Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The end is near

Haha no worries. The title is meant to be happy, not emo or depressing. I am counting down to the last 2+ weeks of my training. Hurray!!

I cleared the penultimate hurdle: the viva exam last Friday. I passed! Yay!! Albeit with 74%, one of the lowest. Haha it was embarassing since I made a lot of noise about pay and acted pretty arrogant because of my school qualifications and in the end my score was like that. Lol. Anyway, my warfarin counselling is still quite sucky. I was a bit stressed that I got vitamin K and Potassium mixed up too. Wel, it was almost auto-pilot when saying the things but the examiners knew I was confused when I mention banana as a high vitamin K food. Lol.. I also did not notice anything wrong with Mixtard tds dosing. It is ironic because the other prescription had Mixtard bd. Oh well, stress just clouded my mind I guess. And the Viagra was a 'killer' haha.. I got the take about 30 minutes before sex correct though. But I did not know the limit. Anyway I checked the product insert: it is recommended to take 30-60 minutes before sex and it should not be used more than ONCE daily. Other than that, I had no idea what 1 year old babies eat so I totally skipped the constipated baby question. And I never expect that the effort to verify the minimum age guideline actually pays back! If I never did that assignment, I would definitely unable to answer the metoclopramide/prochlorpherazine use in children.

After half a week break for the viva, it is really difficult to get into the mood of working again. Sigh..

Today I became a laughing stock again. There was a visit by the Chief Pharmacist. So when asked about my opinions, obviously I will tell the truth in the most frank manner. My main concerns are 3: ethical conflicts, customer service vs professionalism and public perspective (or rather, the lack of!). Yes you all can laugh at me. But truthfully, tell me how many times a day that you wish that you can scold, curse, swear, and say the things you want to say to them directly rather than keeping it in your heart and say everything once you are behind? Honestly, how often do you just give in (even though you do not want to) just to avoid getting complaints? Hypocrites! These are all common secrets among us. Even if we don't admit it, everybody knows it.

Yea I am still pissed. If you don't dare to stand up, at least give support to people who stand up for you.. But perhaps that is one main difference between males and females. Males have pride. We do not take and accept shit readily, especially when we are not responsible for the shit (paraphrase: when you are the one deserving the shit). Females, on the other hand, perhaps are more forgiving and can easily let go things. BUT still, you got complain, curse, swear, etc, that shows that something makes you unhappy and you are unhappy because you cannot do anything about your unhappiness!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Azuma Wataru is a fearsome gang leader from Karasumori High School who spends most of his schooldays fighting. Due to lack of credit from his second year, he has the option between attending extra lessons or joining a club activity. Taking a fancy towards a new transfer student who is joining the female rhythmic gymastic team, Wataru decides to join the boys team which is lacking of member to join the team competition. Despite initial friction with the rest of the team, Wataru realises that this is the first time he is truly working hard for something. His presence draws his other gangmates, allowing the team to have enough member to compete.

My opinion:
GAY! I think that is the most common impression when you see the cover: boys dressed in pink doing some gymnastics. Read the title, Tumbling, and one will ask what the heck is tumbling? Reading the synopsis, it becomes obvious that this will be something like Waterboys + Rookies + Gokusen mashed up together. This can mean a good thing if they manage to mix everything well but this also can mean a boring show since it will rehash the themes used elsewhere.

A bit of background info first, tumbling is actually an acrobatic sports discipline. Unlike Waterboys which explore the unusual theme of males doing a female sports, male rhythmic gymnastic is actually something popularised in Japan. One group consists of 6 members and the item involves a bit of dancing and lots of acrobats. The dancing part may be a bit gay. But there is nothing gay about the acrobatic parts with all the backflips (we are talking about consecutive flips here), handstands, forward and back rolls, etc. Heard that the actors preparing at least 6 months to do all this so that is something with amazing because I don't think it can be easily done by normal people.

