Friday, July 31, 2009


Whew.. I had a lousy day... wait! Not a lousy day.. A super extraordinary lousy day! Haiz.. I just hope that it is not a premonition on what is to come to my life in this new sem.

My 9am flight was cancelled and I only knew about it when I was at the airport. And not only not informed about it, I was also not sent to the flight after that. Thus I had to pick a 3pm flight. Basically I wasted half a day just waiting for the dumb plane. Haiz.. Finally, I experienced first hand the lousiness of budget airlines. At 3pm the flight was Jetstar and surprisingly it was half empty. Considering that there were some people from my earlier flight transferred to this flight, I can safely conclude that they did not have enough people flying. No wonder they cancelled the morning flight wth.. And worse.. Jetstar gave neither snack nor drinks! Bloody hell.. Valuair at least gave both. For next time, I guess I will have to check out the non budget airlines.. Once is enough.

My new room is sadly at block 12 level 2. It is just opposite the bus terminal. I hate it.. People say it will be quite noisy and dusty. The shape is funny (haiz.. 3 different type B rooms in 3 years.. all with different shapes wth).. Though it is my biggest room so far.. but still.. I wish I get somewhere higher and cooler. The advantage of low level is that I can just climb the stairs.. but I cannot stand the heat!

I watched Harry Potter yesterday and it was complete rubbish and a disappointment. I am used to things being modified and deleted but I felt the movie is very choppy. Just jump from one scene to another. The quidditch was a disappointment (I was hoping the part where Harry gets KO-ed by Cormac) and the biggest shit was the final battle scene in Hogwarts was totally obliterated. Really really sad T_T

Well, that's all I have to complain so far..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

48 hours..

I have less than 48hours left before my return to the reality of harsh school life.. Haiz.. I am getting lazy to do anything.. even though I have to make the best use of the last few hours.. I shall leave the packing for tonight..

I guess I will not be practising my driving anymore this holidays. Last Sunday was my first time to go out to the main road using my own car. Haha.. Thank God nothing bad happened.. My confidence improved a little bit only. I still have much to learn before I really can drive T_T And I am simply losing too much time... for I can only practice for few days in 1 year.. wth.. Anyway I was so pissed with my father. The older he gets, the whiner he becomes.. He nagged and nagged and nagged and that really made me sian.. Everyone has their own style of driving and I hate to be told to be fast or slow.. Well it is more of the fast part.. Usually I drive quite slowly because I am lazy to switch the gear before turning.. Oh well bottom line is: everyone has their own style of driving! Geez..

This holidays have been different from previous holidays.. After 1 year away, I realised that I missed home so much.. And 1 month passed by so quickly.. With the new, unlimited, and faster (although not so fast) internet connection, I spent most of my holidays on Cabal. Haha.. Not much different with staying in Singapore.. Poor me.. My Desperate Housewives only proceeds like 8 episodes. Haha.. I will have to bring back the dvds with me.. It's my consolation when stupid PGP connection got problems.. I did not touch my PSX at all and my plan to watch Saint Seiya Asgard episodes also failed.. The worst is: I am so lazy to clean my toy cupboard.. Next time I come back, it will be 1.5years worth of dust. Lol...

So what am I doing in a mean time? My packing is like 60% done.. I need to wait my clothes to be ironed today and I can completely pack everything tomorrow. I finished reading Harry Potter 6 and yeah basically there is nothing I will do already. Haha.. I am kinda following this local TV show called Missing Lyrics.. It is an imitation of Don't Forget the Lyrics.. but it has been modified and made more difficult (guessing 11+ words is certainly crazy!). My sis said with the original format, someone won the grand prize already so they make it more difficult. So sad youtube does not have that episode.. I would love to watch :)

I just get an income boost. Haha.. On the last week unfortunately.. I feel like a rich guy! But there is nothing else to spend.. I spent quite a lot on my Tiger's Eyes and shared-with-my-sis Aquamarine stuff..

And to close with a sad news.. I am getting fat again! No exercise on these last few days.. And a relative just gave a giant damn-nice chocolate cake! Haiz.. Must exercise in Singapore liao.. no choice or I will be a rice sack soon.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Last 7 days

Haiz.. it will the final 7 days of my holidays. Next thursday, I have to fly back to Singapore T_T I kind of regret of coming back before week 0. I should come back in the middle of week 0 instead. The only thing that makes me eager to go back next week is: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I hate watching cinema in Indonesia so I guess 2 weeks late in Singapore (in some tiny cinema) will still be better. The trailer is just damn good. And I heard that it already broke some record previously held by Spiderman. Lol.. I did some research. Some love it and some hate it. Lovers say the battle scenes are awesome and by far is the best movie from the series. Haters say too many lovey dovey boring scenes, the final battle is changed to the Burrow instead of in Hogwarts, and lastly, the most disappointing of all, the death of Dumbledore is disappointing. Considering it is still the same director from previous movie, I can imagine how disappointing the death scene will be. Thus, the final verdict is: I will be disappointed. But still, I am gonna watch it. Haha..

I find it amusing to find my batch mates in JC (of course I am referring to the boys) have now become my grand juniors in university. More amusingly when I see there are at least 2 of them are in pharmacy too.. And that is partly because of my views on pharmacy that made them change their minds from their first choice. I hope they will enjoy and have a bright future on pharmacy. Personally I feel quite guilty since I find my future is also quite jialat.. Haiz.. at least I did warn them, pharmacy has a very bright future in other countries, but not in Singapore. Haha..

That's all from me today :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Remembering Cambodia

Okay.. the title is just so weird. Haha.. There are two things that bring my thoughts back to Cambodia. Firstly, it is the Adidas shirt (okay... it was a fake most likely :p). I only have a chance to wear it at home. By far, it is my favourite sleeveless t-shirt that I have. Haha.. The size is just nice for it to fit on my body.. It is black and hence it hides away my fats, although the bulge in my tummy is too big to be hidden. Haha..

