Friday, July 30, 2010

Busan (13th July - 19th July)

This is the last part of my fantastic journey in Korea. I would start by saying how impressed I am with Busan. I think it's a very cool place. It's a city surrounded by mountains and beaches, yet the city planning and design are quite modern. Truly it shows how man and nature can co-exist harmoniously. The weather fluctuates a lot and I was when my friends were telling me that they always take note of weather forecast. After staying there, I understand. I still love the weather though, especially at night. Surrounded by mountains make it really cooling and windy at night. So yeah, I love Busan ^^

Day 10 - 13th July
It was raining pretty heavily upon arrival in Busan. I was quite surprised that I had to take bus from the plane to the terminal. Looks like regardless of the country, domestic flights get the same treatment eh? Haha.. So perhaps Indonesia is not bad after all. Lol.. Ah surprisingly I managed to locate my friend's boyfriend who picked me up. It was kinda akward in the taxi due to language barrier though.

Upon reaching my friend's place, I was initally quite shocked with the mess and the small size of the room! It's really small for a house considering the toilet is there, the kitchen is there, and the tv is also there. Even my PGP room (which has no kitchen) is of similar size of her house. Woa.. Well since I am bunking for free, I shall not complain. So the whole day I just slept until the evening when my friend finished work. We had dinner (which was too bony for my liking). And I had dinner with cold water. I was wondering how on earth she can survive with no heater.. It turned out to be I did not know how to on the heater haha...

Day 11 - 14th July
I started the day with camwhoring (ooops). I slept pretty quickly after I washed my hair the previous night so I woke up with a very nice standing hair. Haha.. Looks like I found a new way to style my hair after wax and gel all fail on me haha..
I really appreciate my friend's friends who accompanied me shopping on this day, even though they never every see me before.. Oh gosh.. I doubt I will do such thing in Singapore to strangers.. Hmm.. I owe them and I guess I must pay it forward.. if I have the chance. Anyway we went to Centum City which claimed to be in Guinness Book of Record as the largest department store. I beg to differ haha... On the highest floor, there was an iceskating ring. I would really love to try! I never try it before that is why I thought it was a good chance: it was not crowded so if I fell down, not many would see and laugh. Bleah.. I had to forgo it since I was expected to have my own gloves and they only rented shoes. Wtf... After that, I was brought to the riverfront near the mall. In the opposite bank, I saw people jet-skiing!! I also want!!! Huhu...

Next stop was shopping at Nampodong. It was the place where they hold Busan International Film Festival. It was near Busan Tower but who cares? Lol.. Seoul Tower was already a disappointment so what is this Busan Tower. Rather than paying to view the city from the Tower, we went to the sky garden of the nearby Lotte Mall. Good enough for me. I looked for clothes to shop but I didn't really find anything good. One good thing was I finally fulfilled my cravings for Pa-Jeon (Korean Pancake!). Wow.. Haha... Though the vegie was too overwhelming for me to like it haha.. I prefer the one at Yongin Folk Village.

 Busan Internation Film Festival Gantry
Even King Kong, Spidey, and Catwoman cannot resist alcohols when they were in Korea lol
Busan Tower

The day was still young! After work, my friend (and boyfriend) brought me to see Gwangan Bridge. It was a pretty sight.. The weather was nice and windy and cold. So it was a good photo opportunities. To my surprise, there was a beach nearby tooo!!! OMG a beach in the night!! That was really so cool!! Even the sand was cold and the water was cold!! Hohoho.. I really love it since the beach front was not that wide also.. A lovely place indeed (no chance to visit it again during daylight to witness its full splendour though). Tried many many jump shots but all failed due to low light haha.. and the wind kept blowing my shirt up and exposing things which should be left to imagination. Haha.. Since this time onwards, I shall stop doing jump shots until I lose that ugly fat!

 Gwangan Bridge at night

Day 12 - 15th July
The previous day was a long and tiring day so I woke up pretty late today. Haha.. A bit of gastric problem since I only had the pancake for dinner the previous night.  Today another 2 new friends (wow!! thanks so much) accompany me for shopping for clothes!! Whee.. I really have to thank the guy friend for knowing where to bring me for male clothings haha.. Anyway I spent 70000 won for 1 hoodie and 2 vests (1 formal and 1 casual). Wow.. There went all my money haha... It ended my shopping session too (I am satisfied finally!) although it also meant that I had to break down my US$. Overspending liao haha..

