Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last day of 2011

Last day of 2011.. I feel that this is the longest year in my life. FYP, graduation, end of school, and beginning of worklife all happened in a year. Fiuh.. Still, overall I am glad and thankful for 2011. I feel that God is always with me and everything runs pretty smootly, except for the last few weeks of December of course.

I am at home now for a short break. My break is gonna end tomorrow so I am not particularly excited about the change of the year. Haiz.. Anyways, I had a haircut in Indonesia which turned out pretty good. The hairdresser managed to somehow spiked my hair. Wow.. Perhaps I need to find guys to do my hair, especially guys who usually do their own hair. It felt quite akward at first. A friend of mine said the hair looked like Tintin's. So no need a picture to show you how it looked like haha.. The saloon just opened recently so it was quite cheap. Rp 39000,- for a nice haircut and that made me happy.

My manga colllection finally slows down. A few titles ended, the ongoing ones are coming out quite slowly, and there are NO new titles to buy. And I am feeling quite happy about it because my cupboard is running out of space. 

My main activity for this break is Harry Potter movie marathon. I re-watched from the first one :) I decided to buy the VCD of the 5th and 6th. Too bad that I am running out of time to watch the final two so I have yet to buy the VCD. So why not DVD? I am actually planning to get the DVD set of the series provided that there are ample bonuses. Over here, the bonus is just some additional scenes. I am hoping that in Singapore, there are more bonuses like journey behind the film making, tour of Hogwarts or something like that.

Talking about Harry Potter, I purchased a terribly poor fake of Cedric Diggory's wand. Sigh. I saw the advertisement from Cinemags which previously always gave good bonuses for Harry Potter editions. Rp 100000 each or more or less the same as what eBay is selling, only that the China products sold on eBay are much better. I bought Cedric's (which is not even available on eBay) and Sirius' (whose design is my favourite). I discovered that I had Snape's wand from previous Cinemags. I don't think I have that one from eBay so I shall check my collection in Singapore and get one from eBay if I don't have. Heh..

Today I had another family photoshoot. To be honest, I am not happy about it. I was very very angry. Firstly, I was not told that only 3 sets of clothes were allowed. My sisters kept telling me that I could take as many shoots as I want as long as in the end, all of us did not exceed 10 shots for printing. I was only told about the 3 sets thingy at the place. I WAS FURIOUS! I wanted the white suit and white pants which obviously my ancient parents would disagree. I thought I would wear that for my solo shoot so I exploded when I heard about the 3 sets of clothes thingy. Fuck.. I hate liars.. And I hate my old-fashioned parents. Ok, I have no issue with being old-fashioned. My issue is regarding them forcing their old-fashioned styles to me. Fuck! Everybody can only think of white, black, and red for formal photoshoot. So why do we have to follow the other people? Sigh.. And they should know that they are all so fat, much fatter than me, that white top for casual shoot is a big NO NO! I was also initially told that the choosing of the photos can be done until March when I will be going home again. And today I was told NO. I don't think even FUCK can express my anger. What's the point of taking photo and wasting my time if I cannot even see the end products? Tell me whether it is right for me to feel very very angry about all of this.

What a "fuck"tastic way to end 2011 seriously... Happy new year.. Although I don't see anything happy from welcoming the year in which the world is supposed to end. Yay!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Awful things..

Life is like a wheel, sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down. Even though this saying is cliche, I believe that this is a fact of life. Looks like my "up" time is up :( Good time only lasts for few months and the year ends with bad things.

Firstly, I was so "lucky" to be trapped in the MRT during the massive breakdown yesterday. My train was on its way from City Hall to Dhoby Ghaut. At about 645pm, a few of the lights went out, a sign of trouble. After that, the train slowed down.. came to a stop.. more light went out.. and the aircon was down. Thank goodness the air ventilation was still working. SMRT did a very bad job. We heard nothing after 10 minutes, only having the driver walking from one end to the other end of the train. I decided to sit down on the floor (the couple opposite me already sat on the floor before me) because I just came back from blood donation. I am glad that I did not faint! To be honest, I was a bit scared of dying at that time but I was prepared. Only after 45 minutes that they decided to open the emergency exit and let us walk on the track towards Dhoby Ghaut. Sounds good! As we were all standing, more light went out and the air vent stopped giving any noise. Holy shit! That was really making more people anxious and worried to death. Seriously if there were any terrorist attack, we would all die there due to the lousy management. Seriously a big WTF! They did not even open the doors for ventilation. The reason given was due to safety concern. Wonderful! For our safety, we will be suffocated to our death??!! 

