Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bad day

I ate BK yesterday and I am really sure that the whoever made the burger forgot to add in the bacon. That means I only ate a normal whopper with an additional bbq sauce and yes, for that I paid $1.85 more. I feel so cheated up to now >.< Must write complaint letter in the newspaper and hopefully they will give me free BK vouchers for life.

I was not aware that the sauce spilled unto my shirt so when I hugged my bolster.. Tadaa... I needed to wash my bolster case immediately. But then, I did not have any detergent :( In the end, I only soaked it with water :( And I threw away my shirt. Haiz...actually these were small matters but I was frustrated because I need to move out soon. I cannot send my stuff to laundry anymore and etc etc etc.

2 more days I'll be home. Yay! I am super duper excited!!! At last!!! Can slack for 8 months although I am really clueless about what I am gonna do. Even now I am so dea....d bored. Everyday I only go Orchard as if my dad own a money-printing machine. That is because I can't get any job here. I am so picky and I am not so desperate like some people who are dying to get a job. Haha... Quite sad ah young people nowadays do not know how to enjoy life and take a break. Go act beyond their age although they should know that their teenage years will be over in one year time. I should treasure the last few years that I can still act and dress child-like. Lol.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Something is wrong with me today :p

This is the first time ever that I am clueless about what to write. My creativity nerve is dead, not stimulated, or whatever. My mind is blank. Thankfully that this does not occur during exams. I wanted to change my msn username but no good nick came to my mind.

Yesterday my aunt and my cousin came to singapore. My cousin needs to undergo a spine operation. Listening to the conversation about the condition and the operation procedures gave me goosebumps. I hope such things will never happen to me. I hope everything will go well and she will be fine again. It's good that even now she looks fine and healthy. Only slight discomfort if she sat down for long periods of time.

In the evening, I went to Pizza Hut with Emma and Jinci. Hahaha...I was tempted by the new promotion of christmas pizza. It was great...both the taste and the smell. The problem with Pizza Hut is that it is so expensive and I can't feel full without going bankrupt. Anyways, thanks for the cap and the toothbrush holder by the way. I hope I can make use of them :)

Then we went to see the xmas lights. Hahaa...jinci was so funny. Just after we exited Plaza Sing, she already squealed "nice...nice...". What we saw at that point was only the overhanging lights which I think is not nice. However, after seeing other things along the road, she said that everything was "not nice leh....". Hahaha....what happen to her??? I don't know :p She is always like that. Hauahahaha...

I bought Bread Talk cake for the sake of using the $10 voucher. The name of the cake is chantilitte...a vanilla chiffon cake. I thought it would be gross but the fruits were still cold and nice by the time I reached hostel to eat it. It was not too bad but I have concluded that Bread Talk is simply bread talk. The bread is good but the cake is not. However, the very friendly and enthu bread talk girl really made my day. She explained a lot of things about the discount card although I could only open my mouth and let "Ooo...Oooo..." out. In the end I said "Nevermind, I just want the $10 off".

I think this entry is not so exciting...though I'm amazed with myself (another narcisstic act of me) that even in my not-so-creative day, I can still write such a long crap.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Shopped Till I Dropped

Shop shop shop and shop... That is all I have been doing since the end of A levels. Though I am not buying stuffs for myself, I still feel happy to look for and buy good things.

I had the chance to see Orchard light on Saturday night. Okay la. It is not so boring after all. That is only after I saw the entry to Orchard Road aka the Borders' Junction. Wheeew...the decorations there are the coolest. Otherwise, I think the year 2002's light up is still the best.

I visited an eye specialist today and yeah... I'm more than happy. No matter how screwed my eyes seem to be, thankfully the retina is okay. No tear or anything. I promise to take care a better care of my eyes. I won't touch my PS until the new year. -_-!!! Quite impossible as I really do not know how to spend 3 weeks with no PS but I must try my best. And up to now, I can still feel the effect of the pupil dilation eyedrop. My eyes are pretty tired now. It's great that today was raining. I didn't experience glare when I went to see dentist after seeing the eye specialist. body is really problematic.

I am so busy packing but my roomate is worse. The amount of his stuff is unbelievable and my room is a mess. I only sent 2 out of my 5 boxes this morning and I got a good news: I may get a job with pay of $2000 a month. Woohoo... If I convert it to Indonesian currency, I feel very rich. I am still hoping for a job at school nonetheless.

I feel that my life is so terrible... When I put my Hamtaro into a box yesterday, I cried. Gosh.. I really feel as if he said "Don't pack me! Bring me with you!". I only bought the doll this mid year. So it has only been 4-5months. Now I don't think I can throw away my pillow and bolster. They are my closest items for these 4 years. I hug and lie on them every night. So no matter how pathetic their condition is, I will still keep them. So ironic...when I came to Singapore, I cried because I would miss my friends but now, I am sad because I will miss my THINGS!! I am closer to my stuff than my friends. Conclusion: I am really sick of all the fake friendships here and I cannot really have a deep and meaningful relationship. Well, friendship is a two-way thing, you cannot force it to someone. So maybe it is not my luck yet to have great friends here (I have a few actually ^o^ Thanks to these people)

Saturday, November 25, 2006

It's over :) Yeah!!!

