Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I just got back my PR1103 practical reports for last week and I did quite badly RELATIVELY to the rest. Lol. If it is not relative to others, my grade is already very good to me. The problem was the wrong folding... I folded the reverse way. Yeah the top ones are the correct ones and the bottom ones are the wrong ones. I have to honestly say that the wrong way of folding yield a neater/cleaner/nicer packets as there the foldings are hidden. So how would I know that I did a mistake/folded wrongly lor.. Obviously I never paid attention during demo. Haha..

During the weekend, I rushed through to finish watching GUNDAM SEED! WOW! I have to agree that this series rocks! Although there is a bit of lovey-dovey aspect (I am not sure whether I like it or not), I definitely love the fact that now the female characters are getting stronger and participating in the war in terms of riding mobile suits or leading the battleships. The war is 3-sided so it is so exciting and the battleship battles rocks.... (Igelstellung... Gottfried... Helldart... Wombat... Lohengrin... FIRE!)
Now I am in dilemma whether I should spend my CNY holidays mugging or chionging Gundam Seed Destiny. I guess it will be the latter because I think it will be even more exciting then the preceding series. Anyway during CNY, there will be no shuttle bus so I will be stuck in the room.

While on the topic of gundam, there is something interesting about me. I use my initial, gwc, for a forum. And someone guessed whether gwc=gundam wing custom. Haha... I never thought about that. What a smart guy! I never thought that because the robot should be wing gundam custom... Lol...

Yeah it has a shape of an angel but it is the strongest mecha in Gundam Wing. Its twin buster rifle can destroy a colony. It is just like me :p Angelic look but hiding a grave danger beneath....

Friday, January 25, 2008

Disney Lunar New Year

Haiz... I will not take bus anymore after my RCIY sessions. Last Friday I was complaining because I thought taking mrt+bus only saved about 10mins of the journey time. I was wrong. It saved me 40 damn minutes. Haiz... The good thing of taking bus today was I saw the Chinatown decoration.

Well, the incoming new year is a rat year. It is not surprising to see that most of the rat decorations are Mickey and Minnie Mouse. But I was so surprised to see this year's Chinatown decorations. Apparently it was not only me who was amazed because the whole bus was "aaahing" and "oooohing". Lol... The theme was disney. At the beginning, there are Mickey and Minnie only. But along the way, there are Donald and his 3 nephews, Pluto, I might miss Goofy, but there is Winnie the Pooh's gank too! Wowowowow... Pooh was holding the chinese dragon. Awesome... I wish I had a car and can visit Chinatown in the middle of the night to take the photos...

I think so far (from the previous CNY and Christmas decorations), this is the best and the one that makes me most happy! Disney rocks! :p

Thursday, January 24, 2008

New skills

I picked up new skills this week. The first one is in term of music. On Monday, I went for angklung practice. Hohoho as expected, it was pretty easy to play. It just the right shaking that I still could not master and thus I was not very confident to shake it. I was so lucky to take the A note as I thought it was the least played note. And yeah... it IS! There is one song that I only need to shake 3 notes only. Haha... There are 3 shows coming in a few weeks time but unfortunately I won't be playing for any. The first reason is that I am still new and not confident with my shaking and secondly the shows require full day rehearsal during school days when I have Chinese lessons. So it is just not possible for me to skip.

Talking about Chinese, week by week, I learn new words. But I never hear those words being used by my friends leh... I wonder why. Haha... Today I had my first tutorial and I have to say I successfully embarrassed myself. The most embarrassing one was the qi (7). I wanted to say it short, not too draggy, but it turned out to be the wrong tone. So I repeated with a big grin (I always laugh at my own mistakes) and anyway when you say qi your mouth widens in the way you smile, then the teacher said "That's correct! With the smile too.". What the....?!&!(@&!@^(*!
Then came the tone exercise. My weakest one is the 2nd tone. And everytime my turn came, it was always the word with the second tone. There is one word I am not really sure on how to pronounce: zhei so I pronounced it as chey! The teacher never made noise so I guess it should be fine.