Story-wise, there is nothing much new. Typical of high school dramas, with all the gang fights (Gokusen, Rookies anyone?), building a sports team with others looking down on you (Waterboys), internal rivalry for team selection (Rookies). The teacher, however, is mostly a supportive sideliner here, rather than joining the students in their fights and personal life etc. And I think some of the plot is a bit weird and out of place. For example is the gay episode, where one guy actually takes a liking to another team member. That was a bit of "huh?" and there is no follow up in further episodes. The arc on Wataru's dad who suddenly appeared and died is also something they can do without.

Overall, nothing is really original to make this stands out from other similarly-themed dorama. I was expecting the final gymnastic showcase to be something breathtaking (Waterboys sequels have up to half an hour routine as the finale). All the flips, and jumps, and throws seem to be promising and exciting. Unfortunately, most of the special movements have been shown in previous episodes and there is nothing much suprising in the end. The attempt to insert some novelty to breakaway from classical/traditional type of routine is also not very successful due to poor choice of songs. Not to mention that it is very short!

My afterthoughts:
It is good to learn something new from watching dorama. And seeing the behind the scenes makes my back hurt! Ouch.. Really no stunt eh?

And don't judge a book by its cover. Still think that this is girly or gay? Haha..

Friday, February 24, 2012


Last year I mentioned about Sexy Zone here. I will share the video clip here. The song and the video clip is so so only. The only thing I want to share is that I like green. In this video, one guy (Nakajima Kento) wears a green vest. And I have a jacket (now it becomes my pajamas) whose green colour is of the same shade like that. Haha o_0 forgive my randomness.

Still on the topic of sexy, does anyone remember the song Sexy Naughty Bitchy sung by Tata Young? I think it was popular in the early 2000s. Happened to see the video clip and the full lyrics. I am amazed with, first, the lyrics. Oh well, my English was perhaps non-existent 10 years ago, except for the sexy naughty bitchy part :p Second, the clothes! Wow.. What is considered sexy naughty bitchy 10 years ago is like nothing nowadays. Nowadays, many video clips are not much different from lingerie advertisement, if you know what I mean.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ooku: The Inner Chambers / The Lady Shogun and Her Men

It is about Ooku or the Inner Chambers which historically is the place where Japanese shogun kept their women. In this movie, there is a terrible disease which only plaques male population and has wiped out the male population to 1/4 of the number of women population. This brings about the gender reversal theme where females take over the traditional roles of males. Females are depicted to do manual labours, mothers become the heads of families, while males became prostitutes whose "seeds" are heavily sought after. The shogun is now a female and Ooku is filled with men instead. They fight and bicker (just like how women bitch), compare their beautiful dresses, etc in order to gain recognition and eventually become the husband of the shogun.

The story is about Mizuno Yunoshin who decided to enter the Ooku to raise to support his poor family. He quickly gains the attention of the caretaker of the Ooku and is groomed to get the attention of the new shogun. Unbeknown to him, the Ooku law states that the man who takes the virginity of the shogun will be sanctioned to death. In essence, he is trapped to become the sacrificial lamb so that another man can become the shogun's husband. The new shogun herself is not familiar with this so she regrets what she has done. In the end, she "kills" Yunoshin, giving him a new name and banishing him so that he can marry his childhood friend.

I think the plot is somehow shallow despite the strong casts. Kou Shibasaki (as the shogun) is the most impressive one. I think she even commands a stronger screen presence than Kazunari Ninomiya (Yunoshin). The reforms she introduces is interesting but it is limited to Ooku "politics" instead of addressing the society at large. I thought the ending is brilliant with her dismissing 50 of the most beautiful men from Ooku because she thinks they have larger chance to succeed and get married in the society which is deprived of males. Instead, she keeps in service those men who may be less likely to succeed. Hiroshi Tamaki and Kuronasuke Sasaki are pretty good as they plot their crafty and cunning plan. I honestly thought they were good guys haha.. Sadao Abe plays a good mentor to Yunoshin too.

