Monday, May 30, 2011

First Class

Results were finally out. I felt that this time was the scariest results release day, perhaps the second was my first semester. I hardly slept last night and even woke up in the middle of the night because of diarrhea. I deliberately turned my phone off and was jolted when it vibrated, only to some promotional message. Lol.. The awaited sms finally came at 719am as usual.

It was unexpected, especially for Pharm Prac III and DFD III. Lol.. Thank goodness. Kinda regret that I did not work hard enough previously or else B+ might be avoidable. But anyway, I was just too happy that my FYP got the bare minimum to land me in first class.

Yes I am still a bit peeved of some GEANUS conspiracy (not sure that it's true or a fickle of my imagination) but I still believe that there is some conspiracy in how the grades are distributed in my course. Oh well, thanks for everything for the past 4 years but I don't think I will have any sense of attachment to this place or the people. Too full of crap and dishonesty aiyer..

And all the excitement and relief are quickly replaced with the fact that I must quickly pack my things to leave again for shit life on Wednesday.. Call me an emo guy..

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Time really flies when good things are happening. It feels unbelievable that in less than 2 weeks, I will have to be back to Singapore. I feel a bit sad thinking about my results, my future accomodation, and my medical check-up. Erm, I should be stressed over the fact that I will enter the working world too.. This all feels so absurd :(

I really don't know how time just flies so quickly. I don't think I have done a lot of things this holidays. I have not even finished my 1.5 years worth of comics. I do not play PSP as much as I planned. I do not exercise as much as I planned. The only worthwhile thing I have completed so far is to transfer my anime books to a plastic container to make more space for my comics in the cupboard. Lol... I think I am really wasting money leh.. 1 large plastic container full of anime books, it's crazy.

I went to Pontianak over the weekend. Usually I hate to return but this time my dad yielded and allowed me to go for 3 days. I "lost" and decided to go since from the start I had been saying I don't want to go for a week but 3 days is alright. Sigh. Not much happening there. I only managed to find 1 of the missing comic out of 3 I was hoping to find.

With so little time left, I just aim to finish jotting down my manga and anime book collections as well as cleaning my figurines cupboard ba. In the mean time, I can only pray daily for exam results, health, accomodation and work. Sigh.. God please help me.. I know it's no use of worrying..

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I went to the airport to purchase air ticket because the online system does not allow me to pay through SingPost if the departure is less than 14 days. It was disgusting that airport could jack up the price to $348! In the website, it was only $121 (for Sunday) and $65 (for Tuesday). Seriously wtf! No choice but to buy online and for that I had to fork an extra $14 surcharge. Zz.. SingPost is the best lar.

Met with my friends for dinner at some expensive-looking restaurant at Suntec. The food variety was quite poor but the prices were not as expensive as the look of the restaurant. I just had a chicken salad with basil sauce. The sauce was quite unique. Haha. And out of curiousity, I tried natto ^o^ It was sticky and smelly indeed. But I was expecting the smell to me worse and the taste to be better/stronger. It was quite tasteless to me.. At best, it tasted like how nuts should taste like. Lol..

On Friday I went to a friend's place for wii and bbq.  Whee.. it was fun to finally be able to play Taiko no Tatsujin with the real drum! Lol.. It was easier than using PSP keypad but I was still terrible at it. I could not get the sense of rhythm right. And when I was supposed to hit the sides, I tend to hit the base of the drum, rather than the side sensors. Lol.. Tried to play Resident Evil with the guns too. Haha. That was also quite fun although usually I hate zombie games.

I am never so keen on BBQ so I did not eat a lot. Haha.. I also did not know how to light up fire. But after seeing my friends did it, I think I know how to do it now. Just dump the charcoal and make a small cave at each mountain of coals to put the fire starter and match stick there.. Then just wait until the fire burns and burns lol.. I was a bad cook either because I could not care with the amount of margarine which I applied. Lol. But anyway, no diarrhea! Surprising! Haha..

On Saturday I accompanied my aunt who was on travel from the Netherlands. Whee... Had Haagen Dazs and okay, price did not equal to quality. I chose tiramisu and green tea ice cream. The green tea one was not bad but the tiramisu was meh-meh. Haha.. Not worth the price or the reputation..

And on Sunday I finally flew back to Indonesia.. Hohoho.. I shall write another day about what I do here so far