Friday, April 27, 2007

Busted!!! plan to watch an R21 movie was totally screwed. I already spoke with confidence of a 21-year-old guy and deepened my voice but there is no way that the person would not suspect that I am not 21 years old. My face is just too cute and babyface. I am not surprised though because even to watch NC16 films, I sometimes get asked about my age. Well....fine...I am a bit sad but overall I am happy that I look so youthful. No wonder even Teck Chuan commented that I looked (and maybe behaved) like a 15 year old KID. La la la...who least there are some uses of this babyface: I still can get students' offer for fast food meals, ermmm....then maybe I can charm my interviewers...and most importantly maybe girls will be attracted to me... Ah whatever lah...but I believe it will be easier for me to make friends because I am a warm (ehem...not HOT) person. Okay...this has gone too non-sensical.

3 days have passed since I moved to Sembawang. I feel great because my valuable nap times are assured. Hohoho... The only problem is only about laundry. I am so lazy to wash because the washing machine is so weird (dumb!). It takes 3 hours too clean. Then the disposal of the waste water is also troublesome. The drying area is always full of the girls' clothes. And lastly, because there are girls, I cannot anyhow hang my underwears at strategic locations as I like. I am thinking of getting laundry service to make my life easier.

I bought Umizaru yesterday for $3.95. I did not buy the box set of Umizaru 1 and 2 because I am sure that in the future, they will discount the Umizaru 2 down to $3.95. So 2 X $3.95 will be cheaper than $9.95. Unfortunately, the cds are screwed. CD 1 is totally unreadable by the computer and CD 2 is stuck here and there. I will exchange it today and I have no choice but to buy the box set because the Umizaru 1 was the last one. Haiz...haiz.... I was thinking of getting a refund yesterday but the film is just too interesting.

Yesterday was Idols Gives Back. It was so disappointing and not as exciting as I expected it to be. All the singers were not sensational (except for Josh Groban, Celine Dion and the unknown guy who dueted with her). But the twist was really nerve-wrecking. Ryan said "the most shocking result ever" and I already expected that either Jordin or Melinda would be out. It turned out to be: noone was voted out yesterday but this week's vote will be combined with next week's and the bottom 2 will go home next week. Okay...that was really shocking. Everyone had thought that Jordin would go home (she even cried) and I really think it was a superb twist.

I am currently trying to play Championship Manager 4. Because I want a new challenge, I chose a shitty club (usually I would love to pick Man U but then it is a confirm win one, so it won't be exciting). I picked Crystal Palace because I thought it had a cool name. Hahaha... Unfortunately I am getting sick of the game. At first, it was quite easy to win...then I started to get draws...then I started to lose. Alamak.... One match against CREWE (what an awful name and it was from the 2nd league) at a League club and I got screwed. I repeated that game by changing the players and formations for 5 times but alas... I could not beat them. I gave up after the fifth try because the losing margin had decreased from 0-5 to 1-2. So I guess it was not too bad. Hohoho....

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Shift out

Yeah... Finally... My agony is over... I have finally moved out from my Sembawang Hills Drive place. Although I really wished that I could stay there... At least I can save up money because I do not need to buy newspaper on my own and when I am jobless (as it is now), there are people I can talk too. So it won't be so boring. There is also aircon and laundry service and meal. Haiz...everything was perfect before the arrival of the 2 bitches from Malaysia. Well....I can't do anything because no matter what, my sleep is the most important thing. Ow very must go on.

My place at Sembawang now is okay. Yesterday I went there by taxi and I was so lucky that the taxi driver was very very friendly. We had a very enjoyable conversation. Hahaha... I believe it was because the driver was quite young. It was not as what I have been scared of:too hot at night for me to sleep. I slept quite well last night. Overall it will be a pleasing experience staying there, though there are some exceptions: I only know 3 out of 5 people there and there is this one very irritating Filipino girl. Ah...I shall say nothing about her. Oh ya...and the water pressure for the shower is super low. Except that, everything would be cool. MRT, Sun Plaza (the Comics Connection is huge but I can't find what I am looking for), and a hawker centre are all within walking distance. I can cut down on transport cost.

I am at Sembawang Library right now. I attempt to save money by reading newspaper in the library instead of buying. I think it will be a failure. I don't know how long I must queue until I can get the newspaper. Oh ya...currently I am very much vulnerable to the lure of gaming centres. I am not interested in the arcade games but I am into the pick-up-dolls game. Grrr... I want to win...I want to win...I want to win!!!! At least once....

Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday Blues

Wa wa wa.... Today started pretty badly. The heater was dead so I had to bathe with cold water. In addition, I forgot to bring a new bar of soap and I just realised that after I washed my face. So I had to dry myself again and took a new soap. I needed to go to VJ because I wanted to watch harmonica SYF, I took bus 76 which was really like a can of pressed mackarel. The driver could not even open the front door (Initially I though he DID not want to do that because the bus was full. But after I went in and I was so lucky to stand right exactly next to the door, I knew that if he opened the door, the person nearest to the door would be squashed). Thank God it was only for a one bus stop journey. I was rushing so that I could go with the school bus but in the end, the bus still left without me. It was all because of the stupid guard and his stupid visitor pass. I went to return the pass so that the bus did not need to stop at the gate and when I walked back to the bus... SWOOOOSH...the bus just passed me by. The guard still dared to scold me "Why you never say you are taking the bus??". Please lah... Hello...I already told you I CAME TO WATCH HARMOC SYF (and it's your problem if you think harmoc syf is held in VJ). The bracketed parts are obviously the words I did not tell him. Ya so in the end I took MRT to go to Singapore Conference Hall. Haiz....

Let's talk about the SYF. It was a really really WASTED opportunity! Chey...VJ's songs are the most difficult to play... They should get Gold with Honours But their play was pretty messy, I think that is the main reason that they get no honours NJ got Gold with Honours Although the songs are simple, they played very fluidly:no mistake, smooth, great to hear. But too's a music which is marked. So although technically our songs are more difficult to play and we had better showmanship, those could not mask the fact that the playing was not perfect. least it is still a Gold :) After SYF, I had lunch at the restaurant across the road. Darn...even carrot juice made by restaurant tastes horrible. It tasted the same as my home-made carrot juice (I made during my holiday) and the conclusion is: things which are healthy taste bad!!!

This morning I bought sausage mc muffin with no egg at McD. It was $2.30 and I was really startled when the cashier offered the burger+coffee for $2 only. How could that be??? But hey...she did a great service...I was pretty stunned by the $2 and she repeated. I said "Okay, but I don't want the coffee" and she replaced it with fresh milk. Haha...when I saw the expiry date of the milk, I laughed... No wonder she offered the milk. It will expire on the 12th of May.

It is quite unusual for me write backwards in terms of chronological orders but never mind...

On Saturday, I had audition for church choir (as an organist, not as a singer of course). It went pretty badly. I was asked to play a chordless 4 flats piece! What the freak!!!!??? When I pressed a wrong high note, the choir master immediately said "Ok that's enough!" Oops...~.~ At least I took back something important and I shall not do the same mistake for my medicine interview:when asked about reason for joining, never say FOR FUN. Haiz haiz haiz... I don't know what happened to me.

Yesterday was my essay admission test (I shall not go into its details...nor shall I go into details about how I could not sleep because of the 2 bitches) and I only felt so so. I did not really answer the last part of the question well. So yup...too bad. The psycho test was alright. No time limit was given so I really took my time and in the end, I freaked out because others finished so fast. Walawe....

There are few interesting observations I made. Firstly, majority were RJ people. I hardly saw people from VJ (only some from S11 and S12 and another few people from S2s). Secondly, I only saw 2 other people from SJI. I wonder why... SJI is not a bad school what??? Thirdly, there was this one guy who smiled and waved at me... And I don't even know him. I really could not recall his face whether I had seen him before. I saw that noone was behind me so he was really waving at me. Never mind about him.

Hmm...talked quite a lot of things with Huai Yuan.. He has been quite vulgar lately with words full of Fs and CBs... NS does change people so quickly. Mwahaha... He gave a lift to Plaza Singapura and hey...thanks a lot, that saved me $2. Hohoho... His mom also offered me help if I want her to call MOM about my stupid job. After my interview is over, feel my wrath, stupid Michelle!!!

Last night I watched Nada Sou Sou (woah....I really did not expect there was still a show...). It is a very good movie initially. Everything is screwed up at the end. Why must the main character die???? Haiz.... It has a good song (actually not the song but the music...very nice) and it taught me to press my nose to stop tears if I feel like crying. Well, if I really did that during the movie, I wonder how many times I had to do that. Hahaha... Finally, the day was closed by a Grilled Chicken Wrap from Long John Silver which I think was more like 'drinking a bottle of mayonnaise'. And miraculously, I somehow am accepted for the choir despite the quite-screwed audition. Hahaha...