Anyway below are some pictures to proof that I was indeed inside (taken with my camera). Haha.. I was too paiseh to ask anybody ask my own picture in this kind of situation ba.

This is how MRT tunnel looks like
There's a light at the end of every tunnel!! From Dhoby Ghaut in this place

On the bright side, I think this is a memorable experience for me. Perhaps the most memorable one in my 9 years here. Lol.. When else could I see this underground tunnel! Haha.. Lucky I am not a fan of horror/thriller movies with zombies running amok killing people in underground train. So I was not very scared. This only reminded me to Harry Potter in search of Chamber of Secrets lol.. On the flip side, I imagine what if the breakown occurred at the parts where the track is above the ground. Will they expect the passenger to walk open air? Wow.. Imagine there is thunderstorm, that is really horror.. Stay and die inside.. or go out and die too. Reminds me of Kaiji movie.. Lol..
Anyway, I have to applaud Singaporeans to remain calm and not panicky despite the crazy situation. Well, most of them! There were some unreasonable ones like trying to cut queue while the rest slowly and quietly waited for their turn to exit. Some were still complaining about compensation! Gosh.. you were still thinking about your $1++ instead of your life in this kind of circumstances? That clearly showed how much you value your life. Of course the worst people are those making noise IN the station. Jeez... Count yourself lucky that you were not trapped underground, did not faint or did not brush aside with death!

Okay enough about the MRT thingy. After that, I had another bad thing with regards to bank. In the afternoon, I tried to buy something using Mastercard but the card was declined. I tried to withdraw money at Plaza Singapura but transaction failed (which I believe was because the ATM could not dispense any money). Due to the long queue, I decided to withdraw elsewhere, Takashimaya in this case. The card came out so fast that I thought my card was really having problems. After I left the ATM, the girl behind me chased after me to inform that I did not collect my money o_0 Gosh!! By the time I was back at the ATM, the money was already retained. It was only $100 but still it was significant. Wew.. gotta call the bank etc and thank God today everything was settled. Fiuh.. However, I really can't understand why the bank cannot tell when the money is retained.. Lets say someone really forgets to take the money and noone else behind that person, that someone will really lose money leh!

Next issue is regarding my rental. I am moving out this Sunday. I was extremely pissed and angry that the owners expected me to handover the key as I was moving out. WTF! I am paying rental until the end of the month so by right, it is MY right to decide when I want to handover. I even had to resort to saying things which I hate to say: "I am paying my rental until the end of the month you know.". It is her problem if she cannot follow my demand at this time. I am not gonna let bullying continue. I am not gonna let the movers wait downstairs while I settle this handover thing. I want the handover to be done in different timing. I somehow find this is their dirty trick to make sure that I follow whatever they demand (cutting my deposit for donkey reasons) because I am in a hurry and the mover is waiting. NO WAY MAN! I am prepared for an all out war this Sunday to get my full deposit.

Today I visited my new room and I somehow felt cheated again. Sigh.. I don't for sure whether really there is a leakage that they blocked the little extension in my room. That made my room tinier :( I am not happy sigh.. Cannot even open the window or the curtain.. And the worst thing is that I find that the room is quite dark! Sigh.. If really there is no ceiling light, I am gonna ask to change room sia..

To top it all, I did not get the bonus I was expecting. And I am preparing to bring up this issue. If the others are not supportive then never mind, I will just fight for myself and will not tell them about the outcome.. Haiz.. Sucks to be with these people with no balls. Just wanna maintain "good image" and be bullied. Oh please.. The bonus is our right!! Or maybe they are just too rich not to care about an amount perhaps close to $1000.

Oh God.. Please.. Enough of these :'(

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


It looks like the sure way for me to go heaven is to quit my current job. I just had my confession yesterday and today I sinned again. So much for the "promise not to sin again". People are being unreasonable and it is just impossible not to feel irritated, angry, and cursed them in return. At this rate, I believe I will go hell earlier than these people.

