Monday, March 31, 2008

on your mark.......

get set......


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Catching up...

Woah... This is only the 5th post for this month. I did not know that this month is the the busiest so far... -_-! Well, with the baptism stuff is over, now it is the time to catch up with my school work.

Haiz.. Chinese still remains as my heaviest agony this sem. I have lost confidence in getting A for chinese as I did not so well for my compo assignment. My compo test would be worse T_T Haiz... 2 more weeks of weekly character writing exercises, 2 more quizzes, one more CA and that's it. It is really time to focus on the core modules.

I am glad that LSM assignment was done (don't talk about the quality). I am hoping the final assignment would be easier. One more GEK lab and that's all. I am still 1 exercise behind for my Pharmacy Practice but I should be catching up soon. And I still owe 1 GEK webcast and tons of reading materials. Haiz... After this all is over, the real exam will come. And the real intensive mugging starts. Haiz....

Aiyoh... yesterday I was so embarassed during the campus mass. I really did not expect that the pastor would announce that I was just baptised. He never said anything so far leh. -_- And today I went with my aunt to Church of Saint Mary of the Angels. Hmm... the service is not as good as the architecture. Pretty disappointing.

Okay, I am not in the mood to write today actually. I wrote because I wanted to put a song :) A very nice song :) Lol... April is coming :) My favourite month!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter 2008!

Before I write about the Easter, there is something interesting on last last Saturday that I forgot to mention. Hehe... It was Seder Meal. It is a Jewish Passover Meal (which is also the Last Supper) and the food was rather exotic. The names of the food and the parts of the meal are weird too (Kaddesh, Karpas, Yachatz, Matzah, Haroset, Maror. Dayyenu, Barekh, Korekh, Hallel, Nirtzah). Lol. But it was a good meal. They managed to get the unleavened bread and the wine from Israel. That's cool! The wine is damn good :) It was very sweet. And I had a very good meal. I love the lamb :) :) I won't miss it next year. Haha...

Let me write about Easter Triduum next.

On the Maundy Thursday, I went to get my parents who arrived here at 6am 0_0 After days of 3-4 hours of daily sleep, I decided to skip school on that day, except for Chinese. Haha... That was a bad/unwise decision as now I have more things to mug. In the evening, I went church visitation with my RCIY friends. We visited St. Michael (there is a cute dog in the church!), Our Lady of Lourdes, Sts Peter and Paul, St. Ignatius (church of rich people and it has a very huge and nice garden with neatly shaped trees), and St Mary of the Angels. The older churches are so 'wasted', they have nice structure but bad maintenance. I reached home quite late.,1 am, because of the Office of Tanabre. We left half way and it was still that late. It was soooo boring and long because every single word was sung. We were laughing/giggling when we flipped how many pages more -_-

Good Friday was just like usual Good Fridays. And my observation is true. It always rains on Good Friday, especially during the 3pm mass. It was amazing because before and after that, the sun shines brightly. Lol.

Yesterday was the Easter Vigil Mass and now I am officially a Catholic. Yay! My waiting for 2-3 years is over. No matter how sucks my life has been here, I guess this is the greatest gift that I get from leaving my hometown. Other than the sucky choir (sadly!), it was a perfect night. I felt like a celebrity in the end because when we were all posing for photos, there were so many people taking photos and across the whole see of photographers, the blitzes were just taking turns. Lol. I was quite groggy while lining up. It might be due to the cold, or excitement, or fear from the evil part of me... Erm.. what else... the chrism oil smells good... Haha..

And yeah, I got a lot of gifts =)
Before unwrapping
After unwrapping
I have 8 rosaries (+1 which I sent home). For collection? To give away? I don't know..
And today, life resumes to normal. My parents flew back and I have to go back to studying. For more than a week, I had not enough sleep but I felt okay. Yesterday, after everything ended, so did the adrenaline rush, I guess that's why I am feeling very tired now. Haiz... But oh well, it was fun! Today I ate at Breeks in Airport (yummy yummy brownie with warm cheese) and I find nothing so interesting about T3... yet...

It will be another long vacuum for me... Exam is in 4 weeks time. That's SCARY!

Friday, March 21, 2008


Whew.. It has been really really LOOOOONG since I was so free to blog. Lol. Though I am not that free nowadays anyway. Haha...

If my last few entries were about my exhaustion, desperation, and irritation with school work, now I am exhausted physically. I have been sleeping at 3am plus and waking up early since last Friday. That is about 3 hours of sleep everyday. I am so blessed that I am still okay and not even sick until now. Haiz... And some of my schoolwork have been very good, especially the chinese. Haha... Not full marks but still very excellent marks. I hope I can get A =) Physio was not too bad (at least better than what my prediction was) and lab exam was quite okay. I shall see how on Monday.

Easter is just around the corner and my waiting will finally be over. I have sacrificed so much for this T_T Haiz... It should be a happy week but I am so sad. It is really true that what is right in God's eyes are totally stupid in human's. Okay, at least the days of tears are over. I am getting to be able to accept and get used to it. It is thanks to God that I can get my first ever best friend anyway.