The second thing will be the scars on my right foot. My mum is worried when she sees those bite marks. I don't know whether I am already too old for my skin tissues to regenerate or there is something special about the mosquitos (and whatever insects that bit me) which make their bite marks everlasting. Haiz sian. I now must be more careful with what is biting me.. I cannot let my smooth skin be destroyed..

Just a bit of update, my driving skill has improved a little bit. The machine didn't die!! Haha.. I think it is because of the car though.. Not as sensitive as the other car. Lol.. It was crazy training.. I am still so scared when seeing other cars, be it in front, behind, or next to my cars. Liddat how to go to the main road -_- I even made the car fly over a hump because I was so paranoid that the car behind be would be honking me because I was too slow.

My mum managed to force me to go to my father's workplace. I was damn irritated.. It was such a waste of time.. Seeing machines stirring things.. Reminded me of DFD lab.. and reminded me of how much I have forgotten.. basically I have forgotten everything.. One thing I learn was parking the car! Haha.. Yah after it was the end of the work time, the parking lot was empty soI had the chance to play around. Finally, for the first time, I tried to reverse the car. Haha.. I managed to reverse park the car nicely.. but actually the back of the car hit the flowers LOL..

Haiz... anyways.. I only have 9 more days before returning to Singapore.. Life is soo boring.. I managed to take pictures of my anime stuff collections.. Haha.. Will upload it later to facebook when I am not lazy.. And I am looking forward to watching Harry Potter 6!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I am a lazy bum!! I just wasted another week doing nothing productive. Haha.. What happened on the last week? Ehem ehem..

Firstly, there was presidential election. Hehe.. For the first time, I participated in an election. I didn't go for the legislative election on April.. I was just too lazy to go to embassy. But this time, even though I used my neighbour's invitation (call me Ronald! Lol), I still went to vote. Lol. Nothing special.. but oh well.. it was the first haha..

I am feeling damn fat and ugly!! I have not done any exercise just yet -_- I WILL start tomorrow morning.. I promise.. I am running out of time to get rid of the tire around my belly. Though some of my relatives said I lost weight (my face was not as round and fat as last time), my weighing machine does not lie! Fat is fat. Haha.. My hair is extremely terrible but I am just lazy to cut. Haha.. I am at home anyway.. who cares about my ugliness..

As my pair of specs has become too old and ugly looking, I went to get a new one. Lol.. Now I know that either I have been cheated all along buying specs in Singapore or I am too dumb that I didn't bargain when I bought my specs in Singapore. Oh my gosh!! I just suck in shopping.. I am so lazy to bargain (I hate bargaining!).. Not that I am born with a golden spoon in the first place.. but oh well..

Do you believe in stones? Lol.. My sister managed to convince me that her stones do have some healing powers.. My eyes are getting terrible and I am really desperate to do something about it. And my target will be: aquamarine haha... It is a quite expensive stone though.. I shall see whether I will get it or not.. The one currently available is too big and hence too expensive..

And besides starting on my exercise tomorrow.. I hope I will be starting on my driving lessons again.. That is if I can overcome my laziness..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

H1N1 scare

Hmm lots of things have happened for the past 10 days or so. I hope I still can remember things. Hehe..

Last monday I went to watch the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen with some of my friends. Heh.. I was not really looking forward to it.. But hey.. it is not a bad movie.. For a sequel, I am surprised that I am able to understand (roughly) what it is all about, even though I never watch the first one or know any Transformers related things. The ending was anti-climatic though. It is like all the suspense in the middle of the show is because giant robots vs humans. Of course the humans are struggling. But at the end, when it becomes giant robots vs giant robots, the good robot trashes the bad one so easily.. Chey.. Still, it was a good fun :) After watching, we went to eat at Sushi Tei. And the story will continue later on hohoho...

On tuesday, I ate at 3-in-1 jap resto at Vivocity (I cannot remember the names). I ordered a curry I never ordered before.. And a $12++ okonomiyaki.. (hey it was damn filling!! and that justified the price!). I felt so full until night.. and at night I started to cough. Oh noo...

I went back home on wednesday. Gosh.. I was almost late.. Rushed to the counter.. and rushed to the gate.. Crazy.. Seriously next time need to be at least 2 hours before flight time to reach the airport. I had to surpress my cough like crazy because I didn't want to scare anyone if I had H1N1. The cough was dry but my whole chest was also coughing.. And clearly DM failed!! Stupid..

On the following day, my head was aching.. Coughing too much until my head was pain.. But the most ultimate shock was FEVER.. oh no H1N1 H1N1.. Sianz.. Because of my un-fit condition, I had to call off my plan to try on Jet Coaster.. I am aging... when will I have the chance to try it while my heart is still strong enough...

The cough started to get phlegmy.. and tada... I got the news that a friend was diagnosed with H1N1.. That made me officially a H1N1 suspect case. Haha.. I sat next to my friend at Sushi Tei.. So I had the highest chance to get infected also.. Crazy... It was a big big scare.. Especially only the day before I had fever. Gosh..

Thank God now I am fine already.. I guess I was just too tired.. Not flu and not H1N1.. Still no energy to start my exercise regime.. Haiz.. Lose weight lose weight.. My internet is faster now but still disappointing.. Torrent is shit slow.. It takes me numerous attempts to log in to my facebook games daily.. And worse.. my internet gave me false hope on my cabal.. On the very first time, I could play it with no problem.. Too bad.. it was the first.. and the last.. Oh well, it's a holiday afterall.. I have to take a break from cabal also lol...