Thursday, August 2, 2012

Spidey vs Batman

I just watched the Dark Knight Rises 2 days ago. I consider myself lucky to be able to catch it at Lido 1 since the movie was released almost 2 weeks ago. I remember that even Marvel: Avengers was not in Lido 1. So what's with the special treatment huh? Anyway frankly, I was not so eager to catch this. I gave the first 2 movies of Christopher Nolan's trilogy a miss so I did not quite know what's going on. The trailer when I watched Amazing Spiderman was not tempting either. But with all the "hoo-haa" and people claiming this as best summer 2012 blockbuster bla bla bla, I watched it out of curiousity (and partly also because Anna Hathaway as Catwoman).

Story-line is okay, not so "WOW" like Inception or what. But action-wise, I am utterly disappointed. I am expecting great fighting and action scenes for a superhero-themed movie and I was not satisfied. The fist fight is not even exciting. The mob fight is like meh-meh, not much different from students' street fight or mass demonstration which I see on TVs daily in Indonesia. Someone please refund my money! Okay Catwoman is cooler than Black Widow but overall Avengers trashes Batman. I felt adrenaline rush and excitement at the battle scenes in Avengers leh. And worldwide ticket sales also show that Batman failed to beat Avengers in the box office. Yeah so Avengers is the best summer 2012 blockbuster wor.. Haha..

While talking about the Dark Knight Rises, it is impossible not to mention about the massacre in Aurora. I don't care whether it "hurt" the box office or what but it is a tragedy to see innocent lives being lost by a psychotic. God please show your mercy and your justice.

I never mentioned it before but I also watched Amazing Spiderman. Not as good as Avengers but is definitely more exciting than Batman. I don't really like Emma Stone (she's pretty but I think she often has that "I'm pissed" kind of expression) but I think it is good to see that the main female character is useful against the bad guy instead of being there only to scream and be rescued by the main hero. I also like that Uncle Ben and Aunt May got a bit more screentime. As I did not really watch Tobey Maguire's Spiderman movies, I shall not compare him to Andrew Garfield. I think Andrew Garfield successfully portrays the youthfulness (including the arrogance and rebellious nature) of Peter Parker. Tobey took a more mature, more contemplative, and more responsible Spiderman. I guess not really about the acting but their natural expression/face and perhaps the theme (Tobey's Spiderman favourite theme is With great power comes great responsibility). Anyway, I like this Spiderman because he is so slim (ya I am jealous!!). Girls will call him sexy. I think his slimness makes him lithe and acrobatic which are more Spiderman-like qualities to be able to jump here and there and "toy" with the enemies. Too bad Spiderman is licensed to Sony so there is no way to see Spiderman in Avengers. Otherwise, it will be uber cool.

I applied for Standard Chartered Credit Card on Monday. Jeez.. a few months back when I wanted to apply, I could not because they required last 3 months payslip. Now then it became 1 month. More ironically, after I applied online, today I was approached at their roadshow. Aargh I paiseh and did not mention that I actually already applied online. Although I did not lie per se because it is the truth that I don't own any credit card yet. Anyway the person was quite nice so I felt quite bad of "wasting" his time when I did not really intend to submit the form. I already submitted online application mah.. See how on Monday ba~~ Perhaps I will just send in another one. I feel bad to do bad things to nice person :( Actually I don't mind looking for him to settle the documents but too bad tomorrow is the last day of the road show. I have no plan to go back to Thomson Plaza tomorrow. If the roadshow is still there until Sunday then I will definitely do it lor.

Oh well, in the end whether my application is approved or not, I don't really care lar.. But I want the free $80 leh.. Haha..

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