It was scorching hot at noon but at 6 onwards the cool breeze came. Nice.. Had fried chicked (very good!) as dinner. Supposedly it's a favourite supper for the university students nearby. I can clearly understand why haha..

Day 13 - 16th July
There were no tour guides for me today so I just slept in the whole day xD Anyway it was a good thing because I hardly slept the night before. Haha.. I woke up several times due to cold, mosquito, and the worst: gastric! Darn.. I took 2 tablets of antacids and they still didn't work. I decided to have many smaller meals this day.

I was quite proud of my achievement to be able to go buy McD and Angel-in-us Coffee on my own! Lol.. I regretted to assume that the people in McD could not speak English. So to be save, I ordered Big Mac. I actually wanted to try the stuff not available in Singapore.. Oh well..

For dinner, I had BBQ! Yay.. Missed the Korean BBQ at Seoul due to the sickening Bibimbap but at least it was revenge time now! Haha.. I wanted beef but that BBQ shop only had pork. Aaaargh but oh well, it was still a very good meal.

Later at night, I was brought to experience Koreans night lifestyle: drinking!! Lol.. Bought makolli (rice wine). It came in a huge bowl and it was scary. Anyway I got tipsy after my first serving (much smaller bowl) already. My whole body turned red, I felt pain in the eyes and muscles, could not walk straight and so on. Woo.. but still managed to finish 3 bowls haha.. The side-dishes were good too! I never expected there were other combination of pancakes. There was kimchi pancake!! Yo yum yum. Too bad I already deleted the picture of the makolli!! Arrgh.. Wanted to show how big the bowl was!

Day 14 - 17th July
It was Saturday and my friend could finally bring me around. Yay.. The weather was fantastic: cloudy and windy, not sunny and not rainy! Wheee.. perfect weather to camwhore and to walk around. The day's destinations were: Nurimaru (APEC House) and Hauendae Beach. But the highlight was the beach front between the 2 places. Wuih.. What a great place to take photo. Nurimaru itself was just so so. But Hauendae Beach was just stunning! Wow.. The wave was nice and strong (how I loved to be able to get into the water and play T_T) and the beach was very very clean, no single litter! Wow.. It is definitely a must-visit-again place when I go back to Busan in the future. This beach makes me officially a beach person now! Haha.. I used to like mountains more than beaches. But this beach just rocks!!

 Views from the walkway between Nurimaru and Haeundae

I tried the sticky Turkey Ice Cream too haha.. Not very nice la taste-wise. But the maker was funny, if I could steal the cone from him, I could get the ice cream for free. I grabbed the cone but it broke! Haha.. The cone was too lousy that there was no way of grabbing it without snapping it lor! Haha...

Went to Kyungsung University in the late afternoon. The university seemed a bit old to me ba. Haha.. But the dorms!! OH MY GOD!! It makes my dorm a shit in comparison. The room there is huge.. The aircon is strong.. The corridors are wide.. The toilet is also huge and hotel standard. It was just fantastic! Wow cool..

And since I had 2 days left, I got a bit lenient with my spending. Haha.. I decided to try other alcoholic beverage. For the night, I tried Bokbunjaa. It smelled so good when I opened the bottle (and my friends agreed too!!). It tasted like a red wine.. It was an awesome stuff!! Haha.. At night, my friend bought beers and I tried few brands. Oh well, only liked one of them.. The rest was too bitter. But anyway, beer is not my thing. Haha.. Many days of alcohol seemed to affect my gastric adversely but oh well, last few days.. Might as well sacrifice my gastric lol.

 Bokbunjaa is the red bottle. The green bottle is plum dunno what. Haha..

Day 15 - 18th July
Beomosa Temple was disappointing. Bah.. They had services there and thus it killed my mood to camwhore. To me, because people were worshipping there, the place was a place of worship. Thus it was not so appropriate for me to camwhore. The Temple was on a mountain so I took it as a trip to mountain and forest ^^

After that we went to Taejongdae. It was rocky cliff.. It was stunning! It was beyond imagination. I could not describe the sight and experience. I shall put up a few pictures.. But still, nothing beats going there to experience it yourselves. Wow..

 My hand trembled as I was taking this photo. If my phone fell, that's the end of it -_-

 Aren't these stunning??

Last night already le.. Sad... Tried bokbunjaa's counterpart. Don't know what plum thing.. The green bottle looked tempting but the drink inside was not haha...

