Monday, May 28, 2007

Curse of the Sleep

Last week was a very exhausting week. However, it still gave me a shock that on Saturday, I could not resist the urge to sleep at 10 pm. I don't think I ever slept that early in the past few years. That was okay. But yesterday, up to 5 pm in the afternoon, I was awake only for a total of 3 hours. That was a bit crazy. Even up to today, I am still feeling quite sleepy. I woke up at 5 am and I felt refreshed, but when I slept again, until now I am still feeling sleepy. Gosh... too much sleep is not very good for the body. I don't know how I will survive tonight to watch Desperate Housewives and Inuyasha. Tsk tsk tsk...

My free music course continues on and last Saturday was quite full of content. From the relative major and relative minor (1.5 intervals up and down respectively) as well as sus. Phew... a long way to go. I wonder what I had learnt in my 12 years plus of music lessons in Indonesia. I play suckily and theoritically, I am also not good. Waste of money and I am just purely talentless.

It is already a school holiday and I am pretty surprised (and happy) to find that the computer stations in the library is quite empty. Yihaa... Though the road is already quite crowded (not surprising because the Great Singapore Sale started last Friday). I am yet to find any good bargain. Hehehe... And the good thing is that from 31st May onwards, it will be Toys Fair at Taka B2 square. Oh yeah... I have been waiting for this for months and I hope I can get the toys collections that I have missed (with a very cheap price too of course).

Eh how come today the blogger does not auto save??? I thought it was a new feature. Hehehe... It's okay. The auto-save is quite irritating, I think.

Spiderman is just not my film. This is the second time I wanted to watch it but when the planned day come, I feel lazy. I guess I will just give it a pass. This Thursday will be reserved for Shrek 3 and I hope that it will be lame, funny, entertaining, and not cheat my money. After that... I am really bored. There won't be any good film until mid June (Fantastic Four) and July (Harry Potter... and of course the book too).

Boring boring boring... I hate waiting... No info about scholarship... Must wait until medical check up so that I can go home... Ah this sucks sucks sucks!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Now I remember

Now I remember what I wanted to write yesterday. Haha.. It is about A.I. Not artificial intelligence but American Idol. Phew...the final sucked. It was a shame that Blake was in the final. There is no way that he could outperform Jordin. So it was not surprising when the result was announced. It should have been Melinda. Then the final would be more interesting and the announcement of the result would be more exciting because both Melinda and Jordin have great voice and both have equal chance to win. Too bad... Too bad...

I borrowed Ranma 1/2 yesterday. I thought it would be a crappy series but hey... though it is lame etc... I like it. I will borrow some more. Hahaha.. The Suikoden 3 is also nice and I hope the next time I go to Orchard Library, there will be the other volumes.

Letter from NUS came yesterday and CRAZY!!! There are so many things to do. I am so confused with the so many information given...and must do this must do that.. I don't know what to say but all the procedures are too troublesome and time-wasting. I think I shall read it carefully only on Sunday night. I am too tired this week. Ahh... I am still hearing nothing about scholarship and the information that there will more letters to be sent for this and that just make my head wants to explode. I am so lazy to go back to my old rental place so often because the walking distance is pretty far. Haiz...

I could not understand what was going on in Pirates. That happened for the second one and I thought since I had watch the second one, I would understand this better. But there was no difference. Who the hell is the calyso and how can she change into crabs?? How does Will lift of the curse from the Dutchman?? Though the action scenes are cool (thanks to the great music that creates very exciting atmosphere), I am disappointed that the final battle is only one-on-one ship battle. The rest of the pirate lords and EIC ships just do nothing. So stupid.. DISAPPOINTING!!! I hope Shrek 3 will be better... 31st of May aka next Thursday

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Finally, the rental problem was solved yesterday and now I can relax and forget where to stay blah blah blah until university starts. The posting result was finally out and I am admitted into pharmacy (my happiness did not last long because I heard that someone I hate...really hate...will be in pharmacy's a small country here). Now I am still waiting for the package sent via post and after that can I plan for what to do next. And I am still waiting for scholarship offer to appear in my e-mail inbox.