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Medicine + Organ

It's been a long time since the last time I wrote. Or maybe, it SEEMS to be very long. While I am already free this week (I no longer work), there are many things going on which I need to prepare. On Monday, I went for a one day job to fold letters and put them into envelopes. I was told that there were 4000 letters but in reality, there were only about 3700 of them. I felt quite bad to my friend who asked me to help because I think I was rushing to finish the job asap while he was trying to make it as slow as possible. The pay is $6/hr and I think he needed money quite urgently. Haha... Anyway he could not blame me fully because it was quite silly to delay the job. I mean how long can you slow down the job of folding papers into 2? Sorry but I did not want to make myself look silly by continuously rubbing and caressing the stupid pieces of paper :p After the job, I had dinner with Monic and Dismas. I just realised that the shortlisted candidates for medicine were informed by POST. How can I expect this if even the NUS booklet says 'notified via E-MAIL'. So after the dinner (and all the reminiscence of CJCH life), I checked the mail at my place and yup... I got it. Phew...I don't know whether I should feel happy or what. But I am not optimistic or very confident about this. I wonder whether it is because I am too lethargic lately or it is pure low self-esteem. Haiz... Next step, I need to prepare the documents for portfolio, make 6 copies, send (though in the end I delivered it personally so that I can know the interview venue), and get ready for the essay test, psychometric test, and the worst of all: the interviews. Personally I don't think these are necessary because some people are just good actors and actresses (who may win Oscars if they were really to pursue acting as their career) that they can just bluff all the way and get into the course. After that... TADAAA....!!! all their shit appears. Haiz... Can't complain... Can't do anything about it. I am just too honest and too stubborn to choose not gonna lie and not gonna bluff. So I really think I will not be selected. But nobody knows. Hopefully the interviewers can see my honesty.

I signed up to be an organist at a church last weekend and I really did not expect that they would call so quickly. Right in the midst of my hurricane-wrecked mind on Monday morning, the phone rang to tell me to prepare for the audition. Now I feel very stupid because actually here I don't have any organ. So how the hell can I practice? I don't know lah... if God does not want me to serve him this way then let Him have his ways. Today I went to Emma's place to get the scores (I was thinking of The Skater Waltz and now I might use The Entertainer) and to practice using piano. I think it was no use. Piano and organ are just too different!! I hope the organ at Donny's place is still alright. Tonight I will try. If I really cannot get hold of any organ before Saturday, I am really in a deep trouble.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

Haiz...yesterday was one of my worst birthdays (I remember 2 years ago was pretty bad because I needed to stay up late at school to prepare for maths competition). Firstly, I got terrible scolding from the stupid boss. Worse, the scolding was for a mistake done by her, not me!!! Alamak...she called me when I was shopping some toys until the shopkeeper helped me to make the receipts first. But because it was not my mistake and it was my birthday, I kept cool. I think that irritated her most because she was already shouting and screaming and shrieking at the top of her voice and I still spoke like there was nothing wrong. Now come to the problem.. I already informed her that yesterday I wanted a day off. And on Monday she already agreed. Can you imagine how crazy she was for not reminding her on Wednesday that yesterday I was off??? Hello...who is the boss here? Okay...that was a crazy thing but I could not be bothered.

Secondly, I lost my umbrella (someone just 'borrowed' it without permission and up to now I still have not got it back) so yesterday when I wanted to visit VJ, I borrowed the maid's umbrella. Yeah...I lost that one on the bus. I tried to call the bus company and they could not help. Toa Payoh asked me to call Sengkang and Sengkang asked me to call Toa Payoh. Haiz....thanks to Mr Lee for the trouble getting me the number, and to Emma for speaking to the Toa Payoh person who apparently only speaks Chinese.

Basically only those 2 bad things yesterday lah. Haha... Strangely, I 'felt' that such things would happen already. Especially regarding the lost umbrella. When I boarded the bus, I got the feeling that I might forget the umbrella later. But silly me, I was still careless and lost it.

Yesterday Harmoc practice ended later than expected and in the end, Emma, Jinci, and I ate at Thai Pan. Jinci crazy said there were very nice and interesting FREE dessert. In the end, the free complementary gifts were merely TINY ecclairs. Aiyoh.... Haha...apart from that...I was so surprised with how the SYF team played yesterday. I felt they were good. Maybe because it was my first time listening to them and because I can't imagine my batch can play the songs the way they played yesterday. Hohoho...

Finally....I am fired!!! Hahaha...the stupid boss already got a new person today so I assumed that I am fired. It is good that she does that because I am planning to tell her tonight that I don't want to come anymore. She still has not paid and I am tired of waiting. Yep... $450 is gone...but I don't I am free and happy again. Oh yeah!!! Hahahaha....