Finally.. After a whole month in agony.. A level is over! I'm glad that the last paper (phy s) was not too bad. At least it was not as bad as I expected and I can harbour the hope of getting a distinction. Hahaha.... A bit ambitious I guess but it's okay. It's over.

I watched "HAPPY FEET" yesterday. I don't think it sucks but it does not meet my expectations. I wanted it to be a brainless humourous cartoon but it turns out to be somewhat like a campaign to save the environment -_-! The songs are not really my type although some are good. Overall, I'm disappointed. Well, at least the baby penguins are cute. I will definitely buy the soft toys, after the price has dropped of course. $16.90 for the small one is too much. The faster it drops the better.

Orchard Road is not so amazing this year. Maybe it is because yellow is the dominant colour and I hate yellow. Along the road, only the Swarovsky christmas tree outside the Heeren makes the journey there worthy. Its leaves are really made of Swarovsky CRYSTAL. Weeew....I wonder if there were a storm and one of the leaves was blown away and fell on my head. Ow...I would be the happiest person in the world. I'll definitely take a look at it one more time when I see my dentist on monday.

I ate Sizzler last night and almost vomitted. I think they know how to cheat the costumer's money. Eating the main course can make someone full already so actually there is no point of buffet-ing. Still, the soups were great, the toast was WOW (I never eat that kind of toast before. It's amazing that the bread was still soft although the top part was like baked), but unfortunately the ice cream was a bit weird. And yup....the spicy chicken was super super nice. Too bad Sizzler is too ex, so I cannot go there too often.

Oh yeah, my dad ruined my day! Yah he wanted to say good advice but exam was over just in the morning of the day. So I really wanted to slack, do nothing, and think about nothing; not thinking about future stuff (bleak future some more). I only came to the conclusion that the money is there but I am only allowed to study here. I am really tired and sick of studying here. I don't think it is the problem with the system but the problem is with me. the end, this turns out to be another negative-feeling entry. I thought it would be a happy one. Lol.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I'm not special

S paper is true to its name. It Sucks; It is Sickening; It is Special indeed. I don't see the point of setting a paper which students cannot even complete. It is due to either insufficient time or the questions are simply beyond normal human capabilities. Or perhaps, I'm not "special" enough to do S paper.

I thought I've experienced the worst and most nightmarish exam experience during phy s prelims with 7/30 marks for the compulsory section (can really vomit blood). Thankfully the last 10 marks for the compulsory section today was graph plotting so in the end, I got 17/40 which was not too bad. But then, for the 6 choose 3 section, I was like gonna cry in the exam hall. I tried FIVE questions out of desperation in an attempt to get as many marks as possible (although the difference might be negligible).

Yesterday's chem s was WORSE than that phy s prelims. Partly because I chose a wrong question. Practically, I only did 3.5 questions. Maybe there was a printing error at the cover page. Where got the time to do 5 questions?? Interestingly, some people claimed to lose only about 10 marks. Haha... I seriously doubt that but it is always good to be in self-denial to make yourself feel good :) The more interesting thing is that the maths s students felt that chem s was nothing as compared to their maths s. Pheew....lucky I never took maths s. But I will get a taste of something similar during phy s tomorrow. I think I'm gonna cry during the exam :(

It is great that today's Bio MCQ was not too bad. Though I feel it was quite difficult for a "lucky draw" paper. In addition, Lady Luck is seldom at my side. I suppose those questions which I anyhow whacked (even after narrowing down the options to 2) would still be wrong.

Monday, November 20, 2006

I hate bio -_-

Finally.. I can consider that A level is over because the rest of the papers do not need 24-7 mugging like Bio!!! Fiuh... Though bio mcq is still on on Thursday. Initially I wanted today to end happily but too bad, my bio paper 3 did not go as well as I planned. Yah...basically today is a bad day. Last night I could not sleep well. I tried to sleep at 12 but I still had not fallen asleep even at 2 o clock. But that is not the reason of the screwed up bio paper. I wrote too slowly! Honestly, I do not know how fast I had to write. My wrist was gonna break already but I still could not finish the paper. irritating. All the effort of studying was wasted. Ah... I just hope that in the end I can still get an A.

I wanted to start the blog at school computer lab but then some people were just being very inconsiderate and anyhow changed the school computer setting to KOREAN!!! Gosh... Please....not everyone understands korean or is computer-literate to change the settings.

Anyway... Since the worst is now over, I can slack a bit now. I'm left with Chem S, Bio MCQ, and Phy S. I'll be worried for phy s because some people are way too talented in this subject. And considering how terrible the core papers for physics were, I cannot expect anything less terrible for the s paper..