Now I am waiting until 1250 to come. I am looking forward to watch Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End. Phew...if I knew there were so many sneak previous shows yesterday, I would watch it yesterday. I was planning to watch both Pirates and Spidey3 but I guess I won't be able to catch Spidey. Yesterday there were several screenings for Spidey but today there is only one at Lido. The timing clashes with Pirates (I wanted to watch the 1145 show but it was at a smaller lousy studio...) so that makes 3 Spidey films I never watch in cinema. Hahaha...

I still cannot find another Baby Blues comic book but my Calvin and Hobbes still lasts another 1/2 book. So not to worry. Interestingly, the interesting and funny comics are the ones related to naughty kids (hahaha... after you become a parent, then maybe it won't be funny anymore because I don't think it is funny if you have to deal with kids as naughty and as crazy as Calvin, Zoe, or Hammie).

Arrgh... my brain is cracking... I can't say anything else and I still have an hour to kill... Uhh...

Monday, May 21, 2007


Whew... I think I have been rejected from medicine and now my future is still undecided. My application is still processing and processing which means I am being kicked here and there and here and there until someone accepts me. Oh no... Poor me...

Well, now I am going purposeless in Orchard Road. Hahaha... It's good if everyday Orchard Road is as quiet as Monday morning. Then people can enjoy the shopping experience more. Honestly, I am envious to the shopkeepers.. Ah.. I wish I can work at a shopping centre again. Though this time I want it to be slack (like 3 days a week only) and I want to be paid promptly. Well well well... I'll check out kinokuniya later to look for something that I can buy (actually I have nothing on my mind but since it is discount...he he he.. shall get something to buy).

I went to the net and oh no... I found out that there are so many Gundam Wing books I missed out (well the anime was in the year 1995..... I don't think I knew Gundam at that time): The New Mobile History Gundam Wing Perfect Album, The New Mobile History Gundam Wing Postcard, and Model. I put the pictures respectively...

I am also interested in learning Chinese and Japanese while I have so much free time... But more often... I want it today and in the end, I don't wanna do it tomorrow. Just like when yesterday I felt like watching Spiderman 3 today but today I feel so lazy to do so. Aiyah... I shall concentrate on my organ for church first. There has been improvement... I shall see in this week how much I can improve and to decide whether I should quit or not.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Urgh... I am so lazy to return to Singapore even though I come back for holidaying (meaning not for studying). I can't imagine the feeling of dullness when I have to come back here again after school reopens. I have been lacking of sleep because I was quite busy for church stuff on Friday and Saturday. In addition, I am quite stressed up with some of the rental problems I am facing right now. I don't want to be upset because of this matter anymore because even though I wish I can stay at my current place, I already have another place if I have to move out (and I don't mind going home anyway).

On Friday, I had RCIY. It was a good one. I think the people are great and fun. It was an enjoyable session. I almost gave it a miss because I wanted to go for Kino sale (and I needed Erik's card. Thank God, he agreed to go again on Saturday... Hehehehe...). It is in contrast with the choir on saturday. Gosh... I am in the verge of giving up. Walawe... the standard expected for the organist is very high. The playing has to be so sophisticated. I will try my best for the next 2 weeks and see how. It's my own fault. I am fixed-minded at organ that when I have to play piano style (meaning both hands are active at pressing many many notes), I find it horrendously difficult. It will be a shame if after I stay in the choir for 2 months, I still cannot play. Haiz... Even they allow me to sing only I would be quite reluctant because my pipes are not that talented. And the people there does not become a pull factor for me to stay. I AM CONFUSED!!!!

Let's go to the happy stuff. I have bought Gundam Seed RBG, Gundam Seed Destiny Fanbook3, and the Gundam Seed/Seed Destiny Pin-up books. It will be the latest additions to my collection for quite some time (because I don't think there is anymore good books I want to buy). I borrowed Baby Blues books from the library. I was quite angry initially because I could only find 2 books but in the end I saw under the "new" section: The Art of Gundam Wing. I was soooooooooo tempted to go back to kino to look for it and buy (though many of the pictures I already have). Fiuh...luckily I did not do that. After I read the first page carefully today, I saw the original title of the book and I actually had the original Japanese book. So need to buy that one :)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Prince Returns

I hate packing!!!! Grrr… Especially to pack for returning to Singapore. Ah… I am so lazy… And I forget to make copies for passport for fiscal arrangement tomorrow. I don’t know lah. I am really not in the mood (it always happens everytime I have to return to the hellish island).

