Sunday, November 5, 2017

Winter shopping

Uniqlo is having sale for normal Heat Tech articles this weekend and they are selling for $14.90 each. It will be my first time spending winter in Japan this coming December and I really have no idea what to expect. I think as I am getting older and 'more informed', I am getting more easily stressed for not so important things. When I went to Sydney for World Youth Day in 2008, it was also during winter yet I did not remember I was being as worried as now. I just borrowed clothes from my godma, I survived with whatever I had, and I still had an enjoyable time.

Now with Heat Tech, there is normal, extra warm, and ultra warm. Bleah.. even after googling for information, it really does not help to make up my mind. I decided to just buy at least 1 each and then see which one is the 'best' and to buy more in Japan when needed.

I bought 2 long sleeve shirts (black and grey) and 2 leggings. As a guy, I never imagine myself ever have to wear leggings. Haha.. One thing for sure, I will not be able to pee at the urinal because the legging has no 'hole' to slip out dick.

Kando pants is also on sale this week :( So yah, just 1 week difference and I already lose $20 for the 2 pants. Haiz.. Seriously for Uniqlo, just wait for the item you want to be on sale before you buy it. Because of this, I am going to wait because it is just a matter of time before Heat Tech extra warm and ultra warm will be on sale too.

I am feeling very fucked up now. My sister just flew to Germany for work and she was so lucky to be upgraded by Emirates to Business Class! I am so jealous as I have never been to one. Haiz.. I am also jealous that she goes annually overseas fully paid for work. Meanwhile what do I get for my work here? FML.

To make things worse, my new laptop is dead. I don't know if it can be revived so I shall save the post about this when things are back to normal.

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