Too bad the rest of the strong casts are 'wasted' to play insignificant roles. Maki Horikita is an example. Sigh.. I thought she would play a more important role :( Mitsuko Baisho is always exceptional in depicting mother role, this time as the matriarch, strict but loving. Pretty boys Aoi Nakamura and Tadayashi Okura are unfortunately used to fulfill the "gay appeal" of the show with Aoi Nakamura actually being kissed by Kazunari Ninomiya.

I thought the gay stuff is a bit redundant. Perhaps guys are more horny so they will just fuck one another if there are no girls around? Or is it just a publicity stunt? Anyway it's pretty akward because I don't think girls would actually mess around with one another. I imagine constant bitching and catfights in the real Ooku. Haha..

Nonetheless, it is an interesting movie. It is quite disturbing to see guys doing the household chores, are involved in prostitution, and are treated like sex objects in this movie. It makes me reflect how sexist our society is currently because we are too used seeing women doing all the above.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Last Sunday was pretty memorable to me. After giving the communion, the priest said thank you to me. There was an old uncle at the row in front of me who was walking quite slowly. It pissed me off that the other people on my pew was so inconsiderate. What's the point of rushing? Can't you see that there is someone in the earlier row! Zz.. Since I was the first on my row, I stopped and waited for the uncle first. The priest acknowledged my "good deed" and said thanks. That was touching. You know, he could just ignore me and pretend as if nothing was happening.

Monday was my project presentation. My worst fear came true: my project is considered the least shit among the rest and is chosen for PSS competition. I am so grateful that my teammate volunteered herself to do the final presentation. I am damn bloody pissed with the supervisors. If you want the thing to be done your way, why don't you just make it yourselves instead of making us do the way you want it! Grr.. Honestly I feel that the project is so sucky. With the demanded focus on pharmacy, it is gonna make it even worse as the results show otherwise. Oh well =x I have nothing to lose. If the project in the end wins, I can be proud. If it loses, no harm to me since I am not the one who consider the project as good enough. And since I do not present, I don't "lose face". Haha.. sorry but I am competitive. Since now I have to spend more time doing this shit, this shit better wins or something..

Valentine's Day was on Tuesday. This is embarassing but I admit that I am happy that a girl actually asked me to eat with her. Haha.. Ya I am perhaps the most ungentleman guy in this world. And I think it is gonna be pitiful for the girl who will be my girlfriend or even future wife. Sigh.. that is perhaps the greatest reason for me not wanting to be in any relationship right now. I am still very selfish, self-centred, and egoistical. Like that I would end up hurting the girl. Grrah.. This is a dillema actually.. I have someone on my mind.. If I wait wait wait and end up she is taken by someone else... oh well, perhaps I am not fated to be with her =x

And today I had fun experiencing XBOX Kinect. Hoho.. Although it was a bit embarassing and stupid to dance (I can't dance for goodness sake), I had a great time. But did not have the time to try sports games on Kinect sia..

Friday, February 10, 2012


I am glad that my current workplace is offering me a place after the training is over. I have not given any answer as the contract is not out yet. I want to know about the pay first. To be honest, I am very confused, worried, and scared. One friend asked about the pay and it looks like this organisation will be quite cheapo in terms of pay. I shall not comment before I know how much I will be offered and see how I will fight from then.