I am listening to V6 album while typing this. The “Infinity” album is definitely better than the “SeVen”. But generally the songs are nice. I searched for another album yesterday but could not find any. It would be easier to buy in Singapore but that would be in CD form. I prefer cassette. Phoo…. I could not find Takki & Tsubasa’s newest album (2 You 4 You) and I wonder why because the first 2 albums were released here in Indo. Maybe next time…

I transferred the midis to my handphone already, with additional some mp3s. Now only 39 MB of free space is available in my phone and I think my phone has lagged slightly. But never mind about that.

I just went to see a carnival in front of Mal Kelapa Gading. Unfortunately, it was disrupted by rain. The rain was quite heavy and even the performers were running away to the nearest sheltered areas. Haha… The only thing I saw (funnily, the parade was not moving when I was there) was Japanese cosplay. I could only recognise Inu Yasha and Kagome, though the cosplayers were gross. The Kagome was wearing spectacles (dotz…) and she was very very ugly. The Inu Yasha was helped by the good costume (including the hair and the doggy ears) thus he did not look that ugly. I could not see the tessaiga anyway.

I guess that’s all I have today. So sian… So boring… So sucky…. Now comes the most boring thing to do (and the saddest): to wrap my toys cabinet. Hu hu hu….

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Trial and Error

Hmm… I wonder why the phrase should be ‘trial and error’. People are confident that they would never get it correct in 1 try only??? I guess so… Hahaha… But it’s true anyway. I remembered last Friday when I tried to mix 2 different flavours to make a jelly. I was mixing chocolate and melon. It was a disaster. The chocolate powder coagulated. I wonder whether it was because I was mixing a non-fruit flavour that it coagulated. Nonetheless, the dark chocolate colour masked the overall gross appearance so it did not look so horrible. Hahaha…. Though I still could see the lumps of chocolate powders. Next time I shall try mixing 2 fruit flavours. I am planning to go for melon and grape. I wonder how the colour would be. About the taste….it was very interesting because every block of jelly tasted differently. That means I did not stir the whole thing good enough.

Yesterday I packed up my PSX and today I started on my anime. I wanted to start with Death Note 2: The Last Name but the subtitle was too horrible and I decided to throw away the dvd. -_-! Must buy a new one. Instead, I watched Prince of Tennis OVA: The National Championship. It is VERY GOOD!!! I guess it is even better than the tv series because here every match is kept in 1 episode. It is better than a match stretched to 3 or 4 episodes. Though I guess the ability of the players are becoming more ridiculous and non-sensical. It is still interesting and enjoyable (especially the very entertaining and ‘disgustingly’ funny bonus episode 7). Maybe I am too obsessed with the series that I still like it no matter what. Just like Gundam Wing. Hahaha… I am looking forward to the continuation. I heard that it would be only about 13 episodes. I finished watching till the 9th so if it really ends at 13, that means Seigaku is beaten by Hyoutei. Let’s just see…. I will go to the internet to hunt some information about this.

Today I downloaded a few anime songs and I must say it was a failure again. Only 1 Gundam Wing song is good enough (Snow Planet by Misty Eyes) and 1 Prince of Tennis song which I thing is so-so (I am still considering of deleting it away). Anyway, my last night midi hunt was more than successful. Other than getting the Final Fantasy 8 songs I want, I also got many good songs from other games (Lunar ^o^, Suikoden, Valkyrie Profile, and Harvest Moon). They will be great additions to my handphone. Tee hee…

Ah…. I am very lazy to go back to Singapore. The only thing I am looking forward to is kino discount on Friday and Saturday. Though it means I will spend quite a big sum of money. Nya….