Anyway, I just would like to share Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You 2011 version. Mariah is singing is with Justin Bieber. I am quite surprised that Justin Bieber sounded pretty good despite all the haters haha.. However, I still think that this version is butchered. Justin's voice is just too "far" in range from Mariah's. His constipated look, especially at the parts sung together with Mariah, shows that the key is just too high for him. Mariah looks much younger here and she sounds like in her original version. They should have somehow made a new version of this. The current version is more like Justin Bieber singing karaoke to Mariah's song.

And I wonder how much Nintendo pays for 3DS to be advertised here haha..

Monday, December 12, 2011

Apple of the eye?

I have been watching movies for the past 5 weeks: The Three Musketeers, Tintin, Kaiji 2, Immortals, New Year's Eve, and the latest being You Are The Apple Of My Eye. I actually would not watch anymore if not for the 3 $6 movie vouchers which I got on Friday. I know that You Are The Apple Of My Eye has good reviews but to be frank, I am just not very interested in Chinese movies. Not to mention that since it is already more than 2 weeks old, it is shown in smaller cinema halls which I hate. To my great surprise, I watched it for free!! Haha.. I did not expect the price to be $6. Lol.. So I still have 2 more vouchers to go.. I wonder whether I should go watch Twilight and Muppets hehe..

Anyway, despite the good reviews, I find You Are The Apple Of My Eye is somewhat boring, especially during the first half. A bit overloaded with sex-related jokes and the main guy being half naked for many times. And what I mean by half naked is not naked on top half and clothed on the bottom half. The half naked here means naked from behind (yeah the guy was fully naked but only shown from the back side). Some of the "funny moments" were mostly about some pun involving vulgarities in Mandarin words. Since my Mandarin sucks, I did not quite get the jokes. But the story is very sweet :D And out of all the movies I mentioned above, only this one has a nice ending which made me left the cinema feeling satisfied. Ok perhaps minus the guy-guy kiss in the end which I thought was o_0 It does not have to go to that extend to make the movie 'controversial' to sell it or something.

It looks like my good lucky days are over. As the year is coming to an end, I feel that problems start to be-set me. Firstly, I heard that some people from my class (unfortunately I don't know who are these people are) who spread rumours that I am gay. I know we are all at the age at which we should think about having relationship and getting married whatsoever. However, just because I am not publicly airing my desperation of being single in front of the world like some of you are, that does not mean I am not interested in girls or gay. For one thing, I have more life outside pharmacy. Too bad for some of you whose life only revolves around school and that you have to find your other half from your classmates. That is PATHETIC. My circle is larger than that. And too be frank, why should I be interested in the girls from my class if they are mostly (xxxxxx -> insert any bad adjectives here). Too bad, I don't know. But I assume if the source is a guy, this comes from jealousy. Too bad that you guys spent your last 4 years sticking your dicks to fellow guys' assholes. I know many of you are jealous that I have access to 8 eligible girls in my clique. Perhaps you just suck in front of girls and hence are jealous with how well I get along with girls. If the source is a girl, then too bad that I have my own standard, I am not interested in bitches/sluts/whores, too stupid, or too nerdy like how most of you are. Not that because I am a guy that I am interested to any boobs and pussy. So sorry that I am not interested in any of you. Hoho..

Another reason on why I am not interested in "eye-ing" girls is because I have someone on my mind. It has been 5 years. But I have no confidence.. Yesterday I had discussion with my clique friends (all girls) and I came into the conclusion that I will never ever have a girlfriend. I think girls deserve better guys. It seems that all girls love romantic stuff, something which I cannot provide. And girls' definition of love is that you feel that you are happy only with that one person, will fear losing that person, only wanna be with that person etc. Bleah bleah bleah.. Perhaps I am too selfish and self-centred.. Anyway, I have to admit that the longer I stay single, the more difficult for me to be in a relationship because I will just grow more and more selfish =x Sad but true..

Enough about the rumours, I had another emo-ness today. I always thought my dental appointment date to be today. When I checked my appointment card (I was already on the train), I was shocked when it was written as 9/12 i.e last friday! Fuck! My dentist is already away for holiday. And the next slot I can secure is only in Feb! Fuck! That means I will be seeing him in THREE freaking MONTHS ever since the previous appointment.. Gosh! I wanna quickly take off this metal prison!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Black Cat

I finally finished watching Black Cat anime. I don't know why I only have 23 episodes while wikipedia states that the anime consists of 24 episodes. Oh well.. Anyway I can't remember the manga so I can't really compare. However, I certainly enjoy the story. I don't think the manga has the detailed story about Train and Saya so the anime is pretty good on this. I teared a bit on certain parts. I love the emo song always sung by Saya and I love the crazy music played by Creed. 

