Monday, November 27, 2006

Shopped Till I Dropped

Shop shop shop and shop... That is all I have been doing since the end of A levels. Though I am not buying stuffs for myself, I still feel happy to look for and buy good things.

I had the chance to see Orchard light on Saturday night. Okay la. It is not so boring after all. That is only after I saw the entry to Orchard Road aka the Borders' Junction. Wheeew...the decorations there are the coolest. Otherwise, I think the year 2002's light up is still the best.

I visited an eye specialist today and yeah... I'm more than happy. No matter how screwed my eyes seem to be, thankfully the retina is okay. No tear or anything. I promise to take care a better care of my eyes. I won't touch my PS until the new year. -_-!!! Quite impossible as I really do not know how to spend 3 weeks with no PS but I must try my best. And up to now, I can still feel the effect of the pupil dilation eyedrop. My eyes are pretty tired now. It's great that today was raining. I didn't experience glare when I went to see dentist after seeing the eye specialist. body is really problematic.

I am so busy packing but my roomate is worse. The amount of his stuff is unbelievable and my room is a mess. I only sent 2 out of my 5 boxes this morning and I got a good news: I may get a job with pay of $2000 a month. Woohoo... If I convert it to Indonesian currency, I feel very rich. I am still hoping for a job at school nonetheless.

I feel that my life is so terrible... When I put my Hamtaro into a box yesterday, I cried. Gosh.. I really feel as if he said "Don't pack me! Bring me with you!". I only bought the doll this mid year. So it has only been 4-5months. Now I don't think I can throw away my pillow and bolster. They are my closest items for these 4 years. I hug and lie on them every night. So no matter how pathetic their condition is, I will still keep them. So ironic...when I came to Singapore, I cried because I would miss my friends but now, I am sad because I will miss my THINGS!! I am closer to my stuff than my friends. Conclusion: I am really sick of all the fake friendships here and I cannot really have a deep and meaningful relationship. Well, friendship is a two-way thing, you cannot force it to someone. So maybe it is not my luck yet to have great friends here (I have a few actually ^o^ Thanks to these people)

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