Friday, April 7, 2017


I am hoping that updating drivers can help to prolong the life of my laptop. It seems that I am killing it faster. It crashed when installing the latest driver for the speaker and that resulted in the laptop unable to detect any speaker at all! This laptop is going to be entirely useless if it can no longer play music. I spent the whole day and night yesterday trying to uninstall, reinstall, and doing the things that internet suggests to overcome this audio problem to no avail.

I gave up last night and decided that this was really the end. Surprisingly, this morning the laptop detected the speaker again. It made me so happy. Something weird happened: when I shut it down and left it be for awhile, instead of quickly pulling the plug, it suddenly booted up on its own!! And because of that, when I switched it on again, the speaker problem came back! Sigh... Again surprisingly, tonight the speaker is working again. I don't know what happen but at least I am glad that the speaker could occasionally be detected. At least the laptop is not 100% dead yet T_T I am not going to waste my time over this speaker problem anymore.
I am done reading my second book: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them The Original Screenplay. Usually books are turned into movies so it is quite interesting to read a book which is based on a movie. Not to mention that this perfectly describes everything that is shown and said in the movies. It is really an unique experience. I shall start with the movie making books soon.

I will also try to blog a bit more. I just back dated Haikyuu!! 3rd season this morning. I still want to write about A Silent Voice and Aozora Yell movies which I watched 2 weeks ago, as well as the 3 mediocre Japanese movies that I watched on my past few flights: Golden Orchestra, Gold Medal Man, and Bittersweet. Hmm...

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