The thing I hate is that everytime it was my turn to say, one guy always looked at me. I think I did the most number of mistakes and he was anticipating... Or maybe.... I am too cute to resist :p LOL LOL LOL.

Ah ya... GEK1001 sucks... It is a confirmed S/U! I wonder whether it is really a level 1000 module. And by its number, who would not expect that this module is the easiest among all arts gem rite? Haiz... Wrong module -_-

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I feel amazingly lucky for the past few days. It has never been like this. I guess it is a good sign. I hope my luck strike will still continue on until the end of semester when exam comes as there will be a lot of MCQs and a lot of things to whack. Haha...

Ballot result was out on Monday and I have to thank God for saving me from troubles of appealing. I feel very lucky that I get all that I balloted. Only LSM1401 tutorial was given the most unfavourable time. But I guess it is better still to be given something than not at all like what happened to some people. I just hope my friends can get into the same time slot for GEK1001 so that I have someone to do project with.

PR1103 practical went quite smoothly too. The only irritating moment was when I had to retype and reprint the label for 4 times. Wth... Slow programme + stupid programme (what appears on the screen does not correspond to what is printed) + irritating young lady which not only has a 'slap me' look but also is not very helpful (i guess she is another 'gigi' in the making -_-). I still managed to finish so yah... no complain... It is the best practical so far as it is related to pharmacy practice in the future. Unlike last sem practicals which I found quite useless for the future.

VIRUS ALERT! Woah.. this one was super duper damn lucky. I almost (really really ALMOST) opened the virus chain mail via msn. Lucky I chose 'save' and not 'run' as I intended to scan it before I opened. LUCKY!

Okay, now comes the not so good ones...

The photo was damn dark. It looks as if the object was the shop decorations behind. Haha... I posted this because anyway cannot see my face. Too dark :p I regret that I did not take any narcist photo with my hair before I cut. This one looks pretty good but unfortunately to dark to be enjoyed as my collection :( Damn sad...

I quarreled with a friend yesterday. Haiz -_-! Not only I was ignored, the quarrel continued on. I don't wanna think about it anymore and about how annoying the 'do you even care?'. What the heck!

Yesterday I could not wake up and skipped lecture. It marked the first time I watched a webcast. Hey not bad... I feel that it is nicer to watch it than to attend the real one because: 1) it is shorter 2)no need to wake up early 3)can speed up up to 1.6x actual speed 4)can pause or repeat anytime i want. Yeah... Hurray to webcasting!!! It should be made compulsory for all modules!

Okay... I guess it is long enough for today. Maybe I will write again tomorrow :)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ugly Photos

I just finished looking through my RCIY camp. Gosh, I looked damn ugly in the photos because I was always asleep in all the group photos. I really do not know what made me always closed my eyes leh... Haiz.. Even in the photo at which we were supposed to make ugly expression, the ugly expression that I was making was my sleeping mode -_-" There are only 2 in which my eyes were opened. Unfortunately, in one of them, my face was half blocked. Damnit! The other one was ugly because my face was sooo oily. Haiz.. I must take care of my face and hair. For my baptism, this kind of thing cannot be repeated. I will make sure that I have no pimples and keep oil paper on my pocket. I must make sure I look good in this once in a life time opportunity.


I went to see my dentist yesterday and guess what: the receptionist said that I lost weight. Lol.. I told her that I gained and I looked slim because I was in all black. She did not believe. Haha... This is very dangerous as though I become fatter, I look as if I slim down. Haiz... No wonder people always don't believe when I tell them that I am fat and trying to lose weight. Now that I had my hair cut, I guess people will realise that I am fat (today a senior said "I want to pinch your cheeks... So chubby" -_-!) because my head/hair looks slimmer than my face.

I am in terrible pain now as my teeth are moving. Yesterday the dentist did something such as my upper and lower teeth did not meet when I closed my mouth. This morning... tadaaa.... they meet already.. I think during my sleep, it was naturally that my mouth must be in a resting state and the upper teeth forced the lower ones to move so that they could meet. Haiz...