On the downside, I think the battles are disappointing and it slaughters the story which I think is pretty good. I can tell that they are lazy to think of battle scenes and create animation on them. The ending is somewhat disappointing. I thought Creed would be the final boss. So it was quite surprising to see him as a decoy. There is a more sinister plot which is done in mere 3-4 episodes. It is a nice attempt to try gathering everyone for the final fight but it is quite pointless since in the end, there is no nice action scenes for the final battle. Even up to the ending, it is not clear whether the enemies are killed and killed by who etc. Oh I almost forget that the comedy parts are a bit o_0 rather than funny.. And even though it is obvious that Kyoko serves as comic relief, she comes across as irritating rather than funny.

So yeah I have no idea what the producers are thinking when making this anime. Usually anime will 'boost' the action from the manga instead of toning down and making it dull like this.. Oh well...

Below are some pictures from DVD covers. I think they are quite lovely because they display almost all characters.
The Sweepers
Chrono Numbers
Apostles of the Star/Hoshi no Shito
Looks like the cover for the final DVD eh?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rich people.. Poor people..

I gotta move place again because my contract is ending. The owner is gonna rent the room to her niece who will be coming back from UK. Initially I felt very sian. Haiz.. I planned to suan her that I only wanna rent for 3-4 more months until the end of my pre-reg. I don't want to stay any longer because it is too noisy here. Well, I am fed up but I have limited choice as I am going home from the 22nd Dec to 2 Jan. Thus preferably I don't want to be so busy with finding new place and moving for the holidays.. Oh well..

I don't wanna tell long stories but I am just glad and relieved that I have found a new place. Yup I just got it. Yes I am sore that I gotta forgo close to $350 because I am moving out in the middle of December. The new place is $20 more expensive that what I am paying now. But the room is bigger, there is internet, there is laundry, and there is neighbouring room so noise should not be a problem. And the most important thing is IT IS ON A LANDED PROPERTY. Yihaaa!!! My internet mobile plan is a waste now :( And since it is farther from my workplace, I will spend more on transport too. So in total, my new place will cost me about $100 more monthly than now T_T

I only met the lady owner and I think she is lovely. She makes me realised how shitty the people at my place now. I guess that is a huge difference between rich and poor people. Rich people don't count cents and dollars. The new owner is not even discussing about the rental fee. That is why I also do not make a lot of noise about the rental fee even though yesterday it was advertised as $650 and today as $700. It is just a bit of difference and is definitely worth more than the peace of mind and happiness that I get.

In addtion, she lets me choose what thing that I wanna put inside my room (I can even put 2 cupboards! Lol.. but for what.. Haha.. But I will take 2 desks and the huge cabinet to display my items hehe... Time to get more toys :D). She offers me pillow and bolster and bedsheet if I don't have. And she never even comes out with "Inventory List" to list out what items I would be given. So different with the people I am staying now. Even stupid things like mattress protector, bedsheet, curtains, also want to write down. As if I am gonna steal these items.. Zz.. And the new owners are Catholic too!! Hehe.. The Church of Holy Spirit is just across the main road.. It is even nearer than from my place to Risen Christ.. It seems that I am staying nearer to God's House. It is just a matter of time before I am together with Him in His House. Hehe..

I hope the uncle will be as nice too.. And I hope there is no noise problem this time. I am just feeling relieved now that I have found a new place.. Just need to find a mover and I can enjoy shopping while waiting for Christmas ^^

Oh ya.. not to mention that the agent is nice too!! This is the first agent who was actually EARLY for the appointment! He was not pushy too.. Interestingly, he brought another auntie along. Basically both of them are very nice. I did not bring cash or passport since I didn't expect that the place would be THAT good to immediately take. They accompanied me to Thomson Plaza to withdraw money. And the best thing is: NO GST AND NO STAMP FEE!

So now I know nice and bad house owners and agents. Thank God for the hidden blessings to let me out of the clutch of the current evil houseowners.