Day 16 - 19th July
The End of my journey.. Fin... Sad :'( I had 6 hours of transit at Incheon. Well, at least I experienced 'transitting' and taking 'connecting flights' etc. Lol.. Thank God (seriously!) for the Traditional Korean Cultural Experience Zone in the airport! It really helped to kill my time. I got the chance wear many different Korean clothes (the doorman's, the royal family's, and the King's!) Wow.. I wanted to try Prince's too!! :'( But anyway I was too shy already la.. Anyway each person supposedly can only try once lol.. But I waited until the person there changed shift lol.. Other than that I got to try their traditional painting and their traditional percussion (tried to take photo with it but I looked ugly so I deleted!) Haha..

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Seoul (10th July - 13th July)

Day #7 - 10th July
Okay it was a bad start of the day. Initial plan was: to check out at 12pm. What happened was: we left at 10am. That was 2 hour less of my sleeping time. Then there was a bit of argument regarding the taxi too but I am amazed now that 4 of us and our luggages managed to squeeze inside that taxi. Upon reaching the backpackers, I was a bit shocked with the alley leading to it. The alley looked super run down!! Bah.. It turned out to be quite a safe area. And it was non sleazy too. So it was not bad after all. The backpackers was pretty good actually, with the free internet, microwave oven, water dispenser, and spacious toilet. The room was a bit small but who cares when I had a huge toilet? Lol..

After dropping our luggage there, we just crossed the street and tadaaa we reached Namdaemun. It was a bit of pasar malam type. I was not in shopping mode because I thought it was so near that we could go back anytime. So perhaps now just checked out the things and price first. We had pretty good meal. I had a super duper red Ramyeon! It looked intimidatingly spicy and red but it wasn't spicy at all. Cool.. But seeing that could not stop me thinking the possibility of getting huge diarrhea. We walked walked through some boring places until eventually we reached Myeongdong!! Weehee this was what I liked. High-end cool shopping malls even though the price deterred me from shopping. Haha what matters to me is ambience!

In the evening, we visited Seoul Tower. It was quite shocking to climb a steep hill from the bus stop to the foot of the tower. We spent quite a few hours having ourselves sketched. Haha.. I am quite pleased with my sketching results lol. But because of that, it was getting too late to see the Teddy Bear Museum. The tower itself was disappointing. Well, I am not a person who like night view and night lights whatsoever. So yeah, simply climbing up just for the sake of  "Since I am in Seoul, must visit Seoul Tower, yeah!".

 Seoul Tower

Day #8 - 11 July
The day I awaited for long was finally here. Yep, I got to visit the palace! Woohoo.. We visited Gyeongbokgung Palace, apparently the biggest out of the 5 palaces. It was really huge. We spent at least 3 hours and didn't even visit every corner in the palace. And guess what: the palace was actually only 40% of its original state. Woa... perhaps can really spend 1 day to explore it when it is back to 100% original state. I had a great time camwhoring. However, honestly I find the palace to be quite boring. Initially I wanted to visit all 5, but after this one, 1 is enough. Although the complex was huge, the buildings looked to similar. So actually it was rather pointless to go see every building also. Anyway the highlight was camwhoring and wearing the traditional clothes ^^ I am a bit disappointed with the clothes though. Firstly, it was all guard clothes! I wanted royalties.. Secondly, the clothes were way too big for me that I looked as if I was wearing a dress! Ew..

Gyeongbokgung Palace

My camwhoring went to another level. As I was boringly waiting my friends charging up their energy, seeing trees made me wanna jump, climb, and camwhore with them! Ya.. they were only trees for goodness sake! Lol.

As a result of my tree hugging feat lol

After that, we went to Insa-dong. It was disappointing again. Mostly souvenirs and the people were quite rude in my opinion. I had seafood bibimbap for lunch. The vegetables were overwhelming that I felt sick enough to have Korean food for dinner. Just had some bread and some fast food from the minimart.

I was a bit emo in the evening. I wanted to go Dongdaemun since it was already late and Dongdaemun mostly opens in the evening. I was damn pissed with the church church stuff. So yeah eventually we went to Myeongdong Cathedral and to me it was so so. Nothing spectacular to take photo. And forgive me God for blasphemy, I saw no point of attending mass in which I understand nothing about it.. I felt very rude and it was my worst mass experience ever: just queued for communion. Oh weell..