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A very short holiday

I only have the time to play PSX and this time around I only played these 2 games: Final Fantasy VIII and Yu-Gi-Oh (I can’t recall the title). The Yu-Gi-Oh game sucks. It is not exactly like in the anime and thus I don’t know how to play the game. In the anime, it is replacing a low level monster with a higher level one but here, I have to fuse the cards. No aid is given from the game about the fusion and when I checked gamefaqs for the fusion rules, I just gave up! There is no way I can remember (or print) a very long list of what types of card to fuse with what types. No no no…. It’s a game worth throwing away.

Final Fantasy VIII rocks (It has always been and will always be the best game for me!!!) and I had a great time playing it. I managed to play without gameshark this time. Hohoho..what an achievement to get all the cards and get Squall, Rinoa, and Zell to level 100. Siren also reached level 100 and I collected 100 Curse Spikes to make Dark Matter. Phew…. Not an easy task. I always think that this game can be completed in less than 40 hours (actually if all the side quests are skipped, 20 hours should be sufficient) but I am hitting the 60th hours and I am still at the front of Ultimecia’s Castle. I still need to increase the levels of Irvine, Selphie, and Quistis. Wow…. And I shall remember next time when I play it again that I still haven’t found the energy crystals for Quistis’ and Rinoa’s weapons. Great game!!! Great game!!!

Talking about game, I am still very much shocked about the fact that there are 2 Prince of Tennis games for PSOne. Haiz…haiz…. I just knew it from the SMASH! Animation book. I wish I knew it long long time ago. Then I might be able to get it. I don’t mind even though they are in Japanese because they are sports games anyway. And I have several games in Japanese which I bought for the sake of collection (Suikogaiden 1 & 2, Inu Yasha, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Rurouni Kenshin, and the only one that I played wholeheartedly to collect the clips: Harlem Beat).

Next up, animes!!! Out of the 12 Saint Seiya Dvds, 2 are spoilt. I hate that!!!! I don’t know when (and even if it is possible) to exchange it. Wasted siah…. At least about 3-4 episodes cannot be watched in those 2 dvds. Scram!!! Prince of Tennis: The National Championship is okay and tomorrow I will start watching it. It is gonna be cool, I think. I will watch it after Death Note: The Last Name (with the very screwed subtitle). I wanted to watch that tonight but there was something wrong with the sound system. I will wait until tomorrow and plug the cables so that the audio is from the tv, not from the damned machine.

I am done with Gundam SEED mangas. I have to admit that Gundam mangas are not as exciting as the anime. Firstly is because the drawing is weirder than the anime (Gundam SEED drawing for the characters is worse than Gundam Wing) and secondly is because the story goes so fast that I cannot remember the character names (which are not easy to pronounce) and understand what is going on. The anime is better but longer. That is the sucks part. Oh ya…after reading the no 1 (USA version) and the rest (Indo version), now I can understand why some hardcore Japanese manga/anime fans hate USA version so much. They anyhow change the names (Ssigh is changed to Sai and worse: Raw Le Kleuze to be Rau Le Crusete). Uuh…it is just plain irritating.

Ayumi Hamasaki’s A Best: White and A Best: Black are not as good the very first A Best. The Black is better than the White (which only has about 4 or 5 good songs) but still not as good as the very first A Black. I think she is too kiasu for releasing two best albums at the same time. Should condense them to one album and just pick the very good ones leh….

I must go back to Singapore in two days time. I am so sad. Hiks…hiks… But anyway I still need to settle some matters pertaining to my university so there’s no way I can stay here forever. Haha… Thank goodness that my dad repaired the organ last weekend so in the remaining days I shall practice all my best. After that, here are the boring parts: packing luggage, wrapping my toys display cabinet, and putting mothballs to my comics cupboard.

Okay…now I am gonna search for Final Fantasy VIII midis for my handphone. Hehehe…

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Hohoho... I am home!!! Yipeee.... I am so happy...

After my interviews last week, my parents suddenly changed their mind and allowed me to go home. In fact, my mom forced me to go home with her on Saturday. But I was not free on that day because I needed to attend choir in the afternoon and in the end, I was home on Sunday. Hehehe... The reason was that I wanted to get the hymn book and scores so that I could practice with my home organ. Unfortunately, the organ is spoilt. So now I am really devastated and I am considering to quit because I wonder how the heck I can practice... Haiz... God please help me.