Anyway, assuming that the pay is low, I don't know whether I should stay or I should move elsewhere. I feel very restricted now. I really cannot tahan being treated badly by people who are rude, uneducated, dumb, cannot speak English, etc etc. Today I almost lost my temper to one woman. It seems that lately I am getting very sensitive when someone spoke to me in Mandarin. I just lost it when people demanded. Seriously W.H.O T.H.E F.U.C.K do you think you are? I almost told off the bitch "No. Sorry I don't understand mandarin. If you want to talk to me, you speak English". To be honest, I hate this line. It is not that I am not compassionate. These people are just.. fill in whatever expletives you can think of here... I don't think my passion is here. I prefer teaching :(

Here comes the next confusion. If I really want to teach that badly, I cannot escape from higher studies. Either I go to academia/research pathway or I stay on and hope to do master. The problem is I hate research. Sigh.. Both paths involve research which I think is just a waste of time.. a futile effort to make rubbish, non-sensical data/evidence into something believable. Considering how I hate patient contact so much, doing master also becomes a turn off. 

Staying on is actually a viable option if I wanna get funding for further studies. Yea I know it's gonna be tough to work+study at the same time and it will be a waste of time to "pay" back the few years bonds. Not to mention the necessary few years of experience before doing masters. But what if the pay offer is so bad? Retail becomes very appealing: better pay, more independence at work, etc. But less opportunity :(

Sad.. What a fate being a ma fan guy :( I am emo.. People always have the choice between the good vs bad, the good vs evil, the angel vs devil. Why do my choices only involve the evil and the lesser evil or the bad vs the lesser badness??

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


The debate regarding church attire has reached new level: public media. It went into STOMP and My Paper yesterday. I am not too sure about other media. It will be exciting to see what the priests have got to say regarding this matter in the coming weekend.

This time, I find the whole incident to be extremely shocking and disturbing. A woman wearing samfoo (a traditional Chinese attire, the sibling of cheongsam :p) was reprimanded. The issue was the pants being about 2 inches above the ankles. Tell me what is so inappropriate about that! Sigh.. The horror does not end there. Her husband asked the parish priest about this. The reply was reported as: there is no question of modesty or immodesty, we say it is appropriate for pants to be full length.

The other side of the story is actually this parish has been announcing the supposed "dress code" for about 1 year. So some parishioners are not too happy about this being reported with the parish name being published too.

I find this DISGUSTING. I don't really understand what the fuck is wrong with these people. I agree that bikinis, singlets, mini skirts, hot pants may be too revealing. But if flesh is the issue, that means women night gown or dress may be deemeed inappropriate too? After all, some may be baring the shoulders. But what is wrong with open-toed shoes, bermudas (below knee length)? The day they ban me from wearing these will be the day I stop going to church. Neither Jesus nor Pope has ever come out with a decree on what are deemed acceptable or not as attire for mass. These hypocrites are just ruining the church.. and ruining the others too. Imagine you scold someone for wearing sunglasses because the person just had eye procedures.. or you scold someone for wearing hat/cap because the person is dropping hair due to chemo. Sigh.. I am sure you hypocrites also gossip, bitch, lie, cheat, steal, masturbate, watch porn, think dirty, scold vulgarities, etc daily. Going to church and dressing nice do not make you holier than the rest of us. Please do not judge people from the dress :(

Ok I apologise. I, too, may be a bit biased about bikinis, singlets, mini skirts etc. But for me, I will respect whatever people want to wear.

Well, whatever people say, Jesus is the Way, the Truth, the Life. The Catholic Church (or any Church, or any religion) is NOT the way, the truth, the life. So I don't think there is an issue with leaving the church as long as I believe in Jesus right? 

God, I pray for you to purify and safe your Church and your people from current Satan's work to sow discord among us.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Hits

I don't mean "the hits" as the opposite of "near misses" of my previous pot. I am referring to a very funny variety show in Indonesia. Unfortunately, the show is no more. I came across to the video clips from youtube. They actually make parodies of pop-songs videos. What amazes me is the effort to put up a decent job, especially in terms of the vocals because the singers can actually sing. They also try to resemble the original video clips and the singer's make-up/appearance as closely as possible. The lyrics, most of the time, are plain lame, stupid, corny, but hilarious. I honestly cannot stop laughing and laughing to the point of having a bit of stomach ache. Lol, still no 6 packs from all the LOL though.