 Myeongdong Cathedral
Supposedly the building style is gothic. But I don't see anything gothic about it.

Day #9 - 12th July
Slept until 10am because we had no plans yet. Many shops are not open on Mondays there. Initially I wanted to go to another palace but unfortunately, it was also closed. So we went to Dongdaemun and to our horror: really it was a night market. In the daylight, the malls were all not open -_-. Add some bad luck: some shops were closed on that particular Monday! Gosh. A bit pissed off because of the weather was hot. And also because I wanted to go there the night before! Sigh.. now too late already.. ask me to return in the night I also already no mood because my flight in the next morning was 6am! Bah...

Anyway, after lunch, we went to I' Park Mall since a friend wanted a keyboard. And yeah, we were just unlucky. The mall closed on one monday every month.. and out of so many mondays, wow great they closed on that monday when we were there =.= So basically we just sat down and wait at the train station there until it was late enough for Dongdaemun to open. Before leaving, I insisted on trying Lotteria (Korean McD copycat) lol.. not that fantastic.. I did not go to Dongdaemun because I wanted to rest early for my flight. I only slept about 2 hours.. Spent most of the time clearing my Seoul maps.. only to discover and regret that Dongdaemun got some nice shopping places too :'( One consolation was one of the malls close every Monday so yea... Haiz..

Day #10 - 13th July
My taxi came at 4am and it was too early. Sigh... Expected travel time to airport is 90-120mins but it only took me 45mins-60mins. So ya I reached there too early. Tried to sleep a bit but I could not because the aircon was not on! So ironic for a world class airport to actually have 'closing hour'. Bleah... Had difficulty finding food so end up eating the same McD where I had my very first meal upon arrival in Korea. What an irony eh? Lol..

I will continue with my arrival and the last part of my trip in Korea: Busan! This post also took me about 4 days plus haha so I cannot promise how soon my next post will be done ^^

Saturday, July 24, 2010

9th Asia-Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium (4th - 9th July 2010)

Day #0 - 3th July
My flight was at 10+pm. I am usually excited before travelling overseas but for this time around, I just felt very lazy and very tired to go. It seemed that all the enthusiasm had died down after months of waiting, months of no-replies, and bla bla bla.. On top of that I had a bad day with the taxi. It was damn hard to get a cab or even to call, and the one that was sent to me was rude. When I stepped on to the taxi, he was like "This taxi was on call you know". I was like "WTF". If it was not that hard to get a taxi that night and if I was not short of time, I would just ignore that bastard and called for another one.

Asiana Airline was pretty good although the in-flight entertainment was a bit of disappointment. In the in-flight entertainment guide, there were so many nice shows but in reality, there were only 4 available movies. I watched one and I hardly remembered what. Lol.. I had difficulty sleeping (even with the eye mask, the Mozart Ukulele songs, and changing position numerous times). I chose Bibimbap for dinner and I was noobish initially on how to eat it. Lol.. But it was good.

Day #1 - 4th July
After touched down, it was another crazy thing in Korea. The reception was damn bad. We were sent to the place we were staying by airport limousine (as good as public bus) with no guide. We were just told to get off at the final stop. And guess what, nobody picked up us there. Or rather, the people who were supposed to pick us up were late! Gosh.. We were thinking of walking to the place but after we saw the map of the university, it was not possible.

We all thought agony was over once we registered. But since we were there like 10am in the morning, the rooms were only ready for check-in at 12pm. O_o Tensions ran quite high (and it was only day 1! lol) because everyone was tired. We had not slept and bathed for the past 12+ hours and these really got onto our nerves. Thank goodness the room was good. It was hotel standard. Lol.. Initially I wanted to sleep awhile but my hunger took the better of me.. So we went out for lunch.

I find the Koreans to be very friendly. It was hard to find people who understand English but there were these 2 aunty in the subway who helped us to get the subway card. Then in the eatery, another patron actually helped us about the food. Lol.. This first meal in Korea was the best for me! Lol. I anyhow arrowed from the picture and I got a nice rice bowl with a good mix of seaweed and meat! Haha.. You will understand why I love the meat so much! The restaurant owner was so nice. He knew that we were foreigners and he gave us for free one of their traditional food. Wow...

