Saturday, July 23, 2011


I used to wonder my senior hardly blogged since she left school but now I know why. Working life is boring!! It has been only 6 weeks and I already find it boring and monotonous. Hours pass by, days pass by, weeks pass by and they are just repeat of the previous ones and will be the same as the next ones. To be honest, I have nothing much to share and hence I blog less too! 

Lets start with the "old" news first. I watched the last of Harry Potter movie last Friday. I anticipated it eagerly especially because of the ravenous ratings given by critics. And we know well how terrible the previous movies were and how bad the fare off in the reviews. Thus I was hoping for something big this time around! Not to mention that the trailer looked epic too!! UNFORTUNATELY, it is another huge disappointment! It is not as bad as the previous ones but it is still below expectation! I was expecting more action perhaps something that would be comparable to the finale of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. J.K Rowling writing is fantastic enough to produce something epic but too bad the director sucks! The battle/fight/action was booboo. I was expecting a great battle to show how people die. I was expecting a great duel of  Voldemort vs McGonagall/Kingsley/Slughorn and Bellatrix vs Ginny/Luna/Hermione and then with Molly Weasley. What I got was CG action of giants vs stone warriors  -__-". The battle just "ended" and Harry saw the dead people already dead. No Bellatrix fight with Ginny/Luna/Hermione. And her fight with Molly was anti-climatic. Sigh.. I think the short fight between McGonagall and Snape was the best.. and followed by how McGonagall used her magic to defend the castle. It also did not feel like a "Battle of Hogwarts" because Professor Sprout (Hufflepuff's Head of House) was not even there to cast magic in defence of the castle! And the teachers hardly fought the Death Eaters.. Really lame shit.. I guess the very first movie is still the BEST out of the whole series. It is really wasted!! Aaargh!! J.K Rowling you wrote such great books but why you let the directors butcher them in the movies!! And you are one of the producers too T_T

On Thursday, I went with my usher friends to eat pizza somewhere at Bukit Timah area. The pizza was 21inches diameter and cost $50+ lol. Very huge and very interesting!! Haha.. A bit pricey but oh well, it is located at the wealthy people region..

Work-wise, it has been 6 weeks and I still yet to find anything to complain about my work. I am thankful to God for this very nice working environment. I am not ashamed to even say I actually love my current place. On some days I would even come earlier or leave later than what supposed to be. Totally different with last year's attachment in stupid hospital. Many of my friends in retail have started to feel emo leh.. Listening to their stories etc, I am really grateful that I choose this institution. Firstly, I am alone and there is hardly any meeting/activities when all the pre-regs are gathered. Thus, people don't compare us (they can compare behind us but as long as not in front of us, I don't care!). Secondly, there is nobody who likes to bootlick and attract attention. I am utterly disgusted with this kinds of people seriously.. I know they will be more successful in working life through networking etc but I am a firm believer that people should recognise me because of what I do and what I am capable doing, and not because I like to attract attention only..

That's all for now.. I better rest and start preparing for my Herpes presentation :(

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Commencement 07/07/2011

 The graduation bear was a gift from my cousin!! Wow.. I would not even spend my money on this! Lol.. I still prefer the lion since lion is NUS mascot :p

I officially graduated from school life to enter the working world. Though I initially thought there was nothing special about this day, I kinda enjoyed it in the end. It was supposed to be a day for great celebration but I ended up feeling angry for most of it. And it was not because of the award thingy.. Sigh.. 

It was about the people I brought for the event. I did not have a camera so I had to rely on my dad (who brought camera) to take the photos. And guess what did they do? After the end of the event, they happily ate the bloody buffet! My phone calls were ignored! I wanted to get them to the courtyard to take some photos with my friends and lectueres and I could not even get them. They happily forced me to take photos at some "hot" spots. And it was embarassing to jostle for the spots with other people. Perhaps they were in "tourist-mode" but I was clearly not! I don't know what kind of faces eventually turned up in the photos. I eventually lost my temper when my mum kept on pestering to buy this and that, which I thought was a waste of money! So yeah in the end, it was useless to have them to come.. Fuck.. Everytime I see my friends commencement pictures, I feel so jealous and angry zz!

It was also similar with my clique. We could not get a single photo with everyone inside. Everyone was everywhere and phone calls went unnoticed. Sigh..

Looking at the memorable things, I am very glad that I work in UCC as the ushers really made the day special to me. They cheered for me ("We will miss you!) when I went up on stage! It was kinda embarassing since mostly people were only giving applause for the award winners. But I could not help but to giggle and laugh as I was walking and taking the scroll. Haha.. My FYP supervisor was also very nice. She sat somewhere near the steps so that when her lab members received their scroll (other than me, there were one of my classmates and one of the PhD students graduating), she could 'welcome' them and shook hands to congratulate. That was very sweet gesture.

