Saturday, September 1, 2012

Break from toys

After a deluge of posts about my toys, I shall right something not related to toys today. I just realised that I have been blogging quite frequently this year. It is only September but my post count this year is already more than last year's. August was particularly busy with 16 posts. That is about one every 2 days. Must be because of toys~~~ La la la..

This week is not too bad. Due to JCI accreditation, the appointment was blocked and it was relatively quiet for the whole week. Yay!! I had 2 interesting encounters this week. The first one is about a lady who said "Thank you. God bless you. I hope you will find a pretty girlfriend". Haha.. How does she know I am still single? Haha.. The second one is about a man who said "You are handsome.". I was nodding and pretending that I did not hear, He said again "Did you hear me? I think you are handsome.". With that I had to reply something. Gosh.. Of course I am happy but deep in my heart I wonder why it is always middle aged aunties or uncles who say such things to me.. The young ones think I am ugly T_T

My Zell, Irvine, Diablos statue was held by customs (oops it is about toys again!). I am thankful that God somehow helped me to reach Paya Lebar before 530 on Wednesday. I only managed to catch a taxi at about 510. Haha.. And of course, thanks to the JCI, I could leave at 500 instead of 515 as we already cleared the crowd. A bit emos becaues I had to pay GST. I asked the person why could not they calculate from the amount insured. The answer was: it could be over or under declared in the customs declaration form so they wanted to see the invoice. Haiz.. Like that I should have just faked some invoice to show that the item cost much less and I can avoid the tax altogether. Bleah..

I had a bad feeling which came true :( The person asked me to open and inspect the parcel. In case there is any damage, I don't need to pay tax. I did not inspect it there as I thought it would be troublesome to bring home an opened package. Guess what? The statue was damaged. Bloody fucking shit! I am very angry and disappointed. It is a limited out of production item. It was perfectly fine before shipping and the damage must be due to shipping. It cost me a bomb, no.. a nuclear bomb, plus taxes and taxi fare and this was what I got. Bleah!! Anyway, thank goodness the seller is being very helpful with the insurance claim and refund etc. He even called me from US (!!). I don't know how everything will turn out but I hope it will be good. I do not want to take advantage of a good person by getting a full refund without confirmation whether he would get the insurance money. Even worse if I have to send the item back, what if the item is lost or damaged even more? Bah.. I believe in karma.. what goes around will come around so I shall be good.

I have a bad karma with Diablos bah.. Maybe because I hate fighting him so much in the game :p The ARTFX Kotobukiya Diablos arrived with broken arm and leg due to loose joints. The bloody seller only refunded me $10. Asshole! For this bastard, I am pretty sure that he sent me a damaged item from the start. Still dare to blame me or the shipping. I will definitely retaliate with a negative feedback. And now this is the second case with damaged Diablos statue. Cry..

Woa.. turn out to be something related to toys.. again.. Haha..

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