Interestingly, the pain makes my appetite bigger. Nothing enticed me for the past week but today I felt the urge to 'junk-eating' again. I guess partly because today I felt my stomach shrunk a bit (and yeah I lost 1 kg)... I bought the Korean Old Chang Kee (at Vivocity but I don't know exactly the name) and it was pretty good. I was tempted to eat prata and roti john for dinner and lucky there were sold out. In the end, I had breakfast for dinner (meaning sandwich and shumay). I am tempted with McD CNY meal but that one I can get at school because it is cheaper anyway. As long as I am not tempted to potato chips, I still feel safe.

I am finally watching Gundam Seed now. Wow... I have to say it is damn cool! The story line is just soooo gooood! I cannot stop -_-! My study plan will be totally disrupted if this continues on. Haiz... I guess I have to chiong today so that I can leave tomorrow for study purposes: LAC1201 homework and reading practical manuals (I don't want to collect zeros 0_0 ). Lucky my GEK1001 readings for last week are is almost done. 2 more pages left. It was a complete waste of time as I could understand nothing and the main points were already mentioned in lecture slides.

Dean's List! Oh yeah! Everyone's favourite magic word for university. I am never attracted but now I have every reason to mug like crazy to be listed. My senior said that 5 CCA points are awarded! If it is 5 per semester, I will be able to fulfil 25% of my requirement just by mugging like crazy... I will start that next semester because the points for next year cannot be accumulated from the ones this year. Haiz... CCAs are just waste of time. I will be joining angklung on Monday. I hope it is a fun cca and a place to harvest cca points easily...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Now it's feel like schooling

With tutorials kicking in, I have no choice but to start to revert back to my study habit as I was in secondary school and JC. A bit difficult but I guess I have to start doing my work properly. I 'accidentally' heard people's conversation on the road or on the bus, that actually people do well at sem 1 and/or sem 2. After that, it won't be a breeze to do well anymore. I guess that's true because not only the level of difficulty of the modules has gone up, but also sucky modules such as SS, GEM, Breadth must be taken. Haiz...

I just had my first Chinese class lesson yesterday. Lucky I learnt a bit before but unlucky that I learnt too little to help me now. Haiz.... 200 words to learn and I guess I only know 20 words. Not so much of a help. The first homework is still easy (well, 1 is just 1 line, 2 is just 2 lines, 3 is 3 lines) and does not really take so much time. But the second exercise is already -_-" I must see again the words, the shapes, and the tones... I think I have to practice pronounciation also! I still cannot distinguish 2nd and 3rd tone as well as c, ch, qi, qu, j sounds. They all sound the same to me.

Arts modules are super duper boring! Haiz.. Next time, I won't take geography (or history) modules anymore. The most I want to take is business/marketing type. I don't like abstract and useless things. I read the readings for today just now (well I only read the 2 thinnest stack) and the first one was a really turn-off. I totally don't understand what I have read. The Feng Shui stack is more ok as it is more interesting and more applicable. Well how to survive? The other 2 stacks are just too thick ...

I met my senior to get her LSM1401 book for $20. I think it is a good bargain. She told me that last sem, her lab+assignments were awarded C grade so her final exam was not so much help. Haiz... I guess this sem must really do the lab work properly... I won't let the lab be a disappointment like Physical Pharmacy last semester. Dispensing practical has to be taken seriously also. It's easier to get 0 than to get any minus mark... Gosh.. This has relevance for my future work so I have to do better work than last semester.

Eating at school canteen is cheaper than at PGP. Hahaha. My lunch and dinner for today add up to $5.30 only. That includes a juice also. Wow.. And from arts I walked back to PGP. I sweat only a bit so I guess not so much energy was expended. Haiz... At least that counts as a little exercise.. Better than taking bus. Lol...

I have to sleep early and wake up early to ballot tomorrow..

