Thursday, August 9, 2012


Nah I am not referring to medicines but to a restaurant at B2 of Orchard Central. Medz is a Marche-style restaurant which serves Mediterranean cuisine. It was quite an eye-opening experience to me. I never know that France, Greek, Spain and Italy are considered Mediterranean too. I always regard them as European countries. Haha.. I just learn that by definition, Mediterranian countries are those surrounding Mediterranean Sea.

Anyway, I skipped the "Western" food and was more interested in the exotic Mediterranean food. Among these, I am only familiar with Kebab and Paella. I often eat Doner Kebab since I was pretty young haha.. and I know about Paella thanks to Restaurant City game on facebook. So yeah, games can be educational too. A few new food that I learn today are Tajine (Morrocan stew), Confiture (not a food but a condiment), and Patatas Bravas (as the name suggests, a potato dish which unfortunately was out of stock).

In the end I settled for Iskender Kebab Beef with Lamb. I expected something like Doner Kebab (meat wrapped with breadk) but I was wrong. I was pretty disappointed when it turned out to be something like a meat hotplate with yoghurt and tomato sauce. However, the size was surprisingly huge for mere $14.90. I knew I would have difficulty finishing it but since it was lunch time, I needed carbs so I ordered Bulgur Rice which despite the fanciful name it just means Tomato Rice. Lol.This rice was pretty ridiculous! $4 for one small bowl. Ouch.

Iskander Kebab Beef with Lamb for $14.90. And that tomato was nice and crunchy!
The overpriced $4 Bulgur Rice. The angle of the photo made it seem that it was as big as the hotplate.
My surprise did not end there. As there were 2 types of meat, I actually could not tell the difference between beef and lamb. I thought lamb would be the softer one. I was wrong. The "soft" thing was actually diced pita bread! So the actual meal was actually beef and lamb cooked on tomato sauce and then poured over a layer of diced pita bread on a hotplate. Like that I actually had a serving of carbs liao. Haha...

Overall the meal was great and at a great price. I spent $20.20 in total and I did not even need dinner because I am still full up to now as I am typing this. The serving size definitely beats Marche hands down! My friends and I made a mistake by ordering 1 dish each when each dish can comfortably fill 2 stomachs. Haha.. I don't normally take picture and blog about food except for exotic, extraordinary, and nice food like this. Too good to be missed and forgotten :p

After lunch, we went to Starbucks to enjoy the get 1 tall drink with any purchase. I actually wanted the flavour which was only for the free purchase :( But since I have tried both the Matcha with Red Bean and Earl Grey Tea with Jelly when they had  buy 1 get 1 free last month (both Venti size too!), I decided to let my friends enjoy the free ones and I ordered the usual boring stuff haha..

Anyway, it was good to be able to catch up with my clique even though we are no longer working in the same place. Frankly, I am quite sick with those people who only go out with their colleagues now and ignore the friends whom they spent 4 years in university together. What a bunch of fakers (not fuckers!).

And Happy National Day, Singapore! Thanks for the public holiday. Now I need to brace myself for the storm and floodtomorrow and on Saturday T_T God please save me...

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