Beside the organ, my aircon was also spoilt (it was repaired this afternoon). So I was sleeping in a spa for the last 2 days. I thought it should be fine because in Singapore I am used to sleep with fan. However, the matter of whether the windows are opened or closed is very important. It is impossible to open the windows here (because of the mosquitos) so it was impossible for me to sleep.

I feel that my holiday is too short this time. There are so many things I want to do. Right now I am playing Final Fantasy 8 again from the beginning ( SeeD Rank initially was 9. Thanks to the gameguide). I have so many anime DVDs which I have not watched (Dear Boys, Death Note 2: The Last Name, Prince of Tennis National Championship, and 12 Saint Seiya DVDs I bought right after I arrived here). On top of that I still have Tallgeese II model to be assembled as well as Capricorn and Taurus Gold Saints. Haiz...haiz... I am gonna torturing my eyes -_-! By the way, I bought Taurus here (for Rp 25000) and it was very difficult for me to buy that because the box condition was pathetic. I chose the best one and still....when I compared that to the ones I bought in Singapore... I just wanted to scream.

I am a bit irritated with my Final Fantasy figurines. They have a smooth base but yet Squall, Rinoa, Tidus, and Ashe cannot stand properly. I am having no blue-tak to sticke and make them stand properly... Walaw...

I felt like writing about my medicine interviews went but now I am very lazy to do so. The outcome of my NUS application is not out yet so I guess I still need to wait patiently for some time... La la la....

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Interview tomorrow

Another week has passed and many things had happened. But I will mention a few important ( what is important to me, maynot be important for other people) ones. Hahaha...

Liang Court Kinokuniya had just celebrated its birthday and because of that (I think) there was no sale at Kino Taka for the Labour Day. Though I am not sure whether Kino always gives discount during past Labour Days (maybe it is Borders which always gives). So I had to get Erik to come with me to Liang Court so that I could get the discount. Hoho... Unfortunately (very unfortunately), Kino Taka is still the one with the largest collection. I could not find any US' version mangas at Liang Court (and I wanted to buy Gundam The Last Outpost 1,2,3 and Gundam Seed 1) as well as game guides (I wanted Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth game guide). Thank goodness Prince of Tennis 30.5 and Smash! Animation Book were available (though I could not understand why the Animation Book was about $2 more expensive than in Kino Taka). So in total I saved up about $16. However, Erik successfully tricked me unto eating at NYDC after that. He insisted that the Mud Pie was very nice and filling. Baah.... Crap!!! It was a waste of $12. Chey... But at least I now know what Mud Pie is. Hahaha...

Last Friday was the last Friday of the month so there was Orchard Road Late Night Midnight Shopping programme. It was only good to 'feel' the atmosphere and for me, there was no offer interesting enough to make me shop and shop. A good experience though.

Ah ya...before going to Liang Court, I was at Causeway Point and hey... I got a good bargain. A RABBIT doll for $5. Mwahaha... It really was quite difficult to find the one which looked quite decent (most have a weird-shape and distorted face) but in the end, I still bought one. Hohoho...

On Saturday was the first choir session for me. I shall censor and skip this part :p and on Sunday I decided to sign up for RCIY. Hopefully I made the correct decision and this can lead me to baptism as soon as possible.

There is something I forgot to write on top about my journey to Kino. Darn... There is a new book which I WILL surely not miss. Gundam Seed Pin-Up book!!! It costs about $50 and I will wait patiently for the Chinese (read: CHEAP) version at Comics. Though no matter what, I will still buy the original if there is no the cheap version. Hehehe... Oh ya...and the Smash Animation Book has a CD bonus. Inside is only a 12-minute nonsense (the seiyuus say things in Japanese) which I don't understand... Well not bad but I was kind of expecting a song in the CD. Hohoho...

Tomorrow will be my medicine interview. I sincerely pray to God that everything I had done for this will not go to a waste. But I can't do anything... Future.... Career... Everything is in God's hands. I leave it to Him. I hope everything is okay tomorrow. Whatever the outcome, I will be glad because at least now my mum is here. Hurray!!!!!