Last Sunday was Palm Sunday and it was the first time that I almost became an outstanding church go-er. I was late by 15 minutes and lucky that there was one empty chair in the most pitiful position. No complaint though, I prefer that to standing for 75 minutes. Haha... After that, I was late for the Annointing with Oil service, just 2 hours later. Haha... It was raining heavily and I still wanted to have Long John at Orchard. I came back and ran all the way from the MRT to the church. Crazy! Haha... It was just the Friday before that I took BMI and BFA (Body Fat Analysis). The verdict was:

Height: 1.66m (Hey I GROW!!!!)
Weight: 62kg (damn fat)
BMI: 22.5 (1 more kg and I am in the 'unhealthy' aka 'fat' range -_- )
Body Fat Percentage: 22 if I am not mistaken (that's the PROOF that I'm DAMN fat!)

I owed so much thing for this week. I skipped 1 LSM lecture, 1 GEK lecture (that's 4 hours of webcasting!), 1 PR1103 lecture, and I did nothing for Chinese in the last 2 weeks (40-50 new characters to mug!). So much to catch up next week. Haiz Haiz..

My parents and my elder sister are here for my baptism. Yay! My mom brought many gifts from her relatives. Now in total I have 3 Indon bibles, and 5 rosaries. Cannot they think of something better to give???? -_- Not that I am picky or choosy for what people give me, it's about not to waste their money. I mean what for getting something that someone will not use (I do read my bible but I don't need THREE of them, the same with rosary). So only, the crucifix is useful for me as I don't have one at home.

So the BIG day will be here tomorrow. Thanks be to God =) I hope I look good in the photos (and I hope my pimples are gone miraculously tonite!)

Monday, March 10, 2008


Hell! I am damn f***ing furious with all the schoolwork these last few and incoming weeks. I am reaching my breaking point. I am glad that Chinese speech was over. I did pretty lousy I guess. My speech was disgustingly short and was the shortest among all. Haiz. But luckily it is just of the approriate length for the composition exercise due next week. This Wednesday I have a chinese CA (which I have not prepared at all) and on Thursday I have a chinese quiz, plus 2 exercises and 1 assignment to pass up. Haiz....

PR1103 is over finally. Only have an exam for next Monday. Haiz. I can only hope I will do well enough to earn me an A. I got a zero for exercise 9. Wth wtf. I know it is of a very little percentage towards the final grade but my heart/mind/brain does not want to follow my will to just forget and let go of it. Haiz...

I think I should have join more CCAs. At least they divert my attention from school and academic stuff which stress the crap out of me. I kind of enjoying today's angklung session (although I was VERY reluctant to attend initially), I guess it is the power and music. And perharps it is good to stand away from people who radiate and feed me with bad energy of competitiveness and stress...

Haiz... If only I were to be a better person... If only I were smarter... If only my heart is not green... If only I do not need to collect cca points... Damn it lah! Why does exam exist in the first place?

One weekend left before Easter. I cannot wait... I have lots of sins to be cleansed off. I guess after that I can just go kill myself and go straight to heaven. Living in this kind of environment will make my life worse, even after baptism. Haiz... I guess I am not that holy enough to let God take charge of my life... Help me, God!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mid-Sem Break

It has been a week only, yet I feel as if it has been 2 weeks since the last time I am free enough to write here. Mid-Sem break just ended and although it was great that there was no CA to study, the gek project was really zapping a lot of my energy and patience. Haiz... Just the thought of it... I don't know lah... My expectations are too high? or I rely on my partner too much? Haiz.. I do not know... I think it is not a very well done project also. It just pained me more...

The week has been quite demoralising for me. There was a night when it was raining and I realised it too late. My desk was already flooded. Gone are my photo frame and my 8R self photos T_T. Lucky my notes survived and my smaller photos were salvaged. Lucky I studied nothing and put no textbook on the table also. But still... Aarrgh... Now I am remembering it... I am depressed again.

I spent most of my break playing game. I managed to end Suikoden. Haha... I played for about 20hours plus but in the game, it was recorded as almost 60 hours. Lol. I did not know how to slow down the emulator speed. It was so fast that I could not even see how much damages my characters were making. But anyway, because of the 3x speed, it only wasted 1.5days of my holidays. Haha... I am interested in Persona... But the gameplay is still very confusing for me. And there is lacking of good guides so I shall leave it for some time in the future.

Huh... I finally watched L! I am really disappointed. No more mind-boggling genius mind game like Death Note. It is just a mere detective movie. Lucky they say it is a Death Note spin-off, so I don't feel that cheated as I know it won't be about Death Note. I won't be buying the movie as there are a lot of gross scenes. Bleah...

I spent almost $100 to get Kingdom Hearts and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle artbooks. Yay! I was very happy. Maybe I should open and see it now to lift up my mood.

What else? Oh ya... Yesterday I checked my school mail for the first time and I had a shocking message: Chinese CA next week. Haiz... Then this week, 3 chapters will be covered. That means next week I have Chinese CA, Quiz, 3 exercise, 1 assignment. Madness.... My 1 minute of shame this Thursday is also worrying...

I had my first 0 for my pr1103 this week. What the heck! The marker made an error and it was really shocking for me o_o! My first accident also happened today as I toppled the bottle of my preparation. I made some noise but lucky nobody heard so I need not to repeat and just cheated by adding water. Nevermind... You people are okay, don't worry, I am not interested to go into clinical field and dispense medicine for you. Haha... Well, it does not really matter. 0.3% of final grade only... I am more worried for my physio CA. T_T God, please save this cute boy!

And yeah, Prince of Tennis has finally ended. The ending was a disappointment. It really leaves a bitter taste for me. I love the anime/manga so much at the beginning and middle... But just need the last chapter to spoil my whole feelings. Haiz...

Yesterday was the Scrutiny #2... One last one to go...

I am tired... stressed... burnt out....