I am gonna share some of the ones I find really really hilarious. Too bad for the English-speaking readers as these are in Indonesians. And too bad that the audio does not synch well with the video. Oh wells.

This is the first song which introduced me to the whole lots of parodies from the show. This song is parodied to be about white spot. Lol. The highlight is in the middle of the song where the girl is saying "My skin is very very fair. But people don't know that this is actually whole-body white spot". I think the tune of the song is actually quite soothing.

The famous line is rhymed as "I don't shower.. I don't shower.. I stink". This is damn hilarious because the whole lyrics actually tell a story which makes sense. Lol.

I was impressed with the English words included.

The actual song is titled Playboy. It is parodied to Playback. I don't know the original girlband. But from the comments apparently people agree with the parody and take it as a perfect mockery of the girlband who cannot sing and always lip-synch-es on "live" performances.

How the heck he sounds and looks so similar to Justin Bieber? Haha.. Perfect parody eh..

I find the song is quite nice to hear. This is my favourite because the parody is complete opposite of the actual song. The actual song is about this girl falls in love with this hot guy. The parody is about the girl getting the biggest shock in her life with this uber ugly guy. Lol.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Near miss

On Friday, I nearly contributed to a dispensing error if my colleague did not intercept. I sent out a basket containing atenolol + bisoprolol. There was an instruction that medicine was from TTSH and I also could not be bothered to check. Thank God a pharmacist happened to dispense that one. Otherwise, I wonder whether an error would really happen. Sigh.. When my friend pointed to me, I thought I stick labels wrongly. Only after a moment, I was "oh shit, 2 beta blockers". Oh noo... Viva and competency exam are coming.. How am I gonna survive :(

Lessons I learnt:
1. Do not go work when not 100% fit (I was still recovering from stomach flu.. Too bad only 1 day of MC was given. Sigh)
2. Do not be lazy to check CPRS, especially if patient was from other hospitals. To be honest, I was getting complacent to check. I thought when the dispenser is giving the medicines to the patient, the patient would realise any problem. WRONG WRONG WRONG! Bleah.. Better not to have this stupid wrong mentality. When there is transcribing of record, there is 90% chance mistake. For this case, the doctor did not even realise that both atenolol and bisoprolol were copied and pasted. Gosh!

This just highlights that pharmacy should not be equated to McDonalds'. Last PSS session was horrifying when he expected that we could meet publics expectations. When one shot back, "But healthcare IS different from McD", he shot back. "It is always YOU (refering to people in healthcare) thinking that yourselves are different".

I posted this on my fb: 
"It's amazing how anybody would expect pharmacy's waiting time to McD's. Firstly, people don't buy MONTHS and MONTHS worth of McD meals at 1 go. Secondly, if I order a cheeseburger and I get a Big Mac, I will go home fat and happy. But if I order 50mg atenolol and I get 100mg atenolol, I will go to A&E, and I will definitely send complaint letters to MP, newspaper, stomp, etc. Please, healthcare is not fast food. They are different. One is for the ill, the other one is for those who wanna fall ill"

I am glad I got 30 likes. I am glad that many agree with me. Well my point is not saying that healthcare being special or something. It is just that we are dealing with life and we are expected to have 0% error, which is very very difficult. Anyway I believe in 3 golden rules of service: Cheap and Good won't be Fast, Good and Fast won't be Cheap, Cheap and Fast won't be Good. Anyway, if our service is really that bad and people can't stop complaining, they can always go elsewhere you know. It is free market. If you want cheap and good, then come public establishment. If you want good and fast, then you go private hospitals but be ready to pay. If you want cheap and fast (and hassle-free), JB is there for a reason. If you want all three, please go and die, you won't find something like that in this world.

