Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hitting the big 3x

From 19 to 20: "Yay I am big boy now"
From 29 to 30: "FML.. so old liao.. what have I done with my life!"

I just can't deny that I am feeling old and really old that birthday is no longer enjoyable. That is exactly the same sentiment that I had last year.

But seriously, I feel so inadequate with my own life. Finance: not even 100k in my bank account and no house. Work: nil achievement. Relationship: still single and happy. Overseas experience: not many and not something comparable to many others.

Life used to be simple that I used to be happy showing off my collections or gaming achievements. But now, owning X number of anime figures or Y number of anime artbooks or spending $ZZZ for both are not considered life achievement that I can be proud of. Like it or not, the fact that I am looking for something bigger as an achievement in my life simply means that I am already thinking like an old person going for retirement or going to die and hence the life goal is about legacy. So yeah, not a really happy birthday to me.

In line with what I posted last year, I shall also put the happy birthday wallpaper from AAA global fanclub. It is my 2nd time so I was not as surprised and excited as last year lol. Not to mention that this year's wallpaper is like 70% background.
Still a bad photoshop editing lol

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