Monday, August 6, 2012

Worst day at work.. so far..

Today is the worst day in my (working) life so far. Right from early morning, I was a bit late because the old woman went to hog the toilet. Jeez.. Damn irritating leh these old people. Always wake up so early and dunno do what so long in the toilet. Previously I thought her time was 730 plus. Dunno why now even at 6+ already awake.

The bus app was not that accurate and for that I had to walk all the way to my workplace from where I dropped. The distance was about 4 stops. After waiting for quite sometime, I checked the apps which told me that bus was coming in 10 minutes. I would definitely be late if I waited. Guess what, in the middle of my brisk walking, the bus actually came. Fuck.. Anyway, my legs were a bit cramp so I could not even run. Damn pissed and sweaty by the time I reached my workplace.

The worst was, as always, with a patient. Ok call me rude whatever. I had a bad impression of him for not taking queue number. Yeah call me anal but I hated people who are uneducated and do things as they deem fit. I asked him what he wanted and he replied in Chinese. Fine I could not speak so I called someone to help me translate. He found that rude.. Oh well.. Anyway the problem was: he had been taking Chlorpheniramine 1 tablet tds for the past 3 weeks. And now he wanted another supply for 1 month which of course you knew what happened next. Asked him the usual thing, asked him to see doctor bla bla bla.. His stand was: doctor told him to get it himself if he felt the itch. My stand was: if the doctor only gave him 10 days the last time, that means the doctor did not deem it necessarily for long term. After that I did not know what went on between him and the translator with all the heated arguments. I guess something was really wrong with him because I had not even say whether I would refuse him sale (no idea what my translator told him). What I understood was only his "fuck your mother", "cibay", and raising his walking stick to hit me. Well done.. I had no idea what was going on and only kept a stoned expression. No idea whether he was being gentlemanly or what because despite 2 other pharmacists who came to my aid, he seemed to be pointing all his anger at me. Anyway, I considered myself win. He made a fool of himself with everybody looking at him and some other patients even came trying to stop him. And he did not get his 90 tablets.

Anyway, I did not cry. I was affected but I did not cry. I felt more furious with the fact that I could not really understand what was going on and that I could not retaliate. Sigh.. I only feel like changing job now.. Somewhere where I do not need to see these low filthy creatures.

And as a bad Catholic, again I am disappointed and even angry at God. Every morning I pray for Him to keep me from evil, from these stupid unreasonable people. Looked like God only granted me the (pseudo)-patience. Haiz.. Yes I am complaining.. Yesterday's homily was apt. The Israelites were always complaining to God despite Him rescuing them from Egypt. I also cannot help from being negative with all the things that God has given me. I think that's my problem. Haiz.. Am I believing in a wrong religion? It seems impossible to be patient, to love unconditionally, to turn away the other cheek when someone strikes you on one, and bla bla bla.. Perhaps this experience assures me about one very important thing: Jesus is really Son of God. It is impossible for man to quietly accept all the unfair humiliation, verbal abuse, and physical abuse like Jesus.

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