Monday, January 14, 2008


fter the not-so-enjoyable class reunion on Saturday, yesterday's reunion with my closest harmoc friends rocked! Wheeee... It's so different to meet and talk with people you are comfortable with and like versus with fake friends. Lol. I skipped lunch and was very hungry at dinner time (Ajisen Ramen plus the soft shell crab... Usually I always have the baby octopus but it's time for a change :p). Had my craving for cheesecake fulfilled at Secret Recipe also. Nice people! Let's have meeting again. I think a combined birthday celebration after our series of 12th... Lol. Then we can exchange gifts again.

Today was the first day of the new semester. Yeah... It was kind of a reunion after one month never see each other. (Unfortunately) only 5 of us had lunch at Pizza Hut. I suggested we ate at Clementi so that I could go back faster but in the end we talked and talked and gossiped until 3pm (until the waitress offered us plain water 2x). Haha.. 3 consecutive days of a lot of talking makes my mouth very tired. My throat went dry for few times be it yesterday or today. Yeah I talked a lot although my friends will say the dryness was because I spit out too much saliva (Sorry... hahaha..)

It was raining like hell as I was going back. I took 96 and had to cross the road to get to Central Library. It was like wading a river as I climbed down the stair. Could see the water flowing down the river. Lucky my shoes were not VERY wet. Printing is still a chore I hate (second to doing laundry). The library was full and I will think twice before taking any arts modules. I spent almost $20 to print. That was like almost 400pages. Crazy...

Ah.. Chinese makes me want to cry. The lesson has not even started. I wished I memorised more things last time. I guess it would help a lot. I can only count 1 to 99... Plus, wo ai ni ta mama baba da siao de and some other simple vocabs. Not more than 50 words I guess. And now I need to learn 200 words and 400 phrases??? Slit throat alr. I was so shocked when I see 1 million is said as a hundred of ten thousand in Chinese. That was damn lame -_-

This is from the forum (be it the forum or the announcements at IVLE was not update, the dates are still last sem dates):

My tutor told us upteenth time not to make sentences which will change the whole *meaning* of the word given in the making sentence section.

For example, if the word given is xue2, we cannot make a sentence using *da4 xue2* or *xue2 sheng1*. Similarly, we cannot use *ke3 neng2* if the given word is *neng2*.

So I was wondering, if the word given is *qing2*, as in *ai4 qing2* de *qing2*, how can we make a sentence out of it? Am I allowed to use *gan3 qing2* (feelings) or *ai4 qing2* then?

If I live in Harry Potter world, I will say I am taking ancient runes... It is really like reading an archaic language. I don't even remember which number is for which tone... Die liao...

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Haiz... actually I am not in the mood to write. I should be printing notes now if the stupid library is not closed. Yeah I understand that it is holiday and whatsoever, but please.... it's thelast day of holiday and it should be expected that students will do last minute work and print notes on the last day. Haiz... Ok complaining does not help. I just need to find out what I need for tmr and ask a friend to photocopy.

This evening I have a dinner with my closest harmoc friends. It should be a nice one, unlike yesterday class reunion (hueks...). The dinner would be at Ajisen. Yesterday's New York New York was a complete waste of money. Maybe I did not order the expensive enough one but how to order what if the pictures in the menu are so lacking and the descriptions are deceiving.

While talking about food, my appetite is really surpressed because I realise that I lost no weight and currently in 'alert' mode. Oh noo oh noo oh noo.... I'm not interested in nice food and snack anymore. Surprising but it's good I suppose. I will cut down my portion of dinner and lunch on usual days as this semester will be more slack than last semester (at least from the timetable).

School begins tomorrow and I am still lethargic. I skipped (and lied) or a meeting and RCIY on Friday, a CCA meeting in 20mins time, and almost (thank God i still went in the end) did not want to attend mass yesterday. Haha...

I'm very lethargic but I still spent so much time rushing through Prince of Tennis manga scan yesterday. Haha... Was too excited after reading the spoiler for the final match so I decided to read everything from where the OVA left off. Lol...