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Happy Birthday, Gary!

Hahaha...that sounds so shameless but I don't care. Being a year older does not necessarily means all my bad aspects will just go away. I will still be the same Gary. Haha... One thing that makes me sad about this birthday is that I am 20 years old. The tens start with 2. That means I can no longer consider myself a kid. Haiz...gone are my childish, child-like, and toy ages. Hiks...hiks.. But no matter what, today is the time for excitement, joy, jubilation, exuberance, happiness, and blah blah blah... Hohoho...

I am going to complete my Final Fantasy action figures today. Hehe.. I will buy Yuna and exchange my Tifa (I bought it yesterday night) with a new one because my Tifa has some white thing sticking into her black outfits. Not nice... So must fight to get a perfect one. I also found good manga which I think never get into my country (and actually I don't expect it to exist in Singapore too). Unfortunately they cost like $30 each. That's madness.

My day will just be perfect if the 2 bitches staying next to my room does not start a war with me. They have been so noisy and inconsiderate and they still have the shame to complain about me 'telling' them to quiten down. What the hell??? They dared to write "I'm neither a vet or a cat, so I don't need a dog to bark at me". Huh...they think they are so creative??? My reply was " are not a vet, no wonder you don't know that dogs do bark at something else: BITCHES, especially noisy bitches". Haha... Bitch means a female dog okay... Hohoho... I told about this to the owner of the house but he did not give any resolution so I guess I have to do it myself. Stupid can he asks me to just "Let it be". I am the one getting irritated and disturbed, not him. And he won't get rid of these bitches because he wants the money. does make people go crazy.

Talking about money reminds me of my stupid boss who is yet to pay my salary. If until tomorrow I don't get it, then bye bye to her and good luck. I will just leave her. Hopefully she will get some trouble finding a replacement for me next week. That's all that I can do.

I am waiting for the announcement whether I get shortlisted for medicine but I think I am not. Yah..just leave it to God. Let him choose the best path for my future.

This afternoon I will go to harmoc practice and dinner with Emma and Jinci. I think it will be fun. Yeah!!!

And last but not least, I wish myself (again???!!!) a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope that I can get closer to God, be luckier and filled with His blessings, be more patient, and blah blah blah... I think it will be a long list if I want to jot down all my birthday wishes. Hahaha...but to summarise: hope that God gives me all the best for me according to his plan :)

Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Easter :)

I am so thankful that all bad events which are happening to me come during this Eastertide. It makes this Easter to be the most meaningful from all my Easters. I learn to be more patient with all those misfortunes and just let them be. Haha... It is as if I have so many problems!! Actually I only have one which is: my boss sucks because it is very difficult to get her to pay me. She keeps giving empty promises and I am losing my patience. She promised me to tell me when she would pay yesterday and unfortunately she remembered that. I intend on just walk off if by today I have not heard from her. Though it means I will lose my $400, I guess it worths the trouble caused to the boss for the next 2 weeks. she called and this time she promised me on Wednesday. Let's see whether she'll keep her words. I don't really feel like working anymore. 11 more days to go... Today I pretend to be sick and ask for another leave for 12th April to 'check the status of my NUS application'. These are not total bluff because I really have gastric and after I checked my mail, I haven't received any news about my medicine application. So I have to check on the 12th anyway. Why 12th??? Because it is my birthday!!! Hahaha... That is another reason for me not to be so sad of the possibility of not getting payment. I can't be sad during my birthday. Hohoho...

Hmm...that's all I have got to say... come there is nothing much for me to write today??? Maybe because the weather outside is pretty bad. It is going to rain heavily, VERY heavily and maybe I am a little bit anxious of getting wet. Hohoho... But yeah...I am going to check out some toy shops now. I want to buy Vaan figurine. Heh...

Maybe I shall write more about this year's Easter. I missed the chance to attend Maundy Thursday mass (AGAIN!!!!) but I did experience the holy hour. Cool...! It's a good experience. I was so surprised to see so many little kids coming (I attended the 1030 pm-1130 pm service) at such late hours. It was good that no toddlers anyway.. No noisy cries... This taught me how true the bible is when the apostles who went with Jesus to the Garden (I don't know how to spell Getshemane correctly) fell asleep. Trust me!! It is so difficult to remain awake!!! That was despite the fact that I felt very uncomfortable because the aircon at the area I was seated was off and the light on top of my head was so hot!!! Whew.... Good Friday was great because this year they used different songs, unlike the previous years. So it was not so boring. I guessed wrongly that there were 12 stations (in fact there are 14 stations). Easter Vigil is always an occasion I am eager to attend. This year I went with Andy and wow...he said that I have becoming thinner. Yeah!!! Diet is successful! Finally...Easter Sunday...which I missed again this year. Previously, I always deliberatel skipped Easter Sunday because I thought Easter Vigil=Easter Sunday. Unfortunately, I have been wrong! They are different (thanks to Catholic News 2 weeks ago)! But it is very difficult to wake up early after a late mass on the previous night. I hope next year I can attend (this year I could not go partly because I have the stupid job...)

