Wednesday, August 22, 2012


People will call me foolish for spending most of my hard-earned money for toys. Last month, I spent quite crazily. And as I thought that things could not be worse, I spent more than the amount I spent for last month within 1 night yesterday. Of course coming to the decision to buy the things was not easy but eventually lust won over me. After all, these are vintage limited edition stuffs. And as I am not into the recent stuff, these vintage things are few last items that I would ever wish to get. After completion, there would be no more to buy even if I have the money.

After making the payment, reality started to sink in. Sigh.. It was a huge amount actually. It was about 2 months of my mother current pay actually o_0 If my parents were to know, I am sure they would slaughter me into pieces. But guess what, I did not feel that bad. In fact, I do not feel any regret or remorse. Perhaps I would regret more if I did not buy. Yea.. call me psychotic..

The fact that I am not feeling any regrets makes the stupid/foolish/idiotic decision actually feels "right". Why do I say so? This time it did not feel like my first ever complaint. At that time, I had regrets like "grrh why could not I shut up my mouth for few seconds?" or "why could not I just scream behind?". Things like that.. The regret made me think that my action was wrong and I should not have done so. Deciding to have embark on a future on a foreign land seems to be a "wise", "good", "brave", or "smart" decision to many. However, who cares about what people say when I myself don't think it was a good decision.. when I always think how my life could be better and happier if I did not make that decision etc...

Bleah.. I sound like defending myself for my impulse shopping haha.. But really no regrets lah haha.. Because alternatively, I cannot think of what better things I could spend my money on LOL.. Ok.. promised, after completing this set, I would stop stop stop.. 2 more figures from the set haha..

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