So yeah... The Prince defeated the King and the Emperor already. I hope the Child of God will be victorious. It's ridiculous if he loses...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Personality according to Chinese Horoscope

My birth year: Fire Rabbit
My birth month: Wood Dragon
My birth day: Metal Rabbit
My birth hour: Metal Tiger

Belonging to the same house as the Tiger - Development - the Rabbit conquers, but by diplomacy rather than outward aggression. But, as the Tiger's yin counterpart, the Rabbit displays strong defensive qualities when trouble threatens those dear to its heart.
Usually, however, the Rabbit wears an air of kind tranquility and tender compassion, in which people are ready to confide. People whose year animal is the Rabbit are endowed with a caring personality, usually yearning for a large families and, if deprived of the joy of their own offspring, are likely to enter the professions involved in children's education, nursing, looking after the underprivileged, or even animal welfare. Rabbit personalities are gifted judges of character, valuing sincerity and despising deception.

Other Animal Influences:
TigerA favourable sign showing that help may come from someone in authority. Some problems can be solved more easily than had been anticipated, once the right connections are made.

The doubled year animal here shows increased self-awareness, and an ability to work independently despite a lack of encouragement from those who would help.

An unfavourable combination, which suggests financial instability. It is important to handle the cashflow carefully, and budget for emergency.

4 Wood
A superabundance of the Wood element makes the creative side too dominant. The effect of this can be a fractious and unpredictable temper. The character is highly imaginative but with too many ideas and fanciful ambitions. There is a danger of being a dreamer without the capability to put plans into action. You can reduce the Wood influence by introducing the Fire element. (Maybe I should wear/like red more??? Lol)

1 Fire
A balanced proportion of Fire in the horoscope suggests level-headedness. Important matters are dealt with sensibly and practically. In business, this character would make a good intermediary or agent.

1 Earth
The Earth element is present and helps to stabilize the personality, but because Earth is the central to the Four Directions, it needs to be firm and strong. if there is only one Earth is present, it is better when supported by Fire. (I have 1... Is it another sign that I have to wear/like red more???)

2 Metal
Aspects of the Metal element are distinct in character, but favourably so. Here is someone with ambition and drive, determinded to succeed, and yet not too self-centred to forget friends. Thre is strong competitive business streak - such people drive a hard bargain. Enterprise and eagerness are qualities that will ensure wealth in later years.

0 Water
Without Water as the element of communication, there may be difficulty in expressing thoughts. Such people tend to have little sense of danger, and their recklessness is often mistaken for bravery. Taking little care for personal safety, they are accident prone. It is beneficial if there is Metal to remedy the imbalance. (Well I have 2 so it should not be a big problem... Haha.. More blue or black?? I have plenty of blues and blacks).

Well, believe if or not, I find this pretty accurate. It explains my moodiness, kiasuness (although I still have my common sense in competition), fondness of green, and independence. It's not that I want to be like that but I am born that way. Hmm... Can be rich when I am old is good and I should remember to have more red :)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Final Fantasy I

Wow... I have been intensively playing Final Fantasy 1. I finished the game 2 days ago with a total time of 28:28. It was mad! I guess... I checked my other Final Fantasy saved games and I can confirm now that this one is ridiculously time consuming. I finished FF5 in 18 hours plus and I compared the length of the game guides... Wheee.... I wasted too much time to level up for this one. The 'normal' mode is so difficult. It is just crazy! 670000 exp to reach level 40. Now I am playing the 'easy' mode and with 105000 exp, I am already at level 28. I am replaying in easy mode to open up all the galleries section. The bestiary section will be quite trouble some. 3 more rare monsters that I don't know how to find, although I know where to find. I hope I can finish this by monday as I still have Conan Live Action to watch. Haiz... Goodbye my target to finish watching Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny.

I am still sick for the past week -_- My cough is getting worse. I woke up several times for the past few nights due to cough. Sigh... I hope I am getting better soon..