With full stomach, next pit stop would be shopping. Haha.. The shopping place (Express Bus Terminal) was terrible. I hate crowded place with poor ventilation. To make things worse, it was all female stuff! And I was getting very tired (I need sleep!). And I was surprised that the locals just bulldoze their way through.. They never said "Excuse me" or anything.. They just walked through/brushed against other people. What an irony to see them actually forming lines in front of the train doors -_-

First day ended with a very lame Welcome Celebration. Firstly we had to WALK to the venue which was quite far.. and the terrain was quite hilly. Then the dinner was more like snacks o_0. Terrible.. We played lame games with our groups bla bla bla. So yeah, it was an extremely bad impression.

Day #2 - 5th July
Had to wear formal for official photo taking but guess what, the stage was too small and I was too short. So I was not even visible in the photo. What a waste of an extra formal shirt to bring. The talks were like useless to me. Afterall who cares about IPSF bla bla bla.. The PCE was ok I guess. But since the speaker is from Canada, I believe some things would not be applicable in Asian environment. So again, I don't think it was that useful.

At lunch time, there were more people to join the group. Apparently they arrived late and we didn't see them on the night before. So yeah there was this malaysian guy whom I thought was ok. I normally don't clique well with guys. So was quite surprised that we could talk about a lot of things from the start.

At night it was the International Night which was not too good for me. Haha.. The Korean Traditional Band was interesting. And the Indonesian put up a great item. Haha I am still proud as an Indonesian afterall. The rest was forgetable. So yeah, day #2 was still a disappointment. The only positive thing is to know new friends. That's it haha..

Day #3 - 6th July
It was Explore Korea day! We were brought to Yongin, Korean Traditional Folk Village. I was expecting to be able to camwhore but urgh.. I have nobody close enough in my group for me to ask for taking photos. So to be honest, I was quite bored at the start. The excitement began only after lunch. Haha.. There were horses. Lol.. I would not wanna miss the chance to take photo with horse! I even got the chance to ride one. That has been my childhood dream. Lol.. Though it would be better if the person accompanying the horse could speak English. At least I can tell when to slow down or run faster, or to pose for me to take picture.

Riding a horse whee!!

It was a good eye opener about Korean culture. I enjoyed the traditional band and the horse riding show. I learnt about the delicious Korean Pancake. I tried (and regretted) their cold noodle. Previously my friends (who tried it before) had warned me about cold noodle. But you never know how gross it is before you try it. The texture was so chewy that it was hard to chew and swallow. I choked twice haha.. Terrible. I also experienced their traditional games and one was quite dangerous as one can make the partner fall (sorry partner).

 Traditional Band.. The head movements are amazing!

At night, we were brought to Coex mall. It was a big disappointment. Haha I was expecting something wow since people were saying it was the biggest mall or something like that. I had Japanese Curry for dinner but wait.. it came with kimchi too!! Haha.. Now now.. that was surprising.. I guess everything in Korea will have kimchi as the side dish. After that it was free, so the nice Korean girl in my group brought us to see nightview of the Hangang River from the skygarden of a mall. The funny thing here was that there was alarm if someone were to lean against the glass panel. Another groupmate did that and we were like omg what was the alarm for. Lol. We talked about pharmacy stuff and I guess all over the world, pharmacy students and pharmacists are more or less facing the same issues.

The Hangang River as viewed from skygarden of Technomall (??)

The night ended with me trying Soju! Yup it's the famous Korean alcoholic beverage. I don't like it unfortunately. To me its taste was like ethanol in the lab. The smell and the burning sensation.. everything reminded me of lab. Lol..

Day #4 - 7th July
First day of proper symposium. I was quite eager to listen about the industries but the speakers were just too boring. Gosh.. So yeah.. Ended up sleeping through the talks haha.. There was a PCE competition too. The whole singapore contingent could not be bothered. Haha I signed up eventually because I thought: my classmates would be ponning that day and I could choose the offstage one. Holy crap la.. I don't know why they didn't pon in the end and I had to do onstage. Sian.. It was like embarassing myself.. To make matter worse, it was 'competition'. I had to lose.. To me it was like so embarassing to actually step up and lose.. Haiz disappointed with myself wor.. But anyway, I was the last one so more or less it was not very fair because I had a few friends telling me about the case.. Perhaps it's a good thing that I didn't win. If I won, it would be an unfair victory anyway.