Of course, there are some of my friends who disagree with me (oh yeah! you are on the right track to be those stupid people on top!). I am amazed that after almost 9 months on the ground, you are still delusional to think that there is a thing called "best counselling" in order to make people appreciate us. Come on! Open your eyes big big! Those who appreciate us, will always appreciate us because they know what we do. Those who do not appreciate us, they will never will because they don't know what we do. And by spending more time talking with them, that's not gonna make your counselling "better". And oh please, how on earth you gonna make a "Take this 1 tablet 3 times a day with food. It will make you drowsy" better or even best?

And to the people on top, please do not forget where you come from? I am sure you were once at our stage with all this shit circumstances. Have you done anything to make our circumstances better? Otherwise, you have no right to point fingers at us. We are already at our maximum. I don't know in other places but in my place, the longest waiting time is always due to interventions. And to be honest, cannot blame the doctors completely too, they also have patients on hand, so waiting is unavoidable. 

Oh and the almight CEO thinks automation will solve all the problems. I had experience with machines and guess what, it will only pack faster. At most it cuts down 10 minutes? Does the machine check for prescription requirements? Drug interactions? Doses? Does the machine top up and clean itself? No, no, no, no.. With so many human involvement, waiting time is unavoidable. And if anything goes wrong, will you blame the machines? No, you will blame us again..

And for people still comparing us to fast food, I just have something for you think about: Imagine if all customers in McDonalds want to buy months worth of meals at one go. Yes thousands of burgers, of fries, of drinks, of desserts. And for one meal, people don't only eat 1 burger you know (well people can take 10 tablets three times a day). Tell me whether McDonalds still can give you what you want in 5 minutes? Hoho.. Even for a delivery of 25 people, it can make errors. I am sure you all have experienced it. Nuff said! Don't compare.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Proposal Daisakusen + SP

Iwase Ken and Yoshida Rei are childhood friends who falls in love with each other. Unfortunately, neither is being honest. Rei is about to get married to another man. As the slides showing various photos from their older times together, Ken is hit with great sense of regret and disappointment. A fairy suddenly appeared and took pity of Ken. He gave Ken a chance to re-visit his past for a second chance to capture the heart of the girl he loves.

The SP took place 1 year after the TV series. Ken and friends are in Hawaii to for Tsuru and Eri's wedding. At the last minute, Eri disappears because she feels that Tsuru is growing distant for the past few months. The Fairy suddenly appeared to let Ken travel back to the past one more time to help his friends' marriage... as well as to fix his relationship with Rei and her parents.

My opinion:
The English title is "Operation Love" which I think is very cute and unique. To be honest, I was bored for the first few episodes. The same scenario keeps being repeated with Ken promising to declare his love (before travelling to the past), Ken failing to declare his love (while in the past), Ken noticing only slight changes in the present (when returning to the present), and there you go. It was only mid-way when changes (from what Ken did while travelling to past) are felt in the present, that things start to get interesting. It is a good plot that Mikio (Ken's friend) actually realised that Ken could travel to the past. And it can become confusing when both present and past Mikio could actually help Ken in his "mission". The usual "rule" for time travel stories is not to let anybody know that you come from the past or future or else it will result in the present being messed up. And this "rule" is not followed here.

The end may be cliche/boring as it involves the bride running away on the wedding day. However, I guess there is no other choice. After all, Ken decides to change the present rather than changing the past. Although it results in the same old endings, it is a good message for many of us: do not dwell in the past, live in the present and change your future. Do not wait until tomorrow what you can do today.

One thing I find lame is that as the episode progresses, Yamapi's acting for the "Hallelujah Chance!" and for the parts where he is blinded by the spotlight as the fairy appears feel less and less sincere. Looks like the jokes are getting old.

The SP is surprisingly good too! Initially, my thought was "What The Hell!". How come the focus of the story is not the main couple? But again, it is a good plot that Ken somehow is able to solve his own problem through helping his friend's problem. One thing I am disappointed is that it does not end with Ken and Rei's wedding. Aaauu... Oh ya, I was expecting something between Tada-sensei and his childhood friend. What is the point of introducing "her" character if eventually nothing is built up on that? Nah nah..