After me, there was a classmate of mine who is also an usher. They last minute informed me to run to the other side of the hall to cheer for her. The usher who invited me thought it was quite urgent so I ran in that oversized gown and I think people outside the hall were thinking I was mad or something. And actually shouting to cheer was more embarassing than the one being cheered!! Haha.. It was a pleasant surprise that the usually strict and professional working environment would allow us (actually the manager encouraged us to support the graduating ushers!) to do this, especially since the audience was relatively quiet :p

At the end of everything, we had another tradition of throwing the graduating ushers 3x to the air. Lol.. I threw my friend and was thrown after that. Too bad my commencement was in a weekdays so not many people I know was working. The throw was kinda low since they were mostly girls lol.. Still I enjoyed it, rather than was scared of it. As a result, I did not have good photos since I was too relaxed and remained in a flat position in the air haha.. The hysterical ones had nicer photos in the air.

But in the end, my biggest thanks to the UCC and the ushers. Not only they gave me money and working opportunities for the past 1.5 years, they also gave me good memories for this commencement. It is indeed a nice feeling to get something which the other hundreds of graduands did not get on that day ^^

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bye bye PGP! Bye bye NUS!

This week was super tiring week. I finally left PGP and moved in to my new place on last Sunday. The moving experience was not as painful as imagined. The movers (only 2 people) worked very fast. I was somehow pissed initially because I was charged extra for utilities. I know it is partly due to my own stupidity for being too honest. I actually told the owners that I am a "stay home" person I would use aircon a lot. Perhaps I should not say that! Zz.. But oh well.. what happened could not be undone.

It was quite sad for me to leave PGP. As much as I hate it (and NUS), it had been my home for the last 4 years. That makes HALF of my whole stay in Singapore is actually spent on that place. As much as I think I have enjoyed it all, I have not actually experienced everything that the place offers! Lol.. I never actually used the gym in PGP, never used the MPSH facilities, and never actually tasted all the good food in various canteens.

My parents, an aunt and a cousin came here to attend my commencement. My aunt and cousin came first and on Tuesday we went to Long Beach at East Coast Park. I am not a fan of seafood but that was my first time eating lobster. Lol. I don't normally eat prawns (I hate prawns) but my godma de-shelled the lobster and gave me the flesh so I ate lor.

My parents came on the following day and we went to Geylang for durian. Sigh.. that was my first time at Geylang and I was pretty scared haha.. I actually got very angry and quarelled with my dad. I already told them beforehand that I was not in the mood to eat durian on that day. I was on working clothes and I don't want to have my hands (and perhaps clothes) dirty. They took bus there while I went to PGP to take my gown first so I met them later. Tadaa.. They bought me a box of durian and forced me to eat. I was damn angry that I almost got up of my seat and wanted to leave them just there. Don't blame me for the durians being too expensive or the wind previously blew one box of durian to the floor! So yeah.. in the end that damned box of durian was ta-pao-ed for me. It was D24 btw and it was heavenly lol.. The texture is really different from "normal" durians. Lol...

Thursday was my commencement and another petty fight ensued. Sigh.. I shall write about commencement separately. After that, we went to Dempsey Hills (my first time too!). It was an eye opener but I don't think I will voluntarily go back there. Lol.. My aunt insisted on Long Beach again (because on Tuesday my parents were not there) and this time the food was not that fantastic. Lol.. Went to Ben & Jerry's afterwards and I tried their milkshake. It was a waste of $11.90! They put so much milk that I hardly could taste my Chunky Monkey flavour.

We went MBS and casino on Friday. The SkyPark was not fantastic (it was not windy!! how on earth there could be no wind on level 57!) and the casino was..ehem.. one time see and can liao. Haha.. I don't know why the person scanned my employment pass sia!! Zz.. I am still a foreigner so I should be allowed entry just using passport ma! After that I had another quarrel (sigh.. yes I am quarrelling everyday) because we were going to Clarke Quay for a late dinner. I could not tell the taxi driver "Clarke Quay" without the exact landmark ma.. To me Clarke Quay means Central, MRT, Liang Court, or the Riverside. I need the exact location, not just Clarke Quay Clarke Quay.. I was so pissed I tell you.. Had an overpriced steak there. Was not nice but since it was Angus steak, it was indeed more succulent and juicy.

My parents flew home on Saturday and I was having graduation dinner with my clique at the Melt (Mandarin Oriental). By right it should cost $78++ but thanks to DBS card, we got a 15% off. I have a small stomach so I did not really make the fullest out of what I paid. There were wide variety of food from Japanese, Western, Thai, Indian, and desert (?? lol). I did not have the space to tried many things!! I did not touch the various cheese, the cold soba, and the pasta section. My favourite food was the onion soup!! The chocolate pudding was also nice. It was a hot desert somemore! Very interesting. aha.. I was disappointed with the western food as the steak is kinda cheapo (especially after the Angus I enjoyed the night before). And it was weird that they did not even have drinks section, except the alcoholic beverages.

On Sunday I went to have dinner at Sushi Tei followed by Sentosa Resorts World (in the late evening!) and Marina Barrage. As there were not many people, I took a photo with the giant Universal globe. Haha.. Nobody ruined the background but too bad phone camera is just too sucky for low-light condition :'(

And finally yesterday was the finale as my aunt and my cousin left for home this morning. We went to Jumbo yesterday followed by Mount Faber and Mustafa. I guess that marked the last of 7 days when I only had 5 hours of sleep daily.

And it seems that instead of a "Bye Bye to PGP and NUS", the post becomes more of my experiences with my family.