The lunch was uber gross. I felt like a goat eating all the raw leaves and grass T_T Thank goodness dinner was pizza and fried chicked. Taste was ok but amount was not enough haha.. I was irritated that they bought many cartons of beers! Might as well use the money to buy food. Anyway it was a pretty disgusting sight for me to see many people drinking and get drunk and acting wild. Seriously, not the type of life I imagine haha.. I was willing to try beer actually. But since everything was in big bottle, there was no way I could finish.. And I would not risk myself getting drunk in public. So yeah, no no no haha...

It was auction night after that. Another lame event. And to end off the night, I decided to get myself drunk lol. Yup I was trying to drink the soju (the one I could not finish the night before). I failed to get drunk. I stopped because I felt that my stomach and face were warm. My whole body was red and it was kinda freaky. I got a bit tipsy but totally drunk to the point of losing consciousness or vomitting. Haha.. Looks like my body turning red is my personal defense against too much alcohol.

Day #5 - 8th July
We ponned symposiums and went out on our own. First stop was Coffee Prince Cafe. It was quite hard to locate the place and after we reached, it was not open yet. We decided to have lunch first. The concensus was: anything with meat! Lol.. apparently it was not only me who thought that we had enough of vegetables. After a sumptuous meal, we went back to the cafe. It was a  huge disappointment. The service was terrible. in fact, it was rude! The items were expensive and not nice. The place was not nice even to take photo. All the initial excitement went to a complete waste!

The Coffee Prince Cafe
I don't even watch the show so I have no sense of connection to this lousy place!

After that it was shopping time. We went to Sichon, Ewha, and Itaewon. Itaewon was quite bad haha.. We arrived there pretty late so most of the shops were already closed. But hey it was still 830pm you know! It was unbelievable to travel far there only to have BK as dinner =.= Sichon and the Ewha street were pretty good shopping place. But I was not looking for shirt so I didn't really shop. I got a discounted green (yay!) vest from Uniqlo. Wanted to buy a fake Calvin Klein formal suit (only 20000 won! damn bloody cheap) but I decided not to since there would not be much chance to wear in in Singapore anyway. Before going to Itaewon, we went to Hangang River. This time it was really next to the river, not observing from a building. Too bad it was not dark enough to see night life and the weather was drizzling. So it was not very good. But still, a few photos as mementos are good enough.

Day #6 - 9th July
Last day yay! Lol.. I chose for industrial trip in the morning. 2 hour journey meant extra sleeping hours haha.. The Handok Pharmaceutical company was damn cool! They even had a soccer field and tennis courts! Not to mention a Pharmacy and Medicine Museum as well as a greenhouse! Wow.. They were really high-tech. Even the receiving goods area were damn clean! They mostly use robotics and magnetic wow. And the best part was in the building design. They actually considered that they would allow visitors to come and see so they specially made corridors. We could see the machines and the production lines without the need of gowning bla bla bla. Cool! The lunch was sensational: spagetti!! To make things even sweeter, they gave us a 4GB Thumbdrive as souvenir. Haha..

After the journey back, there was still about 1.5hours free time. So I decided to go hunt for my green tie for the Gala Dinner at night. It was quite scary to travel in a foreign land on my own but hey I survived. Lol. And I got a green tie although not at the place where I saw it the first time.

At night was Gala Dinner, it was just camwhoring and food session. Food was good as compared to what we had for the past 5 days. But the dunno what duck meat made me vomitted. Ew.. It was quite interesting that one of my friends happened to celebrate his birthday too. Haha.. It was funny that he kept saying "thanks for these 300+ people to celebrate my birthday". Lol.. Would not expect him to be that kind of narcisstic type. Haha.. But oh well, he got a kiss from another guy so I guess that would leave him with a good memory of a lifetime.

Day 7 - 10th July
Bye bye APPS! Even up to the end, the organisers kept doing crazy things. My friends and I left pretty late at about 10am. And only by then notices about APPS cert was being posted. =.= So yeah, out of our goodwill, we decided to collect for the whole contingent..

This is the end of my APPS post ^^ 2 more posts on my experience in korea would be coming.. Not sure when since this post alone took me 4 days. Lol.. After not blogging for quite sometime, I get pretty rusty eh? And sorry for the lack of picture.. I camwhored too much that most of the picture got my face. And I don't intend on revealing my face on this blog lol

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Away for two weeks

Aaah there are still so many things I want to write.. my shopping.. my trip preparations.. World Cup.. etc etc.. But hey, the plane will not wait for me.. So yeah, I am off to Korea till the 19th ^o^
Until then.. I hope I don't emo and will be back with many interesting stories to share