One more praise for the storywriter is about the absence of antagonist characters here. Even the love rivalry is not as typical of other love stories with jealousy, stab-in-the-back, lies, or dirty tricks. It shows that you can still write a good story with all good characters. Thumbs up for that. The actors are also belivable. Their personality also matures as they progress from high school students, university students, and ultimately working adults. It is of course heartening to see that when they are together, they can always act as if they are still high school students. And that's what friendship is all about, there is no need to be fake.

My afterthoughts:
As much as I am frustrated with Ken from watching this, I thought I am no different from him. I find it very hard to tell someone that I like her. At this rate, how am I ever gonna get a girlfriend? :( I really admire couples, you know. I guess it is not easy to be honest with each other, especially at the beginning. Sigh.. I am still not ready with possible changes that come along with changes from being friends to being a couple. Rrraaah!

I still to learn how to let go of the past and try to change the future by changing the present. Sigh.. Sometimes I still wish that I can still travel to the past, to do things differently, although I wonder what things I would change.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wrong time

Everytime I am tired and bored about work, I always wish how I would be "sick" and get an MC. I got my wish this time. Unfortunately I am really really sick :( And it sucks :( Having fever was bad. Before visiting doctor, I still thought that it was not a fever but the weather. Lo and behold, 38.7 deg C. 

What's can make viral infection worse? The infection is on the GI tract :( Yes I rather having runny nose blocked nose than GI discomfort. For the whole day, I felt like vomitting and lao sai-ing. Nothing came out from either way. Some of my colleagues were telling me that it was likely to be stomach flu. I was crossing my finger and hoping NOO! I had one episode 5 years ago and it was terrible. Everytime I tried to eat something, I would straight away vomit and have diarrhea. Unfortunately, this time is also stomach flu, but it is still in early stage.

Sadly, I only have 1 day MC. How I wish I have 2 days :( And actually today is a bad day to get MC. This evening, I should have a free Swedish buffet at Arab Street. Sigh :( Meatballs, steak, pasta, etc :( I am very very sad. There is nothing much I can do with my condition, even if I force myself to go, I would most likely feel sick and like vomitting. Urrgh! Another reason that today is a wrong day for MC is that I already paid $3 for lunch at work. What a waste! And I wish the MC is tomorrow because tomorrow I have a dental appointment. I am planning to take 1 hour off =x If the MC tomorrow, I can save that 1 hour!

Anyway, yesterday I was lucky to have a nice and kind doctor. Perhaps it was almost closing time and there was nobody else that he could spend more time with me. He actually listened to my tummy for sounds, and pressed here and there for possible appendicitis or hernia I guess? Even measured my BP. "Bo chup" doctor could have straight away deduced stomach flu and asked me to get out from the symptoms alone, I guess. The last time I went to see a polyclinic doctor for gastric pain which caused me unable to sleep the night before, he hardly did any of these physical examination wor! Kns! 

I told him that I felt feverish but was not sure it was really fever. As he was turning my head to get to my ear (for thermometer), he said that even by touching the face/head, it was obvious that it was a fever. And this doctor is smart too. No antibiotic was given. The doctor I saw 5 years ago told me it was viral infection but gave me antibiotic. What is the logic? Haha.. And this doctor gave me the option whether I wanted something to stop the "diarrhea". Well, I only lao sai-ed once so theoretically, it is not considered diarrhea. To reduce medical cost, of course I said no.

Oh ya, I was given Lacteol Forte. I thought it would taste and look like an orange juice. I was totally wrong. It looked pretty disgusting. As I was pouring the sachet to a glass of water, some of the powder initially clumped. Since the colour is brownish, it looks really like the thing that comes out when you have diarrhea. Haha.. Ok just imagine, it's gross LOL

Ok I better rest today.. Still emo over the missed buffet :(