Saturday, December 30, 2017

Japan Trip Day 8: Disneysea and Disneyland

So this was our last day at Tokyo Disney Resort and we had not used any of our Fast Passes from the Vacation Package yet. I made up my mind that I would use it for Tower of Terror but still not sure what to do with the other one. What bugged me more was planning check out time and the plan for the rest of the day.

The day started with breakfast at Chef Mickey. Since it is Saturday, it was busier than yesterday and Mickey and friends were obviously in a rush. After 8am, it was not so crowded anymore and they were not so much in a rush. This morning we were given in a seat at the center of the restaurant which was bad: every angle would have random strangers at the background of the photos. Sigh.. Yesterday I was wondering why we got a secluded corner just next to the cleaning station. Yet that was a better spot as we could take photos with the wall as the background.

We maxed out our 90 minutes stay and to complement yesterday's session, we were lucky to get 2 rounds with Mickey and Donald today. I wore the newly bought Aladdin t-shirt yesterday yet I still looked fat. Sigh.. sometimes I don't know if I am being too critical of myself because I think my chest and arm look so big/fat now. By right they should be more muscular after gym but I can't help to think that big = fat.

After breakfast, I decided to be thick-skin and asked if we could still leave our luggage at the hotel after we checked out. That was allowed so less headache for the planning. Initially I thought we would have to go to Disneysea, play 1 attraction, then come back to the hotel to check out. Unfortunately the hotel will only deliver luggages to the Welcome Center for a cost. That is a bummer.  Everything was so nice during check-in but now after everything is over, all the fantastic service also disappear.

We went to Disneysea first and surprisingly the Aquasphere was not too crowded and we could take some photos there. We used our Fast Pass for Tower of Terror and it really felt good to move in so quickly while the standby queue was for hours. I don't know if it was luck or bad luck but we got the first row at the carriage which I supposed was the most exciting and scary. Tower of Terror was nowhere as scary as Battlestar Galactica (USS) or Flying Dinosaur (USJ) but it was thrilling enough to make scream lol. The movement up and down were alright but the free fall was definitely impossible to survive without screaming.

As we continued our journey, we saw Cruella de Vil but unfortunately she had to leave so we could not take photo. It was nice that as she was leaving she was still interacting with the people around. She offered her hand to shake and I jokingly wanted to kiss it. Lol. She pulled away because of course could not allow the gloves to be dirty. Still it was nice to interact with a human and in English after the past few days using only body language with Mickey and friends.

We proceeded to the Mysterious Island as I made up my mind to use the second Fast Pass for Journey to the Center of the Earth. We were stuck for photo taking sessions at the fort of the Mediterranian Harbour. As we came closer to Mount Prometheus, I was actually getting a bit scared about the ride. From far it looks really cool to think about the ride at the top of a mountain but from near it looks quite daunting. Again Fast Pass made me feel like a VIP. The ride was actually quite boring. I was about to tell my sister that we could ask our parents next time before it came the mountain plunge. Lol. The acceleration was quite thrilling the plunging down was actually scarier in imagination than in reality. The distance was actually quite short and not from the top of the mountain all the way down.

Since it was still quite early, I suggested that we might as well check out Ariel's Grotto. With waiting time of only 35 minutes, I might as well go. This was my first Princess greeting session hahaha..I am not a fan of Ariel or Little Mermaid but I was happy to interact with a human and in English. Lol. It was nice that she initiated conversation like asking where I was from etc. While waiting for the photo to be ready in 15 minutes, we just walked a little bit further until back to Arabian Coast. After collecting the photo, I decided that it was time for lunch.

We went back to Ikspiari but the restaurants all had long queue. I was not going to waste half to an hour just to queue for food so we collected our luggage from the hotel and traveled back to Tokyo. Just nice we reached Shinagawa Prince Hotel around check-in time but that also meant everyone was queueing for check-in. Gosh.. it was like queueing for another ride at Disneyland.

After staying at Disney Ambassador Hotel, we found that Shinagawa Price Hotel room was small. So ironic as the first day when we arrived, we thought the room was wow. Lol. I quickly bought lunch from 7-11 and started packing my luggage. I was so emo that the packing box that I bought at Disney Ambassador Hotel was too big!! 400 yen wasted T_T I was so happy when I bought that box because I thought the box would nicely fit into my luggage. Oh well :( The main reason why I did my packing was to see if I would still have space for more shopping tonight. Hahaha...

We went back to Disneyland for the Electrical Parade and it was just nice that we reached at about 630pm so we could start choping space for the parade. We decided to just sit down and wait for an hour. After 15 minutes, I could not take it anymore. I told my sister that I would go to toilet but I ended up going shopping. I wanted to buy Peter Pan figurine by Arribas (12960 yen) so I might as well buy it now than waiting for later. I am amazed that my sister could sit down there in the cold for so long. I only returned at about 10 minutes before the parade began.

After the parade, my sister still wanted to go shopping as she had not visited the shop nearest to Winnie the Pooh attraction. In one of the shops, I was contemplating whether to get Peter Pan plushie key chain (similar to Aladdin and Jasmine that I bought yesterday). I decided not to and then my sister pointed to me a 2000 yen medium-size Peter Pan plushie! Haiz haiz haiz.. It was a no brainer to get that plushie instead of the plushie key chain.

We quickly went to Disneysea and sadly Toy Story was too crowded that they did not allow people to join the queue anymore T_T There went my dream to try this attraction with minimum wait. After that basically I had no other plan so we just spent the rest our time finding attraction that did not require queuing so much.

We tried the Electric Railway and after alighting, we continued on foot to Arabian Coast. We tried Jasmine's Flying Carpet which according to reviews is not so bad in the evening to see the evening lights of the surrounding area. Sadly we were on carpet number 8 which did not seem to be moving up and down like the other carpets. Bleah.. It was really a waste of time. I wanted to take picture with Rajah statue while standing next to it. I did not manage to do it yesterday because it was already so difficult for me just to get on in a sitting position on the pedestal. My jeans was also not convenient for me to stand up and I did not want to risk myself falling in daylight in public. Since this was evening and there were no other people, I dared myself. Sadly the cast member of that attraction told me that I should not be standing because it was dangerous T_T Why liddat...

Sinbad's attraction seems to be getting the worst review online. Since time was running up and that was the nearest to Jasmine's Flying Carpet, I decided to just try it out for the sake of trying out. I am very glad that I did because seriously it was NOT BAD. This was the longest attraction (10+ minutes) and although it was just like a doll house, the song was amazing. Chandu was also very cute and this attraction made me want to get his plushie. Haha.. Seriously I do not mind repeating this attraction the next time I visit Disneysea because it is relaxing and enjoyable. And that marks the end of the last 3 magical days that I had.

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