I am selling my Marvel: Avengers figurines from KFC too as I am not a big fan of Western cartoons. Haha.. perhaps I bought them thanks to impulse buying back then. Buy hey, if it is not due to space constraint, I don't mind keeping them.

Anyway, I think it is quite impossible to sell these things. So I was pleasantly surprised when someone asked about the figure (although in the end the person did not buy it). I was even more excited to find that one of the item was sold. Yay!! That was my first selling experience on eBay. A bit scared to meet up with the person haha.. I imagine someone who would look otaku-ish geekish. He turned out to be a nice and friendly guy, nothing like otaku or geek. Anyway, thanks for being my first customer and for hassle free transaction.
The one I sold: Lacus and Meer from Gundam SeeD Destiny Emotive Figure Set 3
People hardly come to read my blog and most of the time, the comments I got are spam. I was shocked when I got a comment regarding my Final Fantasy VIII figures. I wonder how the person discovered I just recently get the Selphie, Quistis, Leviathan figurine from eBay. Lol.. And as much as I would be happy to sell away my damaged Seifer-Odin statue for money, I do not want to cheat people their money. Seifer-Odin is usually the most commonly sold (and the cheapest too) so with patience, I think he will get something more worth his money.

Another surprise came yesterday when someone sent me message on eBay offering to buy Selphie, Quistis, Leviathan for 25% more than what I paid o_0 Looks enticing right? Haha.. But no, I am a huge FF VIII fan and have been dreaming of these statues for ages, not gonna sell them away. And again, I told him that with that amount, he could easily get something new on eBay. Before I bought mine, I saw one being sold for USD1500 mah.. Anyway, I wonder how that person managed to find out the fact that I actually won the bid for that figure sia. I thought all the eBay bidders are not visible except to the seller. But I can understand these people. After all, I also will do or have done crazy things in order to get information or to buy these statues.

I just lost another auction for Rinoa-Siren statue last nite. Shoot! :( Why did it sell for so much again? I really regret I missed out the $260 one about a month ago. Grr.. So much for that and Squall-Bahamut as the "easiest" and "cheapest" to find. I end up with these 2 only that I don't have.

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nosajj said...

Several ways to find out who bought hat on ebay:
1. Ask the seller for the buyer's contact.
2. Check the seller's feedback once the buyer has left feedback