Sunday, July 16, 2017

No progress

It is always one or the other. It is never both. Before I started gym-ing last year, I had no trouble controlling my diet but I had trouble committing to night jogging sessions. Now that I start going to gym, I am having trouble controlling my diet. Honestly, I think my current state is worse than the past because I am spending more money for both gym and the food. I am aiming to restart my diet again tomorrow. Lets see how it goes...

I have been gym-ing for 6+ months. Yesterday was the second quarterly testing and I am disappointed :( Comparing the results with the previous quarter, clearly there was no improvement whatsoever. When I did the first one in April, I was still doing squat pull. Recently, I have been doing some jump pulls but clearly I am jumping rather than pulling. Although I am not sure if I misheard the instructions that I had to hold my arm at 90 degrees or otherwise it would not be counted because in the previous test, I could hold as high as possible. Thus I was slowly lowering myself until 90 degrees and tried to hold there. Not to mention that the ring was so high that I had to "climb" the wall with my leg first to reach the position. So tired already lor...
I might have chionged too much for the squat and that was the only improvement that I could see. After that, my thighs were already at the limit. In fact the tabata showed my weaker state. In April, I did the 2x5kg dumbbells for the first 4 sets but yesterday I only used 1x 6kg mountainball and I still could not get past 4 sets.

I had to rush for a friend's wedding so I went for the quarterly testing in the morning. Next time I will definitely go for a late afternoon session like what I did in April. There was nobody and it felt much more relaxed. Yesterday morning was so crowded and we were queueing for the coach. To have strangers looking at me doing was also embarrassing especially since I am lousy. Not to mention that it made me even demoralised when I saw others were doing better than me. Even the petite girl before me was able to complete all the tabata set with 2x5kg dumbbells. Haiz.. I am really a loser.

It was so tiring and I nearly fell down when I wanted to grab my phone to take photo of the test sheet. My knees and thighs were wobbly and had no strengths. Partly because I did not really do a proper cool down since the next person was up on the line as well. You can tell how tiring it was from the lousy quality of the photos I took of the form. I thought the first one in April was so blur that I made sure I did better yesterday. I managed to keep the focus but the photo was still slanted. Not sure if the last number is 11 or 12 although it does not matter anyway.

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