Monday, November 20, 2006

I hate bio -_-

Finally.. I can consider that A level is over because the rest of the papers do not need 24-7 mugging like Bio!!! Fiuh... Though bio mcq is still on on Thursday. Initially I wanted today to end happily but too bad, my bio paper 3 did not go as well as I planned. Yah...basically today is a bad day. Last night I could not sleep well. I tried to sleep at 12 but I still had not fallen asleep even at 2 o clock. But that is not the reason of the screwed up bio paper. I wrote too slowly! Honestly, I do not know how fast I had to write. My wrist was gonna break already but I still could not finish the paper. irritating. All the effort of studying was wasted. Ah... I just hope that in the end I can still get an A.

I wanted to start the blog at school computer lab but then some people were just being very inconsiderate and anyhow changed the school computer setting to KOREAN!!! Gosh... Please....not everyone understands korean or is computer-literate to change the settings.

Anyway... Since the worst is now over, I can slack a bit now. I'm left with Chem S, Bio MCQ, and Phy S. I'll be worried for phy s because some people are way too talented in this subject. And considering how terrible the core papers for physics were, I cannot expect anything less terrible for the s paper..

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