Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bye bye braces

Finally!! It was time to let go my most intimate thing for the past 9+ years yesterday. Yes, they are my braces who have been constantly in my mouth all these years. A few days prior, I asked my friends who previously had braces about how it would feel after braces are gone. The most common answers were "liberated" and "naked". I felt neither. The most immediate feeling was teethless and mouthless. Yes it was weird that my whole mouth felt numb even though no anaesthetic was used.

Until now, my mouth still feels very unusual. It has been along time since my inner lips come into contact with my gums and my teeth. Everytime I move my tongue, everything feels slippery. No more metal wires and metal cages and there seems to be more spaces in between the teeth.

My fear about teeth moving came true. There is one tooth which has constant sensation that it is being pushed inside by invisible force. The most common reflex is to use my tongue to push it back which I desperately try to avoid. I am really worried the constant pushing in by the invisible force and the pushing out by the tongue will end up cause the tooth to come lose :( I mentioned this to the dentist previously.. He knocked the teeth a few times but I did not feel any sensation and he also did not feel that that tooth is loose. Still, I feel a discomfort :( I am worried to eat and I am worried to use this particular tooth :( God.. please not a loose tooth :'(

Brushing and flossing become a nightmare too. Everything feels slippery now and I have to make sure that I clean properly. No more excuse of having poor oral hygiene now that the braces are gone. And I am worried about plaque, cavities, and teeth getting loose etc.

After 1 day without braces, I can feel that my bite has shifted. I wonder how much more things will change and how painful it will be when I have retainer next Friday. :( God please save me :(

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