Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Metres away from death

Today I had a reminder that life is short and to be enjoyed. At lunch time, it was very windy and started to rain. I was waiting at the roadside for a chance to jaywalk when a big bark of tree dropped from the sky about 2-3 metres away from where I stood. It hit the road with a loud thud and broke into few pieces. If that bark fell on me.. I don't know if my umbrella would help to protect me or worsen my demise. Surprisingly I was not shocked or scared about it. I guess it helps to be prepared to die anytime lol. Seriously the whole road is lined with trees. At any point of time, barks could be falling from any trees at any part of the road.

My mum said perhaps an angel helped me. That's possible. Whatever it is, I am still thankful to God. Wah piang, not funny if really the thing dropped on me and I got hospitalised and suffered. If straight away go to heaven I don't mind.

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