Monday, August 27, 2012

Something happened last week which changed my mindset and my approach towards the motherfuckers and bastards whom I see daily. I met this couple who asked me to teach them how to use glucometer. They actually purchased it many months ago but they did not use it. The husband was just discharged from hospital. The reason for admission was loss of consciousness due to hypoglycemia. That was a bit shocking to them that they decided to take a better care of their health. 

I am not cursing them or anything. In fact, I feel a bit sad because they are a lovely couple unlike the majority of the 70-80 old decrepit walking fossils around. Well the learning point is: seriously, why should I give a fuck about your health if you can't even be bothered with it? Just do whatever you want and wait until something knocks your head to wake up you up to actually believe what we are trying to do. Yes, keep drinking the cough mixture and I hope someday you fall asleep in the middle of the road and some vehicles would just run over you or you would just drop off your window. Yes, keep abusing the antihistamines and let your bladder burst due to inability to pass urine. Yes, keep abusing the hydrocortisone cream until your skin is no more (although I think your skin is just too thick that no matter how much steroid can thin it, it will still be to thick). Yes, keep abusing the H2RA or PPI until your stomach becomes hole-y. 

I just don't understand these people. You know that your stomach cannot tolerate certain food then don't eat those food. Why are you eating and then relying on medicine -_- If you know that your knee cannot tahan contact with the floor when you are mopping the floor, then change the way you mop the floor instead of relying on medicine -_-

Okay enough rants of these idiots. Let's talk about good people now. Yesterday, Neil Amstrong passed away. Who is he? I am sure most people know him. Even people in the future will know him as he is forever etched in history as the first man to walk on the moon. I read more about him and he is actually a very humble person. Despite his "popularity" and the fact that he will be forever in the history, he did not become a "celebrity" due to his status. May he rest in peace. And to quote his famous words: "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind".

Another "feel good" story I discovered last week was about billionaire Ty Warner. I actually never heard of this name previously. Anyway, he happened to lose his way and was asking for a direction. A woman helped him. She was actually in the midst of raising funds by giving flyer for a stem cell procedure she needs to save her life as she has kidney failure. Ty Warner sent her $20000 check to cover the cost and left her a very touching handwritten note: "Someone up there loves you because I was guided to meet you Saturday. I never lose my way, but fate had me lost and ask you for directions. The rest of the story I hope will be a wonderful new life for you." God bless this wonderful man and this lucky woman.

Human is greedy and ungrateful by nature. I am expecting to pay tax for the last 2 toys that I ordered. To my pleasure, 1 arrived today. I was lucky that I did not need to pay tax. Whoever handled it mistook the postage fee for the value declared and hence it did not need to go through custome. Unfortunately, the other one got stuck in the custom. Sigh.. That means I will definitely need to pay tax for that. Seriously, I should be grateful for paying one instead of 2.. Plus the fact that the one which is stuck is actually the cheaper one.. But oh well, pardon me... I feel emo.. Why can't be both evade the tax T_T I will post about these latest toys tomorrow perhaps hehe...

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