So whether my labour will be fruitful...I have surrender everything to God. If I am paid...that would be great... If not...let my 'slavery' be a way for me to pay all my sins and mistakes

Monday, April 2, 2007


It has been a long time since the last time I was free enough to blog. I have been working (illegally) for the past week and there have been so many ups and downs. Last last Sunday, I had a one day job to help my friend at a printing t-shirt company. I was told that the work would end past midnight and I was expecting it to end at about 2 or 3 am. Hell actually ended at 9 am. So I worked continuously for 19 hours. With a low pay of $5/hr, I managed to get $95 only. I considered it not too bad but in the morning...just after a few minutes of delightful moments, I received a phone call from ICA. They forgot to charge me $60 for SVP and I had to go back to pay. My blood, sweat, and sleepless night was wasted.

In the middle of last week, I broke down and really felt like going home. I called my mom to tell her that if by Wednesday I was still jobless, I would go home in the weekend. Luckily (or very unluckily), on the next day, a friend (actually I don't even know her face) wanted to quit her job and offered me to take over her place. It was in a cake shop. may be a curse because I am so obsessed with Gundam Wing and Heero is my favourite character. Now I really do what he does in one of my favourite display picture in Friendster.

The pay is even more meager of $4.5/hr only. Crazy...I must work like shit to earn enough money. So I decided to work for 5.5 days. Saturday is off for my church and anime shows and Monday morning is Amazing Race time. Haha...gone are the days of Ugly Betty, American Idols, YuGi-Oh and etc. Fortunately The Arena and Skating with Celebrities (this is a very great show...although I don't know who the celebrities are...but they can skate like pro...too bad that the winning team was not John & Jillian...I think they ROCK!!!)were over last week and Inu Yasha is having a new time slot from Monday to Wednesday at 0000. It is very late so I am really not sure whether I should be happy or sad about that. One thing for sure, I will miss Desperate Housewives :)

Now lee's talk about work. After only about 3 days working...I feel like quitting already. The boss is really bad in terms of managing. I think even I eat some of the cakes myself, she also won't realise. And to my horror, as I was searching the cold room yesterday, I found cakes as old as 1 month had not been returned yet. She was surprised about that... This is madness... I am giving up!!! In the morning, very few people coming and basically I will just sit down and rot for the whole morning.. At night is more exciting. Hmm...actually on the first day I did not sit cause the cashier next to mine is a b****. She kept yakking in Chinese and blah blah blah... Good thing that everyday the cashiers change position. So far...everyone except that b**** is great. One gave me free lunch, one often converses with me, and the Malays are very nice. So it won't be that boring. Yah...I am staying put because of the money. I mean at home I also will do nothing and rot...but I will spend money. This one I also do nothing and rot but earn money. Hahaha...

Currently I am becoming more obsessed with shopping clothes (I wonder why...). I bought 3 white shirts on Saturday (because of a sale and I am to wear white for work) and on the evening, when I went to Bugis Junction, I wanted to buy some more shirts and cardigan (because they were on sale too). This is despite I just bought another shir from S&K on the last last week. Crazy...

It is another crazy toy time again. I was so sad that because I was so indesicive, I missed Tallgeese, Sandrock, Heavyarms 1/144 mecha, as well as Taurus (Saint Seiya). They were on sale but the price was still more ex than the usual sale (Gundam 1/144 should be $3 not $8 and Saint Seiya should be $3 not $5 -> the last time I bought these on sale). I finally found the gut to enter Absolute Comics in Bugis...and there...I found that Final Fantasy figurines are sold more cheaply than in Indo. I have wasted about $40 for the difference in buying Squall and Tidus in Indo. I could not help myself but to buy Cloud (from FF 7 Advent Children of course) to get my collection more better. Now I will definitely buy all the main male and female characters of FF that are available. I still need Tifa, Rinoa, and Yuna. Plus Ashe and Vaan from FF 12 but these 2 must be bought in Comics Connection.